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Band of Brothers Scenario 32
Korsun Pocket
Tishkovo Jan 26, 1944

The victory conditions were the Germans having to capture two buildings at the back of the board while also capturing hill positions on the right. If both could not be captured, a Russian victory. This is a tall order, given the number of Russian units.

Turns 1-3. With this in mind, the Russians dug in on every hill. This would require the Germans to dig them out. Going past dug in infantry would leave the armor vulnerable to close in attacks, as well as the German infantry in the halftracks. The Germans got nearly all the infantry from the first hill and had set to reducing the second. Direct fire from the tanks wasn't as effective as had been hoped, nor was the OBA. Progress was made, but it was taking time.

Turns 4-5. The Germans, after 7 separate attacks, finally eliminate the Russian HMG and gain control of the hills on the right side of the board.

Turns 6-7. The Germans push on to the town, but get held up by fierce Russian resistance. The Russians lose 2 Su-85 and a T-34 for 1 German Mk IV. The Russians lose 2 squads to 1 German.

Turn 8. The Russian tactic of giving ground and troops for time worked. The Germans could not get the buildings cleared and occupied, leading to a Russian victory.

This could have gone either way. The Germans had issues with proficiency when moving and firing on the Russian infantry positions in the beginning turns. This held up the advance. The rather terrible Russian proficiency led to their downfall when counterattacking around the town. The forced grinding of the attack, however, slowed the German advance just enough.
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