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The Game Baby
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I am The Game Baby. I love games. Especially games with COINS, but even if a game doesn’t have COINS I still want to play it. I am always looking for new games to play and one day I will grow up and play all of them!

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Today I am doing my reviewing of Flip City. It doesn’t have any COINS. It is probably a bad game because of not having COINS but I guess I’ll try it anyway.

It has a front

Flip City has a good box. It’s the kind of box a Game Baby can carry around the house and maybe even drool on a little. Have you heard of this teething thing? It hurts like crazy and makes you drool a lot. Sometimes it just happens so you can’t get too upset if you teething drool on your game box.

It has a back. That's about as interesting as this game gets.

Drooling inside your game box is a whole other story though. That’s why you wear a bear sweater. You can drool on your bear sweater instead of inside the box. Inside the box for Flip City there is a small folded rule sheet and a deck of cards and NO DROOL. That’s all there is inside, but that’s OK because I’m too little to deal with more than that.

Do you remember that there are no COINS in Flip City? Let me just remind you of that. This game is cards only and I get a little wild with cards only.

You have to do some sorting, which is a little annoying because every time you play Flip City all the cards get all mixed up. It’s a good thing I’m so good at matching. Match all the special cards in their own piles and DO NOT TURN THEM OVER, NO NO. Everyone gets a special set of cards and DO NOT TURN THEM OVER, NO NO. You’re not allowed to turn cards over until I say so!


The cards you get at the beginning of the game are your deck. Pretend you’re playing Dominion because everyone knows how to play Dominion. They should just write that in the rules for deck-building games. They should also remind people that “deck-building” is hyphenated and not two separate words because that’s called COMPOUND MODIFIER.

When you play you don’t ever get to draw cards, you just move them from your deck to your play area so they always face the same way. For some cards it matters what’s underneath so honest Game Babies might feel like they’re cheating without meaning too. PRETEND YOU DIDN’T SEE THE SAD FACE. So you move cards from your deck to your play area and some of them say to do stuff and some don’t and you have to choose when to stop because if you get too many sad faces you don’t get to do anything at all. If you stop before you get too many sad faces you can buy a new special card to add to your discard pile (because you know how to play Dominion) and then THE END OF YOUR TURN.

Buy a card that lets you play a card that lets you drool...

Some cards let you flip cards to the other side. Some cards make you draw another card. They all do normal card game stuff but sometimes you say WHAT IS HAPPENING BECAUSE I DON’T REMEMBER WHAT PURPLE U-TURN ARROW MEANS. The game ends when someone gets too many ribbons on their cards or some other reason that I can never remember. Then you have to choose if you will put all the cards back in the box or if you feel like sorting them all out then so you don’t have to do it next time.

Flip City isn’t a very long game so you can get lots of games in between diapers. It is sort of hard to remember who’s turn it is even when no one has too much peepee in their pants so if you do get up to change me make sure to leave a special marker for whoever’s turn it is like a cookie that I can eat when we get back. You can come back to a game of Flip City in progress and be just fine because there’s not really too much to think about on your turn except if you want to take another card from your deck.

What was I doing before that poop? Oh doesn't matter! Hooray!

No holding cards means Flip City isn’t too bad for eating while playing. If you can hold your bottle with one hand (I can!) then you can play Flip City while you eat.

Turns start out short in the game and no one feels like they have to wait but by halfway through the game it is SO BORING. Flip, flip, flip, read, flip, flip, read, try to remember what flipped, flip, add up ribbons or faces, take a card. That’s a short turn. By the end of the game you can take your whole afternoon nap in between turns as long as you have your cuddle blankie.

I'm almost falling asleep just looking at this card's effects

I don’t really like Flip City, and not just because there are NO COINS. It looks a little ugly because only Batman’s friends should have so much purple and green, and some of the little symbols don’t make a lot of sense. Points are ribbons which doesn’t make any sense at all and I wish they had just used normal numbers or even COINS. OK, so maybe real COINS wouldn’t work but anything would be better than the ribbons that look like popcorn bags.

Playing the game is fine but the only thing that makes it special is the NO TURNING YOUR CARD OVER rule. None of the card words that make you do something really make you also say OH NEAT, I’VE NEVER DONE THAT IN A GAME BEFORE. If you want a small deck-building game that’s a little more intuitive there’s always Fzzzt! and probably a ton of other stuff at this point because there are more deck-building games than diapers I have soiled. Just kidding. I have soiled a LOT of diapers.

I don’t really have much else to say about Flip City but maybe if you turn me over I’ll have more to say. Except you can’t turn me over because DO NOT TURN ME OVER, NO NO.

ONE TOOOO FEE FORT FIBE popcorn basket ribbins out of 10. Flip City is about as generic and straightforward as it gets and it's not even trying to hide it with elves. This would be excusable if it was more fun to play. Yes, it only costs $15 but for the same price or only a few dollars more you can get a much more interesting deck-building game OR 2/3 a container of baby formula.

I guess that's the end
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