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Subject: Appraising the Heroes part 16: Victor rss

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Ian Thompson
United States
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As soon as I read in Rachelle’s backstory that she was on a manhunt for an escaped criminal, I was hooked. The rugged convict, the tenacious fugitive, the criminal element, mankind’s worst violent instincts unleashed in a zombie ravaged shell of civilization; this is all wonderful, pulpy stuff. Victor eventually showed his wanted head in Woodinvale, and I was not disappointed. I was pleasantly surprised to see that Victor wasn’t just an irredeemable, violent thug; his abilities suggested a path of redemption by earning the trust of his fellow scrappy survivors. Character growth supported by gameplay mechanics? Awesome! Yet his backstory didn’t absolve him of all guilt, he appears to have committed the crimes he was accused of, (from petty crime to three accounts of murder!)so he isn’t simply innocent. I like the complexity. It’s just a little blurb, but it’s another nice touch in a game series rich with them. Victor is a blast to play, a chance to get violent and go all out, even if it means oftentimes having a violent end. Learn to trust this outlaw;Crime may not pay, but to the Victor go the spoils.

Mechanics and Strategy:

Victor is a Strange Adult Male with three wound markers.

Victor is a CONVICT, starting the game with the zombie card “I don’t trust ‘em” pulled from the zombie deck and applied as a remains in play penalty to him. Being untrusted, Victor may not exchange items with other heroes. While it can be a pain to remember and physically retrieve this card from the deck, the idea of using zombie cards as starting penalties is pretty cool. As a zombie remains in play card, there are ways this can be canceled as the game progresses, so it’s a novel way to simulate growth of a character through game play, kind of like leveling up. Exchanging items is important, especially for Victor, as we’ll see, so prioritize canceling this and have your team work out their trust issues pronto, unless something particularly nasty comes up. This card doesn’t actively harm Victor, just greatly impedes him and slows his progress to butt kickery, so something that’s causing extra wounds to heroes or speeding up zombies or getting them extra cards per turn can come first. The fact that the card will be sitting right there on Victor from the beginning, taunting you, will usually be reminder enough to try and ditch it.

Victor has LOCK PICK. He can ignore “locked door” Neat, that makes sense… I have never seen this come into play during a game. Zombie players will just pick someone else to lock the door on. This very well may help Victor sometimes, he’ll be a safe bet sending into a building if you have to send someone for a scenario item or blow up a spawning pit. It isn’t a detrimental ability, but it doesn’t merit much discussion.

RAGE! Victor gets an extra fight dice with each hand weapon he has! Now we’re talking. This is the reason to earn the trust of your fellow heroes as soon as possible so you can exchange with abandon and get your mitts on some hand weapons. Even lackluster hand weapons become usable with this, an extra dice is you usually what you want to see from a weapon combat bonus anyway. The crowbar , for instance, lets a hero win on ties and that’s it. But Victor would LOVE to win on ties, the dreaded zombie six was one of the only things holding him back from combat dominance. The combination of four dice, (2 naturally from just being a hero, 2 from having a pair of hand weapons.), plus any other combat bonuses the weapons grant, some of which will be even more dice, make Victor a melee monster. Don’t be picky, grab two weapons as soon as you can and roll with it, with an eye for upgrading to something better if the opportunity comes up. (Maybe don’t hold on to double handed weapons for long, or at all if you have a choice. They are often very good, but take up valuable weapon slots. The fire axe is also….not great for Victor)There are a bunch of fun, silly combos to get Victor... like 10 dice, thought experiments outlining exactly what combination of complementary heroes and weapons can make Victor the ultimate killing machine with the max number of possible dice. By all means, have fun with this, but don’t let perfection get in the way of progress. Victor with four or five dice is still a monster, and killing isn’t always the goal of the game, but survival always is. A 4 dice Victor who can at least win on ties or re-roll a dice or something can survive pretty well.

Victor’s Advanced ability is RANSACK. He can give up searching to discard the top ten cards of the hero deck and draw two cards. I like how this replicates some of the tamer zombie discard cards that pop up from time to time, gives you a good idea what the zombies are doing to the town, but…this ability is strictly worse that the upcoming Agent Carter, who only has to discard three cards. Discarding cards usually doesn’t hurt, it’s often nice for filling up the discard pile for pick up abilities and Mr. Goddard, for example, LOVES discarded events, so this has it’s uses ,depending on part composition, but ultimately, being forced to daw a card when the deck is empty IS a hero loss, and repeated use of this ability could very well accomplish this, even in a promo and expansion stuffed deck. Don’t even attempt this in zombie pillage. Victor does like drawing cards to get those sweet, sweet weapons, but overall, this is another of the weaker advanced abilities.

There is no wrong upgrade path for the hero upgrade decks in this game. That said, I can’t think of a reason not to choose Melee for victor, and least once or twice. There’s just too much synergy with RAGE not to. I wouldn’t even hold on to guns with Victor for long, let alone specialize in them, that hand weapon extra dice bonus is just too tempting. The Special deck has some nice survival and support options, maybe it’s worth dipping into that once you gain one or two melee bonuses, but Victor usually has better things to do with his turns. Like hit things. Zombie things. Some choices shouldn’t be complicated.

Victor enters his last night on earth lost, a victim of circumstance and his own sordid actions. The zombie apocalypse, of all things, brings him the chance of redemption and freedom. Earn the trust of your fellow survivors, if you can, and ransack and rage with Victor. The zombies will be the ones running with Victor let loose, help Victor bring justice the only way he knows how… with his hands. Anything else would be criminal.
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