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Subject: Letters from Japan Game 10: Jack Flash rss

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Angry Augury
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Yet again my brother in law was eager to play. Every time he sees me, he says he's keeping the game and he always asks my wife if it's ok if he takes it home. She always says "yes" simply because she knows that my board game collection is sacred and I can't even part with the games I hate.

In any case, Bro came over and wanted to play some Letters from Whitechapel instead of his current kick of Harry Potter Hogwarts Battle (I really need to start some session reports on that game). It had been a while for me, so I thought I'd oblige. My wife was also supposed to play but she was too busy taking care of the baby that she didn't have time for this session.

Dramatis Personae

Jack the Ripper - (me)

Investigators - (Bro)

Hideout: Location 123

Night One: Hell

Head of the Investigation: Bro
A Corpse on the Sidewalk: Location 99
Time of the Crime: Space II

As usual, the hideout was decided by a random number generator and it placed my home at 123. It was a pretty central location so that was fortunate. As I was thinking about where to perform my first kill, the thought occurred to me to try rushing home, which is the opposite of what I'd normally do. Would it work? Time to find out...

Night One: Hunting

After waiting once to get the victims off of their starting spaces, I saw the perfect opportunity to kill at Location 99, just a few hops away from my hideout. The only problem, though, was that the police were close by so I might not be wise to head directly home but I was eager to try.

I started by taking a Coach from the crime scene through Locations 100 and 122, stopping one spot away from safety. Bro moved the police in towards the crime scene, questioning me on why I used a coach so early. Unsurprisingly, he found a Clue at Location 100.

I hesitated for a moment before making my next move. He knows I definitely headed south, at least for one spot on my path, so if I were to just walk into my home, I feared I would be telling him exactly where I was. Looking at the map, however, I could see that Location 100 was one of the best spots he could have found a Clue on. There were so many possible locations I could have moved to after it, not to mention being able to make one more move.

So, throwing caution to the wind, I moved to Location 123 and announced I was home, much to Bro's surprise.

Night Two: Hell

Head of the Investigation: Bro
A Corpse on the Sidewalk: Location 142
Time of the Crime: Space II

Bro was shocked and, as I had hoped, baffled as to where my home was. All he knew was that it was most likely south of the original crime scene, though he also suspected I might have stepped south for one space just to throw him off the trail.

Night Two: Hunting

Again, I chose to rush to my home so I started by taking a Coach to Locations 125 and 140. He brought all his police down to try to find any hint as to my direction so I needed to be calm but bold. I worried that if I just stepped around the corner to my hideout and end the night there, I could be giving too much away with what (little) Bro had learned on night one. So I decided to use an Alley next to sow more confusion in his mind and I moved to Location 121.

With three police in the area, he found his single Clue at Location 125 but that was not enough to give any hint of where I might have gone. He suspected I was in the south of the board but before he had any more time to speculate, I moved from Location 121 into 123 and announced I was home.

The look on his face was priceless.

Night Three: Hell

Head of the Investigation: Bro
A Corpse on the Sidewalk: Locations 158/65
Time of the Crime: Space I

Time to be careful to make sure I don't get caught on the most dangerous of nights. I decided not to wait at all because I couldn't risk having the victims moved into a position Bro could reach in the first turn. So I made a kill next to both of my previous murders, hoping that would adequately split his attention as I had escaped quickly from both positions before.

Night Three: Hunting

Sadly for me, he had most of his police moving up to the north where I was located at 65. Now his idea was that south was nothing more than a ruse and I was just racing to some place just north of center. My planning paid off, however, since he could not reach me. So I started my first move with yet another Coach going to Locations 82 and 80. Bro raced into the area just as I took an Alley to Whitechapel Road and came out at Location 118.

It was then that he found Clues at both Locations 82 and 80, but now he needed to know where I left from there. Not giving him the chance, I used my next move to walk straight down to 123 and ended the night.

Night Four: Hell

Head of the Investigation: Bro
A Corpse on the Sidewalk: Location 84
Time of the Crime: Space I

By now Bro was panicking and yelling for my wife to come help him. She had put the baby to bed so she came to see what was going on and ridiculed her brother for being an incompetent police team while simultaneously teasing that she would tell him where my hideout was since she was sitting behind me. I didn't think it would matter even if she did (and I know she wouldn't dare).

Night Four: Hunting

I decided to make my last kill in the spot the original victim had started in. No time to act meek now; it was time to win. I started with a Coach to Locations 100 and 125, a little step back just in case. I need not worry as Bro went all in with his new idea that my hideout was north and he moved all his police above Whitechapel Road.

As he discovered nothing but empty space, I walked confidently to Location 123 and announced I had reached home.

Jack the Ripper was victorious.


Final Thoughts:

I'm usually a far more careful player than this but the rush of actually charging towards the police and allowing them to find the clues while heading straight home was a bit of a thrill. There were a couple moments where the police were so close that I thought I would just back out of my plan and be more tricky, as I would typically play, but I charged forward. It was exhilarating breaking the mold and I actually felt my confidence rise the more my plan succeeded.

This was by far the fastest game of LfW that I've ever played. My brother was stunned at how quickly it ended and how little he could deduce. He challenged me immediately for a rematch saying it was his turn to be Jack and I had to try to catch him.

Challenge accepted.



Jack the Ripper - 6

n107 (5)
The Missus (1)

Police - 4

n107 (2)
The Missus (1)
The Missus & Bro (1)


Ripper Case File

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Game 01: Til Deaths
Game 02: The Tables are Turned!
Game 03: The Man on the Street
Game 04: Catch Me If You Can
Game 05: The Blind Eye of Justice
Game 06: Scatter Plot
Game 07: He Ain't Heavy
Game 08: He's a Little Heavy
Game 09: Roundabout
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