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Subject: Starting with a bang rss

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Dork Angel
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This little story is the third installment of the saga of ID-412 that started with Does Suicide Count If You're A Clone.


ID-412 settled back into the captain's chair, put his feet up and stroked cat-bot who lay on his lap. It wasn't the captain's chair of his own ship but a frigate he'd found floating in the area of space known as The Keep. His ship was safely docked in its hangar.

He'd discovered the relatively intact frigate among a graveyard of hundreds, victims of a long distant space battle. An explosive decompression had killed the crew without too much damage to the ship so he had been able to re-pressurise a good section of the it and while it wouldn't fly he'd made himself a nice wee base on it. He'd shielded it well so to the passing penal salvage crews it just looked like every other long dead hulk

He'd always been a bit of a loner, he thought. Back in his old corporate drone days, which seemed so long ago now, he avoided the birthday celebrations and retirement do's of his fellow workers. He was happy on his own with just his cat-bot for company. He'd even let go of his hatred for a certain ship captain, letting him live when the opportunity for revenge had arisen. He finally felt a sense of peace.

Suddenly a proximity warning sounded, jerking him out of his contentment. Setting cat-bot aside he glided his chair over to the radar station.

A new ship had just entered the sector. He quickly scanned the approach path then relaxed as its projected trajectory showed it would pass him by. He glided back wondering where cat-bot had wandered off to during his brief distraction.

Then the proximity warning sounded again but in a much higher pitch. This time he jumped out of the chair and ran to the radar station.

He needn't have bothered. He could see the ship careering towards him through the forward view-screen. He only had a brief few seconds to read the name Puddle Jumper before the ship smashed into the bridge causing it and the frigate to explode in a flash of light and particle effects.

In a distant warehouse, a clone vat suddenly activated. As Tech-bots scuttled around him, ID-412 opened his eyes and uttered his first words "What the frack just happened?". He would get to the bottom of this...


Sitting in his replacement ship among the debris, ID-412 plugged the freshly retrieved black box into his 'borrowed' insurance investigation scanner and selected footage from the inward facing dash cam that few knew existed. His clone blood ran cold as he saw a familiar slightly chubby face.

It was sucking on a straw which led to a large synth-Coke Big-gulp carton. Between the captain's thighs was one of the biggest bags of synth-chips he had ever seen.

As ID-412 stared at the screen the captain set his Big-gulp carton on the dashboard, wrapped his knees around the control stick and took the unopened bag in both hands. He pulled hard twice but nothing happened. Taking a deep breath he pulled one more time and the bag exploded into a mass of synth-chips.

ID-412 continued to watch in silence as the captains hands flailed around in the cloud of synth-chips as it slowly expanded out into the cabin.

He watched as one of those flailing hands knocked off the pilot assist switch. He watched as the control stick was twisted to the side. He watched the Big-gulp carton lift off the dashboard as the ship banked right and deposit its contents on the captains lap. He watched right up until the screen went blank.

When he finally looked up a small piece of debris caught his eye as it spiralled across the front of his ship's view-screen. It was the head of a small cat-bot...

The silence was finally broken by a piercing scream



This story was inspired by a game where Captain Danny Dee flew into a Debris field on their first turn and immediately blew up. I should note he still ended up winning the game...

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