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Subject: The Ravens of VGG Day 33 - Marius Avenged! rss

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"Join The Ravens of VGG- Wyrdstone, Gold & Glory Awaits!"
United Kingdom
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Today's Active Members:

Boris Heelbeck (Mr Boris)
Meshell Heelbeck (Corps_of_Oa)
Seidel Kraut (Jormi_Boced)
Kristof (Lord_Kristof)
'Head-Shot' Feggins (MrFeggins)
Singlerage (allenjess11)
Augustus Wheatdust (starfishpaws)
Sylvester Ampersand (frumpish)


Warband Status
Warband Rating: 1719 (Enemy 1780/Normal)
Current Gold: 1363
Current Wyrdstone: 391 Weight
Wyrdstone Shipment Request: None


Scenario Summary

The Ravens are once again in the Merchant District looting for Wyrdstone and treasure. After our last outing the warband is sticking close together out of safety.

The Warband is currently inside a large Villa, spread between the two floors whilst they turn the place over looking for loot. Only Feggins is absent- he's already outside scouting about.

Several Ravens stand in the main hall of the large Villa whilst the others turn over the upper floor!

Turn 1

The Ravens finish turning over the Villa, uncovering several Wyrdstone Fragments and some Equipment. Boris steps out onto one of the upper floor balconies where he finds the body of another looter. Boris pokes cautiously at the corpse to make sure it IS dead before checking it for valuables. As he does so he notes the weapon used to kill it, a man-made Axe. He stands and surveys the ruins warily. Did he just hear something off in the distance?

Boris stands over the corpse of a looter and eyes the ruins suspiciously. What's out there?

Kristof and Sylvester head out of the front door into the gardens. As Sylvester heads left across the rust stained grass a Crossbow Bolt comes wizzing through a gap in the garden walls, narrowly missing him! Sylvester throws himself down behind the wall and looks to Kristof who has also stopped behind the Villa's Gatehouse. Kristof nods to him excitedly and grins evilly, then signals Seidel who is in the Villa's doorway. Seidel warns the other Ravens inside and there's commotion as the Ravens switch into a defensive formation.

Meshell and Singlerage head upstairs for the North West balcony where they can look over the streets below. Sure enough from this vantage point they can see our attackers- a Marksman and a Champion from a rival Mercenary Warband.

Singlerage spots the enemy from up on the Villa's Balcony!

They are dressed in White and Grey but their symbol is a familiar one to us- its The Reikharts Reavers (Ravens of VGG veterans may well remember these cursed dogs from Day 16)! 'Mother fuckers!', gasps Meshell as she realizes the identity of the enemy. 'What is it?!', responds Singlerage, alarmed at the unexpected curse from Meshell. 'They're the ones that left poor Marius Rothenburg a cripple, bare them no ground!' she snaps angrily.

Turn 2
Feggins is to the East of the Villa. He continues making his way in and out of the buildings, still oblivious to the impending danger. He finds several notable items, including a suit of Fine Heavy Armour and a large Wyrdstone Cluster.

Boris joins Sylvester and Kristof behind the wall where they wait in Ambush for anyone stupid enough to try and breach the garden.

Boris, Sylvester and Kristof wait in ambush along the wall!

Augustus and Seidel leave the Villa and deposit their loot in our Wagon which is parked in the gardens, then join the others at the wall.

'They're still too far out to make a shot at the moment', observes Singlerage. Meshell stands, takes aim over the railing and fires. The blast echoes out as the shot rips into the Champion down on the ground. 'Perhaps not for Shooty McGunface', smiles Singlerage referring to Meshell's humorously named enchanted Rifle. Meshell reloads incredibly fast, biting the shot from its load and spitting it into her Rifle after pouring in the powder, then tapping the butt of the Rifle on the floor to settle it without the need of a Ramrod. She levels the Rifle once more and fires, striking the Champion a second time!

A Reavers Marksman appears and takes aim at the balcony with a Hunting Rifle of his own. Singlerage leans out and fires, the Bolt landing wide of the mark. The Rifleman fires back, chunks of masonry exploding over them as the railings take the brunt of the shot. 'At least he can't shoot either', Singlerage mutters as he reloads. Singlerage fires back twice more, this time both shots landing on their mark and slowing the Rifleman's reload. 'That's two each my lady, fancy a small wager?', Singlerage smirks. 'Didn't know you were the gambling type', muses Meshell. 'Too much time around Klovis, clearly', Singlerage responds. 'My wages says I get the same or more hits as you my lady- double or quits'. 'Alright', nods Meshell thinking for a moment, 'I'll be sure to enjoy whatever I buy with your money in front of you!'. The two jump back up to fire.

Meshell and Singlerage snipe at the Reavers, softening them up at a distance!

Turn 3
One of the Reavers Marksmen takes a Mace and heads for the Gatehouse of the Villa. As he runs under the arch Augustus promptly shoots him in the leg, stunning him! Augustus fires a couple more times upon the crippled Marksman.

Augustus ambushes a rival Marksman as he tries to sneak through the Gatehouse!

'MY TURN', says Kristof as he ducks under the arch and looms over the downed Marksman. Kristof swipes his huge Greataxe around and dismembers the poor man in a single blow!

Kristof slaughters the stunned Marksman!

Kristof chuckles as he ducks back under the arch and out of sight again. Seidel grabs the Marksman's stuff including a Wyrdstone Cluster and packs them onto our Wagon.

Feggins finds a Fine Blunderbuss still tucked down the side of a drivers seat on a carriage. He takes it and heads back for the Wagon, having heard Meshell's gun shots.

The Reavers Champion charges for the wall and runs into Sylvester who is ready and waiting for him! He hacks at the Champion, wounding him.

Sylvester surprises the Reavers Champion as he comes through the broken wall!

The Champion responds by hamstringing Sylvester with a slash to the back of his thigh! Boris rushes in to assist Sylvester.

Boris rushes in to assist Sylvester!

Meshell shoots twice more upon the Rifle slinging Marksman dealing significant damage. The Marksman shoots back, striking Singlerage on the arm. Singlerage returns fire, reloads and fires again. The second shot proves to be the one, the Bolt firing straight through the Marksman's throat. 'Four all my lady..', Singlerage grins.

Turn 4
Feggins makes it back to our Wagon, stashes his loot and moves to join the others. He tries to take a shot at the Reavers Champion fighting with Boris and Sylvester, but its just too risky.

As it happens there's no need for Feggins to step in- Boris runs his Spear into the Champion's back and twists, cutting into his spine. The Champion stiffens for a moment before dropping dead.

Boris skewers the Champion, taking him Out of Action!

Boris takes the Champion's possessions including a nice looking enchanted Crossbow.

Boris loots an Enchanted Crossbow from the Champion!

Whilst looting the body Boris's fists tighten in anger as he spots the Reikharts Reavers symbol. 'It the bloody Reavers!- come onnn!', he bellows angrily at the other Ravens and storms out into the open!

'Time to move up!', says Meshell as she watches her husband walk out towards the Reavers alone. She runs to the edge and jumps down into the gardens below.

Boris marches across the cobbles towards some Wyrdstone when a Crossbow bolt hits his shoulder. 'Boris Heelbeck!', a voice sneers. Boris grimaces and snaps the arrow end off to free up his armour and stares down the Reavers Captain as he walks forwards reloading his Crossbow. 'Maro Von Mirellasohn!', Boris snarls as he lays eyes on the man. 'It's Constantine Von Drak now', says Maro factually, 'I'm avoiding a few people at the moment.. Now, where's that cripple Rothenburg? Or better yet your little bitch of a wife? Nevermind, I'll get them afterwards. I'm going to enjoy this'.

Seidel and Kristof come running out from the garden and join Boris. Kristof stands protectively in front of them both, blocking Maro's line of sight. Sylvester also sneaks out and into the buildings opposite as another Marksman with a Handgun appears up in a building overlooking the street. Maro stops his approach and bares his Crossbow again.

Turn 5
Feggins leans out and fires upon the Marksman, then ducks back into cover behind the garden wall.

Feggins snipes at the enemy Marksman, driving him back into hiding!

Meshell does the same, forcing the Marksman to hide back inside the building.

Sylvester and Singlerage hoard more Wyrdstone Fragments.

Maro fires at Kristof who stands idly before him. The shot thuds into Kristof's chest, but seems to have no effect! Maro reloads and fires again, the smirk sinking from his face. Kristof shrugs off the attack once again and moves forwards. 'RIGHT, DAT'S IT!', he snaps. As Kristof advances he spots another large figure further down the street- its another Ogre!

Kristof spots another Ogre further down the street!

'DAT YOU, IRON BELLY?!', Kristof calls out. 'KRISTOF?! HUCK-HUCK! FANCY SEEIN' YOUSE 'ERE!'. 'YOU GONNA GIVE ME AN 'ARD TIME?', Kristof queries. 'WELL YOUR LITTLE PALS ARE IN TROUBLE', concedes Iron Belly. 'HUCK-HUCK', chuckles Kristof shaking his head, 'NOT AS MUCH AS YOURS MATE'. With that Kristof charges Maro.

The Reavers Captain ducks Kristof's initial charge, but takes a beating when Kristof backhands him with the staff of his Greataxe.

Kristof whacks Maro with the staff of his Greataxe!

Boris charges in too and delivers a couple of quick stabs on Maro who still hasn't had chance to switch weapons.

Boris rushes in and angrily thrusts at Maro with his Spear!

Seidel rushes in, collecting the last of the Wyrdstone we need to make our quota before slipping around behind Maro. Seidel reaches in with his blade and with a flick he cuts free and tosses Maro's Spear leaving the Reavers Captain helpless against three attackers!

Seidel uses Squire's Curse to lock in the enemy Captain's Crossbow, stopping him from being able to change to a Melee weapon and defend himself!

Iron Belly comes around the railings that split up this street and starts towards Kristof and the others, but slows to a stop as Kristof gestures for him to stay back. 'THESE HUMIES 'AVE A BLOOD DEBT ON YOUR BOSS- LET 'EM SETTLE IT'. Iron Belly nods and stands idle.

The enemy Ogre doesn't get any closer to the Ravens, giving them time to finish the job!

Maro is pinned and unarmed as Boris and Seidel move for him. Seidel fakes an attack and Boris slashes the back of Maro's legs, bringing him to his knees.

Boris puts the Reavers Captain down!

'TOO EASY', says Kristof shaking his head, 'AN' YOU SAY THIS HUMIE GAVE YOU PROBLEMS?!'. 'Hold him up', Boris commands Kristof who grabs Maro by the head and shoves him against the wall. Boris punches Maro in the gut a couple of times before wedging his forearm against Maro's throat. 'This is from Marius!', he hisses in Maro's ear before stepping back and yanking one of Maro's arms out. Maro swears and threatens as Boris nods to Seidel who takes his Greatsword in both hands and chops Maro's arm off. Maro screams in pain as the severed arm flops to the ground. Maro then goes crazy as Boris pulls his other arm out straight for Seidel. The Ravens Youngblood remains blank faced as he sweeps down and cuts off Maro's other arm, leaving the Reavers Captain with two bloody stumps. Maro slides to the floor, delirious with the shock. 'YOU GONNA EAT THOSE?', Iron Gut asks hopefully from behind them.

'So how many did you get?', Meshell asks Singlerage as they pack things onto the wagon. 'Just 4 my lady', Singlerage responds solemnly, 'and I suspect my wager is lost- I heard your Rifle sing two more times'. Meshell chucks a bag to him which he catches. 'Yeah but I missed those extra times..'. 'Did you now?', says Boris walking up. He eyes Meshell who smiles at him. Boris knows she won the bet, but he also knows his wife, and knows she doesn't want to deprive the men of their coin. 'Better learn to shoot properly then', he snipes at her with a smirk.



New Items Acquired:
Magical Formula: Rune of Clarity x1
Magical Formula: Rune of Pain x1

Master Crafted Anti-Toxin x1
Master Crafted Mad Cap Mushrooms x1
Master Crafted Draught of Focus x1
Master Crafted Lucky Trinket x1

Fine Bugman's Ale x1
Fine Amulet x1

Mace x1
Great Sword x1
Crossbow x1
Crossbow of Perseverance x1
Fine Blunderbuss x1
Fine Heavy Armour x1

Wyrdstone Fragments x7
Wyrdtsone Shards x3
Wyrdstone Cluster x3

(Surplus items sold for additional 97x Gold Crowns)


Warrior Experience/Progress:

The Ravens of VGG = +4xp!
(4xp For Decisive Victory)

Boris Heelbeck = N MADE LEVEL 7! +8xp! +1 Mental Advancement! +1 Martial Advancement!
(2xp For Surviving The Mission)
(3xp For Optional Objective Complete)
(1xp Decisive Victory)
(2xp For Enemies Put Out of Action)

Meshell Heelbeck = N MADE LEVEL 7! MVP! +7xp! +1 Physical Advancement! +1 Martial Advancement! +2 Skill Points! +1 Offence Point!
(2xp For Surviving The Mission)
(3xp For Optional Objective Complete)
(1xp Decisive Victory)
(1xp Most Valuable Warrior)

Seidel Kraut = +6xp! +1 Martial Advancement! +1 Mental Advancement!
(2xp For Surviving The Mission)
(3xp For Optional Objective Complete)
(1xp Decisive Victory)

Kristof = N MADE LEVEL 5! +7xp! +1 Mental Advancement! +4 Skill Points! +1 Strategy Point!
(2xp For Surviving The Mission)
(3xp For Optional Objective Complete)
(1xp Decisive Victory)
(1xp For Enemies Put Out of Action)

'Head-Shot' Feggins = +6xp! +1 Mental Advancement!
(2xp For Surviving The Mission)
(3xp For Optional Objective Complete)
(1xp Decisive Victory)

Singlerage = +7xp! +1 Physical Advancement! +1 Martial Advancement!
(2xp For Surviving The Mission)
(3xp For Optional Objective Complete)
(1xp Decisive Victory)
(1xp For Enemies Put Out of Action)

Augustus Wheatdust = +6xp! + Martial Advancement! +1 Physical Advancement!
(2xp For Surviving The Mission)
(3xp For Optional Objective Complete)
(1xp Decisive Victory)

Sylvester Ampersand = +6xp! +1 Martial Advancement!
(2xp For Surviving The Mission)
(3xp For Optional Objective Complete)
(1xp Decisive Victory)


None! cool


Post Session Warband Updates:

Boris Heelbeck: +1 Leadership, +1 Weapon Skill.
Meshell Heelbeck: +1 Ballistic Skill, +1 Agility.
The Tick: +1 Weapon Skill.
Seidel Kraut: +1 Intelligence, +1 Accuracy.
Kristof: +1 Intelligence.
Klovis Finn: +1 Intelligence, +1 Accuracy.
Singlerage: +1 Ballistic Skill, +1 Agility, swapped Fine Crossbow for Crossbow of Perseverance.
'Head-Shot' Feggins: +1 Intelligence, swapped Amulet for Fine Amulet.
Augustus Wheatdust: +1 Agility, +1 Accuracy.
Sylvester Ampersand: +1 Weapon Skill.


Our Armoury:

Master Crafted Healing Draught x2
Master Crafted Mandrake Root x1
Master Crafted Bugman's Ale x4
Master Crafted Crimson Shade x2
Master Crafted Anti-Toxin x2
Master Crafted Mad Cap Mushrooms x2
Master Crafted Poultice x5
Master Crafted Draught of Focus x2
Master Crafted Draught of Clarity x1
Master Crafted Lucky Trinket x2

Fine Healing Draught x3
Fine Poultice x3
Fine Mandrake Root x1
Fine Elven Wine x5
Fine Oil Bomb x5
Fine Draught of Clarity x1
Fine Lucky Trinket x2
Fine Mad Cap Mushrooms x1
Fine Crimson Shade x1

Smelling Salts x2
Draught of Concentration x2
Shredded Mordheim Map x1
Sticky Sludge x2
Lucky Trinket x1

Hammer of Alacrity x1
Mace of Misfortune x1
Fine Axe x2

Fine Mace x2
Fine Hammer x1

Fine Great Sword x1
Fine Great Axe x2
Dagger x2
Spear x1
Sword x2
Halberd x2
Great Hammer x2
Great Axe x1
Staff x2
Ulrican Great Axe x1

Pistols of Havoc x1
Fine Crossbow x1
Fine Longbow x1

Fine Duelling Pistols x1
Fine Handgun x2
Fine Blunderbuss x1

Bow x2
Longbow x1
Duelling Pistols x1
Hunting Rifle x1

Fine Shield x3
Fine Clothing x1
Fine Heavy Armour x2

Pendant x2
Amulet x2
Helmet x2
Clothing x1
Light Armour x2

Magical Formula: Rune of Commanders
Magical Formula: Rune of Deviation
Magical Formula: Rune of Disciples
Magical Formula: Rune of Clarity
Magical Formula: Rune of Pain

For details on all equipment in our armoury visit The Armoury


Would you like to join the Ravens of VGG? Head to our main discussion & recruitment thread for more information!
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Krzysztof Zięba
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Great job as always! I really enjoyed this write up!
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