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Arthur Williams
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Thanks to a generous friend, I now have my own Ultimate Hero Variant Collection, and thus will be almost exclusively playing the 16 new promo heroes (the Freedom Five, the Extreme Prime Wardens, Visionary Unleashed, Fugue State Parse, and so forth), who I have previously only had access to on rare occasions when playing with someone else’s SOTM set. Wanting to slow-roll these newcomers and draw out the second-to-last “new shiny” experience that the game will ever give me (actually acquiring OblivAeon and its associated mini-expansions will be the last time I get to discover new stuff, unless I eventually become interested in fan-made expansions such as the Cauldron, which I have so far disdained), I’m starting with just one of these new heroes, which is both the most interesting to me, and also the “oldest”, in terms of having been made public just after, rather than just before, the announcement of this line-ending publication. This, of course, is the Captain Cosmic promo which shows him merged with the energies of his just-slain evil brother, the villain Infinitor; not having any special label other than the power name “Requital”, I will be referring to this version simply as “Captain Infinitor” when necessary. We’ve had his front side almost as long as we’ve had Omnitron-U, who I’ve already played to exhaustion, but I only got to see his reverse about two months ago, when I failed to die during a game and finally succumbed to the temptation to peek. His incap ability is mind-blowing, but I’m not going to try and suicide him or anything; I am however going to really make him the star of today’s game, by including two other heroes who can give him additional Powers (resisting the temptation to throw in the Argent Adept while I’m at it). Randomly including the non-promo Wraith to up the H number, I’m going up against one of the handful of villains who gets harder with more heroes; as dangerous as she is, she doesn’t have a plan for dealing with Cap, so this battle should give him a chance to shine as the focus of the heroes’ efforts.

Advanced Miss Information [-] in the Court of Blood (insert Twilight joke here), vs. Captain Infinitor [29], The Wraith [26], Prime Wardens Fanatic [29], and America’s Greatest Legacy [30].

Setup: We begin with a “Cat” Stuck In A Tree [10] as our ostensible villain for this fight. (Maybe we should pretend it’s a werewolf, in order to go along with the theme that Aminia has been reading the works of Stephenee Meyer.) Our intrepid Infinitor opens on Destructive Response, Augmented Ally, Cosmic Crest, and Cosmic Weapon. Wraith will be drawing a lot of cards; she has Infrared Eyepiece, Trust Fund, Razor Ordnance, and Grappling Hook. Fanatic has Brutal Censure, Consecrated Ground, Prayer of Desperation, and “Absolution”, and Legacy starts with Back-Fist Strike, Inspiring Presence, “Thokk!” and Danger Sense.

Villain 1: Miss Info plays Insider Knowledge, ensuring that the Cat can’t be permanently killed. The Cat hits Legacy[26] and Captain Infinitor [25], since Fanatic needs to be safely able to burn her HP all game. Aminia’s advanced text upped that damage to 4 each, and is also going to make it very unsafe for the Infinite One to burn his HP on his ability, although it will always be safe as long as he has no Constructs in play when activating it (much as this impairs my plan to give him extra activations of it).

Captain 1: Lays down his only non-Construct, Destructive Response, and then uses Requital, revealing Cosmic Weapon, Wounding Buffer, and Autonomous Blade. The Buffer [4] goes on Legacy, the Autonomous Blade [4] goes on the Buffer, and Wraith gets the Cosmic Weapon [4] for now, so she needn’t burn her powers just on Stealth. Draws an Energy Bracer.

Wraith 1: Ignoring the Cosmic Weapon, Wraith puts out Infrared Eyepiece and targets Aminia with it; she sends “Explosion” In The Lab to the bottom and allows Suspicious Malfunction to enter play, advising the team to play disposable Equipment. Wraith draws Mega Computer and Throwing Knives.

Fanatic 1: Does a Brutal Censure on the Cat [8], drawing Aegis of Resurrection. Activates Resolute [25], playing a Chastise on the Cat and badly monkeywrenching Cap’s plans. Since Legacy is about to get his arse kicked, Fanatic gives him the chance to Gung-Ho himself [27], wasting the bonus power otherwise. Fanatic draws Holy Nova and is done.

Legacy 1: With nothing to attack, and no desire to up the self-damage the heroes are about to take, Legacy’s only play is Danger Sense. He uses Gung-Ho on Fanatic [26], who activates Resolute [22], playing Sanctifying Strike; she has to waste the 1 melee damage on the invincible Cat, but draws Brutal Censure and gets 1 of her HP back [23]. She in turn gives a power to Wraith, who goes Stealth. Legacy draws Superhuman Durability.

Enviro 1: Matron Erzsi [13] enters play.

Villain 2: Suspicious Malfunction enters play, and Miss Info’s innate destroys Destructive Response (this is a slight cheat, in that I forgot to do it at the time and went back a turn later, but doing the Destructive Response is by far the most logical choice); nothing else happens.

Captain 2: Has nothing he especially wants to do, so draws Sustained Influence and Harsh Offense.

Wraith 2: Trust Fund draws Suture Self, Impromptu Invention, Smoke Bombs and Razor Ordnance, discarding the latter and Mega Computer. IREP finds Concealed Betrayal and “Threat” to the President, again reacting in the obvious more-Clues-fewer-Diversions fashion. Draws Stun Bolt and Smoke Bombs.

Fanatic 2: Keeps the Chastise even though it costs her extra pain [20]; there’s no real reason for her to do so, but because it’s in flavor, she plays Absolution [21] and then stabs Matron Erzsi for 3 net radiant damage [10]. Draws Consecrated Ground.

Legacy 2: Superhuman Durability enters play. Gung-Ho heals Fanatic [24] and lets her again stab the purely ornamental Vampire who hasn’t done anything remotely offensive as yet [7]. Legacy finally draws the Motivational Charge he’s been wanting to have out; now he can use Gung-Ho quite effectively.

Enviro 2: Unhallowed Halls comes out; Erzsi heals herself [8].

Villain 3: Suspicious Malfunction goes off; Legacy asks that nobody destroy any equipment, so 5 damage goes across the board, first shattering all the Constructs (Destructive Response triggers but has no useful targets), and then Legacy takes 2 thanks to SHD [25], Wraith takes 3 thanks to Stealth [23], and the two Prime Warden members take 5 each [Cap 20, Fanatic 16]. Concealed Betrayal enters play and destroys Abolution; Miss Info’s innate also destroys Danger Sense.

Captain 3: Sustained Influence enters play. Requital plays Dynamic Siphon, another Sustained Influence, and Potent Disruption; lacking other targets, the Disruption smacks Erzsi for 4 net [4], then the Influence puts the Siphon back into play on Legacy [4]. Draws Vitality Conduit.

Wraith 3: Impromptu invents a Utility Belt, then Grappling Hook breaks a stained-glass window and ruins the Unhallowed ambience. (I forgot to draw a card before searching, but picked up Throat Jab afterward.) Draws Throwing Knives, then uses two powers: Infrared Eyepiece finds another Suspicious Malfunction and prefers it over Missing Resources, draws another IREP, and then she goes Stealth and draws another Utility Belt.

Fanatic 3: Keeps up the Chastise [13], then hits Dynamic Siphon with a Brutal Censure [2], allowing Legacy to use Gung-Ho on Cap [21], so he can Requital again at slight risk. He gets yet another Sustained Influence, a Destructive Response, and an Autonomous Blade [4] which Fanatic immediately takes; Fanatic draws another Chastise, then activates Resolute [9], allowing Autonomous Blade to stab Erszi for 1 net [3]. Plays Sacrosanct Martyr, then gives herself a Power to use it, dealing more than enough damage to kill Erzsi, who still hasn’t done a damn thing other than stand around looking regal. Fanatic ends her turn by drawing Brutal Censure again.

Legacy 3: Plays Motivational Charge, Gung-Hos himself [26] and activates it [Cap 22, Wraith 24, Fanatic 10, self 27], punching the invincible Cat for lack of other targets. Draws Next Evolution.

Enviro 3: Unhallowed Halls again enters play.

Villain 4: FLIP! Suspicious Malfunction is the Clue chosen for destruction; the extra-damage-to-heroes turns off, so the heroes just deal 2 each to themselves [Cap 20, Wraith undamaged due to Stealth, Fanatic 8, and Legacy 25]. Autonomous Blade triggers, though no soft targets exist – but since the Constructs are about to deal themselves 2 psychic anyway, the Blade hits itself when triggered, then hits itself again with the self-damage, allowing Destructive Response to hit Dynamic Siphon for 1 [1], so Legacy can Gung-Ho himself [26] and do a Motivational Charge [Cap 21, Wraith 25, Fanatic 9, self 27]. Then I remember the Unhallowed Halls, so forget all that healing [Cap 20, Wraith 24, Fanatic 8, Legacy 25]. The Siphon is destroyed and Miss Info is done yelling; still in the start-of-turn phase, Wraith discards four duplicate Equipments and disposes of Concealed Betrayal. The new Suspicious Malfunction enters play, and Miss Info deals 2 to Fanatic [6] and 2 to Cap [18].

Captain 4: With a -3 to damage taken thanks to Insider Knowledge, Miss Info will be a tough nut to crack, but Harsh Offense has the potential to leave a scar; he reveals Energy Bracer, Construct Cataclysm and Autonomous Blade, getting 1 damage through [44] and thus triggering her retalation [16]. He then tries Requital, getting a Vitality Conduit for Fanatic [4], an Augmented Ally [4] for himself, and another Harsh Offense, which reveals Dynamic Siphon, Cosmic Weapon, and Wounding Buffer for the full 6 damage, minus 3 [41], and no further retaliation. That was rather decent, especially as he draws Unflagging Animation for his now very-full trash pile.

Wraith 4: With Miss Info picking off Constructs, Smoke Bombs seems like a reasonable play; Stealth goes back on and IREP finds Isolated Hero preferable to Diversionary Tactics. Draws Micro Targeting Computer.

Fanatic 4: Drops the Chastise finally; plays Consecrated Ground to get rid of the Unhallowing, dealing 1 to the Cat [7], as well as 1 to her own Vitality Conduit [3] to heal herself [8]. She then activates Resolute [5], playing Holy Nova for 1 more damage to the Cat [6], reduced damage to Missy, and healing for everyone [Cap 17, Wraith 25, self 6, Conduit 4, Legacy 26]. Gives Legacy a power, and he does Gung-Ho on himself [27], then Motivational Charge [Cat 4, Cap 18, Wraith 26, Fanatic 7, self 28]. Draws Undaunted.

Legacy 4: Inspiring Presence enters play, although the healing to Wraith or the Conduit is wasted [Cap 19, Fanatic 8, self 29]. Not bothering to Gung-Ho first, does a Motivational Charge on the Cat [1], healing everyone but Wraith again [Cap 20, Fanatic 9, self 30]. Draws Take Down.

Enviro 4: Dowager Ilona [7] enters play, just as harmless as her predecessor.

Villain 5: Blows up Insider Knowledge, triggering 3 net self-damage to each hero target. Vitality Conduit survives its own hit [1] and heals Fanatic of all but 1 of her hit [8]. Augmented Ally is also hit [1], Wraith absorbs all but 1 with Stealth [25], and Cap [17] and Legacy [27] take the full damage. Then Suspicious Malfunction is addressed, and Wraith ditches her entire kit to get this down to 2 damage apiece; Vitality Conduit dies, but is Sustained back into play at full HP, then hits itself [2] to counteract the hit to Fanatic [Cap 15, Wraith 23, Legacy 25], while Augmented Ally is destroyed altogether, allowing Destructive Response to hit the Conduit [1] and heal Fanatic [10], scratch Ilona [6], and most importantly kill the Cat. Finally done with start-of-turn, Aminia plays the Isolated Hero, affecting Cap rather than Legacy. Aminia destroys the Vitality Conduit, which is now useless anyway; she also hits Fanatic [8] and is done.

Captain 5: Unflagging Animation enters play; since he can’t be affected by Inspiring Presence, he’ll only take 1 damage at the end of this turn. Requital plays a duplicate Unflagging Animation which goes to the trash, plays a Wounding Buffer, and immediately destroys it with Conservation of Energy, playing Vitality Conduit [4] to replace it. Draws Augmented Ally and takes his 1 [14].

Wraith 5: Plays and fires a Stun Bolt; Miss Info takes no damage, but her damage is reduced by 1. Draws Trust Fund.

Fanatic 5: Plays Consecrated Ground to remove the Suspicious Malfunction, dealing 2 radiant to Ilona [4] and 1 to herself [7]. Then activates Resolute [3], playing Smite the Transgressor for 1 net to Miss Info [40], taking retaliation [1], and passing the Resolute bonus power to Legacy; he does Gung-Ho on himself [26] and hits Missy with a Motivational Charge [39], taking 2 retaliation [24] and healing everyone except Cap [Wraith 24, Fanatic 2, self 25]. Sacrosanct Martyr is then activated; realizing that Fanatic is going to die no matter what I do, I take 1 more damage [1] and dish out a total of 6, minus 2, to Missy [35]. Draws a thematically appropriate End of Days.

Legacy 5: Does a Take Down on Miss Info, does Gung Ho on himself [26], punches Miss Info for net 1 [34], takes 2 back [24], and heals the three-hero party [Wraith 25, Fanatic 2, self 25]. Draws Inspiring Presence and takes 2 for take Down [23].

Enviro 5: Angry Mob [10] appears.

Villain 6: Blows up her last Clue, killing Fanatic and hitting all other heroes for 3 [Cap 11, Wraith 22, Legacy 20]. The Vitality Conduit is also hit [1] and heals Cap [13]. Unable to play, destroys the Conduit, which is Sustained back into play [4], and I’m assuming she can’t just hit that again (nor can Destructive Response immediately trigger it), so she batters Cap [11].

Captain 6: Raises another Vitality Conduit on himself [4], then plays Cosmic Weapon and stabs Missy for 2 net [32], taking 2 back [9], drawing Harsh Offense, and taking 2 from the Animation [7].

Wraith 6: Plays Micro Targeting Computer, and shoots Miss Info for 2 net [30], taking 2 back [23]. Draws Throat Jab.

Fanatic 6: Tells Legacy to Gung-Ho himself and punch Miss Info for 1 net [31], healing Cap [8] and Wraith [24] while his own HP dances back to its starting point thanks to her retaliation.

Legacy 6: Destroys Take Down, gives Missy a “THOKK!” for 2 net [29], takes retaliation [21], and draws another “THOKK!”. Gung-Hos himself [22] and adds 1 more damage to Missy [28] without further retaliation, healing the party which is now 3 members in actuality [Cap 9, Wraith 25, self 23].

Enviro 6: The Angry Mob hits both of Cap’s Vitality Conduits [2] as well as himself for 1+1, generating 6 net healing to him [15], while damaging Ilona [2], Wraith [23], and Legacy [21]. This must be what Cap was doing while he was Isolated – riling up the locals by claiming that Missy was chummy with the Vampires. Infecting an heir enters play; Ilona eats the Cosmic Weapon and finds it an unsatisfying meal.

Villain 7: Plays Diversionary Tactics, revealing another copy of it and three Clues; reshuffling her trash into her deck, she plays Insider Knowledge, destroys both Vitality Conduits, and is done.

Captain 7: Throws Harsh Offense, but gets only one Construct, a Dynamic Siphon, so no damage gets through. Retroactively gets a Vitality Conduit back from the Animation. Does Requital, finding Cosmic Crest, Construct Cataclysm, and Potent Disruption; the latter smashes the new Crest for 6 gross damage, hitting Missy for 3 [25], with retaliation [13], triggering Destructive Response to hit the Conduit [2] and heal him [15], and then the Cataclysm converts what’s left of the Conduit into 2 irreducible [23]. Draws Vitality Conduit and takes his 2 [13].

Wraith 7: Puts down Razor Ordnance and hits Miss Info for 4 net [19], taking retaliation [21]. Draws Grappling Hook.

Fanatic 7: Tells Legacy to do the usual Gung-Ho Motivational Charge loop on Missy [18], healing Cap [14] and Wraith [22].

Legacy 7: Back-Fist Strike deals 3 net to Missy [15], who retaliates, but as usual Legacy earns it back while hitting her for 1 more [14] and healing the others [Cap 15, Wraith 23]. Draws Fortitude.

Enviro 7: The Angry Mob slaughters Ilona and bruises the heroes [Cap 13, Wraith 21, Legacy 19], then disposes of Infecting an Heir. Relict Dorotya [9] comes out, hitting the mob [9] and each hero [Cap 12, Wraith 20, Legacy 18].

Villain 8: Blows up Insider Knowledge to make the heroes self-damage for 3 [Cap 9, Wraith 17, Legacy 15]. Plays Concealed Betrayal, destroying SHD, meanwhile hitting Cap [7] and Legacy [13].

Captain 8: Puts Vitality Conduit [4] into play at start of turn, then destroys Unflagging Animation, and then gives Wraith an Augmented Ally. With only one card in deck, is safe to do Requital, playing an Energy Brancer on himself. Reshuffles his trash and draws Wounding Buffer.

Wraith 8: Discards Trust Fund to hit Missy for net 4 [10], taking 2 back [15]. Plays Throwing Knives and punches through for 2 more [8]. Draws another MTC.

Fanatic 8: At this point, Legacy’s Gung-Ho goes to Wraith [16], who shoots Missy for 4 more [4], and she takes 2 back [14].

Legacy 8: Tossing Fortitude casually into play, does Gung-Ho on Wraith to have her finish off Missy.
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