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Subject: Turn 2: Suicide of Greece Solo rss

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Jon Luminati
United States
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Turn 2: Knights C

Due to the presence of the lone Spartan unit in Athens, the Aristocrats choose to defend the homefront. Although they don’t have to worry much about establishment of a Spartan base thanks to the Demagogues (something they’d never admit to the Assembly), they can’t stand the site of even a single Spartan ravaging their fields.* That being said, when the Demagogues raised the issue of War/Peace, they quickly seized the opportunity, surprising everyone with an unexpectedly strong debate performance that both won them a significant amount of honor in the Assembly and also cut off the Spartans in Attica from effective re-enforcement. Issues Won: Mil/Mil/Mil/Games/W&P, Strat: 17

The Demagogues, on the other hand, sought to take advantage of the coming period of peace to further isolate Sparta since they knew peace could never last long. Shamed to lose the debate on War/Peace, they surprised everyone by winning back control of the Assembly with a late debate over Ostracism, helping stay within reach of Aristocratic honor. Issues Won: League/Citizenship/Ostracism, Strat: 8 + SoS.

Knowing a declaration of peace was inevitable, both Spartan factions chose to forgo their instincts send additional forces to ravage Attica, choosing instead to coordinate their efforts trying to cut off the Athenian grain supply.** The Eurypontid King decided to pursue an ill-fated expedition to Sicily, winning the requisite issues, but miscalculating the geographic limitations and strength of the Athenian blocking force, particularly under conditions of peace. Issues Won: Mil/League/W&P, Strat: 13.

The Agiads focused their efforts on Athens’s Eastern granary in Hellespont. Knowing they could never marshal a large enough force to break through Athenian defenses around Attica, they chose instead to seek to insight rebellion in the Hellespont population itself. Issues Won: Dip/Dip/League/Mil, Strat: 13.

Moving to the Theater phases, the Aristocrats began loading issues into Attica, while the Spartans set up for efforts in both available Granaries. Surprised by the two-pronged Spartan plan to strangle Athens food supply. Feeling confident about their ability to prevent an incursion into Sicily, the Eurypontids were forced to adjust their approach, placing their lone league issue in Hellespont. The Agiad combination of diplomatic and league efforts resulting in flipping the allegiance of the existing Delian base. Thankfully the Eurypontid efforts allowed construction of a new Delian base leaving the theatre congested but with forces and bases balanced at the end of the Turn.

Meanwhile, closer to home, the Agiads were unable get any forces beyond Athenian defenses on the approach to Sicily and their seemingly random attempt to invade the South Sporades region of the Aegean was aborted before it truly began. The Aristocrats, on the other hand, despite their declaration of Peace were out for revenge, selecting to place their extra military issue in Sparta itself. Seeing an opportunity, the Eurypontids worked to place an resolve rumor markers to quickly reveal the Agiad advance on Sparta. Although the rules of peace kept Athens’ military out of Sparta itself, the ensuing presence of the Athenian navy in Corinth cut off the only escape route for the Spartan remnant in Attica, sealing their fate as hostages under the Aristocratic defense of Athens. While good for the Athenian cause, this further increased the honor of the Aristocrats among the Athenian population.

*They also heard a rumor that keeping all your citizens confined behind the city walls might protect them from a human attack, but it tended to make them more vulnerable to microbial attack. This rumor was quickly dismissed as unscientific dribble.

** Technically, PS strategy selection occurred while Athens and Sparta were still at war thus one faction would likely have chosen “Ravage Attica”. But since the Brasidas procedure and previous Athenian debates guaranteed the declaration of peace (and the ensuing movement limitations) I opted to intentionally skip this strategy.

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