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Introduction: I've been mentioning how MD miniatures can be used in other miniature skirmish games, and here's one, Song of Blade and Heroes. You'll want the dungeon supplement, Song of Gold and Darkness, for dungeon environments and some monster stats. I also recommend Underground Lair's free Deep Dark Dungeons Crawl rules, which adapt SoBH and SoGD to a more conventional dungeoncrawl.



Monsters: We'll start off with matching SoBH monsters to the MD miniatures.

Dwarves: MD Dwarves use the same stats as the SoGD Dark Dwarves. (Or you can use Dwarf stats from SoBH.)
* Dwarf Boss and Dwarf Defender: Dark Dwarf Foot Commander
* Dwarf Agent: Dark Dwarf Stalker
* Dwarf Defender Minions and Dwarf Warrior Minions: Dark Dwarf Warrior, Dark Dwarf Guard Infantry, Dark Dwarf Mutant, Dark Dwarf Corsair, or Dark Dwarf Cultist.

Goblins: MD Goblins use the same stats as the SoBH Goblins.
* Goblin Warrior Boss, Goblin Agent, Goblin Archer Boss: Goblin Hero, Goblin Commander, Goblin Sneak.
* Goblin Minions: Goblin Warrior or Goblin Light Infantry
* Goblin Archer Minions: Goblin Archer (leather armor and shortbow)

Orcs: MD Orcs use the same stats as the SoBH Orcs
* Orc Enforcer Boss, Orc Agent, Orc Flayer Boss: Orc Warchief, Orc Champion,
* Orc Enforcer Minions and Orc Flayer Minions: Orc Warrior, Savage Orc Warrior, Savage Orc heavy infantry
* Goblin Archer (looks more like a shaman): Orc Shaman

Monsters: Arranged by point value
High Troll: SoBH Monsters - Troll (41 points)
Hellhound: SoGD Demons and Devils - Hell Hound (54 points)
Ogre Mage: SoGD Chaotic Human - Chaos Mage (56 points)
Giant Spider: SoBH Giant Bugs - Giant Spider (82 points)
Liliarch: SoBH - Monsters - Medusa (88 points)
Abyssal Demon: SoGD Demons and Devils - Winged Devil (90 points)


Dungeon: Next, when building the dungeon, treat an MD squares as a 3x3 grid. So 9 miniatures can fit in an MD square. When building the dungeon, you may want to make larger areas from adjacent tiles, and you do not necessarily have to arrange tiles square to each other. DDD has rules for using a grid to move miniatures, or you can use SoBH measuring sticks. DDD rules suggest 4+ rooms, and a later DDD post suggests six rooms. Add doors to the dungeon as you play the game, per the rules in SoGD. Before the game, decide whether or not to use the SoGD rules for Light and Darkness. Apply light modifiers in lit spaces, and dark modifiers in shadow spaces. Light and darkness can make the game more tactical as models seek better or worse lighting, but also can be encumbering as players forget to add light and dark combat modifiers.


Encounters: So here's a set of encounters for a Massive Darkness dungeoncrawl!

As covered in Deep Dark Dungeons, roll 1d6. Add 1 if at least half of the rooms, rounded up, have been revealed.

1-4: Normal encounter
5-6: Challenging encounter
7: Final Challenge

Normal Encounters, about 100 points:

Dark Dwarves:
1. Dark Dwarf Warrior x3
2. Dark Dwarf Guard Infantry x2 and Dark Dwarf Corsair x2
3. Dark Dwarf Mutant x3 and Dark Dwarf Cultist x2
4. Dark Dwarf Stalker and Dark Dwarf Mutant x2
5. Dark Dwarf Foot Commander and Dark Dwarf Warrior
6. Dark Dwarf Cultist x8

1. Goblin Warrior x7
2. Goblin Warrior x4 and Goblin Archer x2
3. Goblin Light Infantry x5 and Goblin Archer x3
4. Goblin Hero and Goblin Archer x3
5. Goblin Commander and Goblin Warrior x4
6. Goblin Sneak x2 and Goblin Warrior x4

1. Orc Warrior x5
2. Savage Orc Warrior x4
3. Savage Orc heavy infantry x3
4. Orc Warchief
5. Orc Chamption and Orc Warrior
6. Orc Shaman and Orc Warrior x3

For Challenging Encounters, add one of the following to a Normal Encounter:
1-2: Troll
3-4: Hell Hound
5-6: Ogre Mage

For the Final Challenge, add one of the following to a Normal Encounter.
1. Giant Spider
2. Medusa
3. Winged Devil

If you'd like, for a Normal Encounter, you can use a single monster of about 100 points (ie. Giant Spider, Medusa, or Winged Demon).

For the Darkness is Massive, and full of singing! laugh
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