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What did happen

For Years scientist where experimenting on the Star Nyr trying to harnas its power trying to bring life back to the dead planets surrounding the Star.
But something went wrong and a Big flare Exploded from the dying Sun going in the direction of the Brink as a Giant Comet it went faster and faster destroying everything on its path.
The scientist calculated that when it wil collide with The Brink its direction wil change and it wil go on an collision course toward Xia.
And if that happens it wil go Super nova and destroying the whole system.
The only thing what could save Xia is if we can find a way to change its course into the Black hole next to Xia.
If we can do that it wil be consumed by the black hole and everything wil be save.
The Scientist came with an solution but we need to act fast really fast.
All those years of experimenting on Nyr they did also find out that the relic tokens found on the dead planets are very powerful, but they need to be prepared and after preparation they wil turn into perfect Embers.

We then need to activate the powerful Generator on the Planet Kei
who then wil power up the 2 Gravity accelerators surrounding Farren's Call
But to be able to activate the Generator on Kei we need to activate the strong energy emitters on the Planets
Azure, Kemplar II, Neo Demascus, Doravin V and Lunari

But there is an other problem the Xia system is to far away and we are unable to penetrate the Nebula's blocking our way to the Xia System.
So we need to Enable the Gate's
And because we need to be fast we have to reduse the mass on our ships so we have to remove our shields
and without shields we are unable to fly true the Asteroids Debris and Ice asteroids.
We have to find a way arround them
so the only way is those Dead Gate's who we have to active again.

How to play

U select any one ship and only place a Tier 3 Engine on it and 1 GTS Mod.
U can active your engine 3 Times like normal with an D12 + the GTS and 1 Impulse thats it

Place all 10 Relic tokens on the 3 Dead planets
Place 10 Ember tokens next to the Kiln card
It wil be a race against the Giant Comet.

Your ship wil start in the Kiln Station.

Fly to an Dead planet and pickup 1 and only 1 Relic they are to unstable so only 1
Your movement wil end at the place where u normaly get the relics.
U dont have to Roll for the Relic just get 1 and put it in your cargo.
Then Roll again to get back to the Station your movement wil end here.
Inside the Station u wil exchange a Relic with 1 and only 1 Ember they are stil very unstable.

Now roll again and go to one of the gates in the Nyr System.
As a minor action Place the Ember on the Mission mark it wil enable the Gate and if u have movement left u get back to the next Dead planet and pickup an Relic and convert it to an Ember in the Kiln Station.

DON'T go true the Gate without and Ember cos it is not activated on the other side yet u need and ember to active it or u can't go back and wil be stranded.

Now u have to bring to Every planet listed above an Ember on the Mission marks 5 planets = 5 Embers
U also need to Bring an ember to Kei's mission mark and 2 Embers to Farren's Call = 3 embers
u need to watch out for the Gravity Paths they act like in the normal game.
And u need 4 Embers for the 4 Gates.
That is 12 Embers total but u only have 10 Embers.
So u need to deactive 2 Gate at some point because u need them for the planets Kei and the Black hole.

Now about the Giant Comet Rikishi and it's movement.
Place the Rikishi Tile on the Nyr tile.
Pointed toward the Exploration mark on The Brink Numbers 3.4 pointed to The brink

if u look at the pictures it is exactly 11 steps away.
Every time u used all your movement, 3 times the engine and 1 time impules your turn is over and u move Rikishi 1 step toward The Brink.
Also move the Station 1 step clockwise.
And the famepoint Tracker from 0 to 1
If u are at 11 the Rikishi Comet sould be at The Brink Exploration marker.
Then turn Rikishi pointed toward Xia the numbers 1.2 wil be over the Exploration marker now and 3.4 pointed toward Xia.
Also from now on Rikishi wil move faster
after every turn move Rikishi 2 steps closer toward Xia instead of 1
If i am correct it wil be 16 steps so 8 turns
U have to get all the Embers in place before Rikishi is hitting Xia or everything is lost

If u are in space u charge using your Energy like normal.
Only in the Station or on a Planet u get free energy like u normal get in the game.
So u have to time your movements or u get stranded.

So in Short
Fly To Dead planets Get 1 Relic
Excange it to an Ember in Kiln
Bring Embers to Gate's, planets, Kei, and the black hole.
and u Can't use the Nebula's and all the asteroids, debris but u can fly betwean the spaces if there is a route
And use the Gravity Paths.

Be fast and don't die.
Good luck

If u can't win there is a way to slow down Rikishi.
If all planets and Kei have an Ember and at least 1 Ember on Farren's Call Rikishi wil slow down to 1 movement giving u a bit more time to get the last ember in place.

This is just a first try to show how much fun and how easy u can do different things with Xia.
This little game is just a Race against the clock i am also thinking about a Co-op game variant.

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