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* Rules Set (DN): Latest published rules from web site
* Rules Set (WAIL): Beta rules provided with test kit

* Rogue (RG): Eavesdrop (Spend 1S to Search with 3d)
Vanish (Elude w/ 2d; Gain +1S on 2 successes)
Ambush (Spend 1S to Attack with 3d)
* Crusader (CR): Wrath (Spend 1G to Attack with 4d)
Providence (Spend 1G to Search with 2d; keep 2 Map cards if 2 successes)
Anointed (+1 to default G; +1d when Praying)
* Scholar (SC): Preparation (Exhaust after any die roll for a re-roll)
Foresight (Elude with 2d)
Thoroughness (On successful search, draw extra card and discard 1)
* Monk (MK): Chi Burst (Exhaust to use Chi Powers)
Quiet (Elude w/ 2d; Chi Tactic = Elude w/ 5d, +1S if you roll a 6)
Clarity (+1 to highest die when Searching;
Chi Bonus = use after Search to select result from other location)

Comments: We decided on this mix of characters partly to test (a) if the Crusader is a valid replacement for the Fighter (i.e. how much is the Crusader a basic “tank”); (b) if the Monk can effectively split his actions between Searches (using Providence), limited attacks on low-power Blights, and completing Quests; and (c) if they both rely too heavily on a limited element (either Grace or Chi Bonuses, respectively) to be practical.

* Mountains (M): Curse
* Castle (C): Unholy Aura
* Village (V): Spies (But Mom! We ALWAYS start with this Blight here...)
* Swamp (S): Skeletons
* Forest (F): Confusion (Yuck. This one is always trouble for most of the characters.)
* Ruins (R): Vampire
* Monastery (+): (N/A – included simply to indicate abbreviation)

Comments: The Blight draw was not too bad, although it seems that EVERY GAME starts with Spies in the Village—that's just bizarre. One thing that we noticed as soon as Confusion showed up in the Forest—almost all of our Fight/Elude Powers are Tactics. This could be a problem...


Start Phase skipped – Nothing happened yet which would affect another character during the Start Phase.
Event Phase skipped – Characters start in the Monastery, so no Event cards are drawn per Rule 11.1.

Crusader (CR): Stays to Pray (since default Grace is 6, have to Pray to reach new default of 7)

Scholar (SC): Move to Village (V); -1S due to Spies

Monk (MK): Move to Forest

Rogue (RG): Move to Village; -1S due to Spies

Necromancer (NM): Darkness Effect: +1 (1)
Movement (from C): Stays in Castle
New Blight: Vampire (2nd Blight at this location)

Comments: Even before proceeding very far, I get the impression that the Crusader will be spending a LOT of time returning to the Monastery to “recharge”. This may end up restricting his freedom of movement to the far side of the board. If he does need to spend time over there, then he will probably be one of the characters that needs to rely on Waystones to get back and forth from the Monastery quickly. Moving the Monk to the Forest may not have been smart, as the Search roll is higher and he can't use any Tactics to attack the Confusion Blight. Hopefully the Scholar gets a good Search result and start us off on a high note.


N.B. – Going forward, moves will be abbreviated to show only important changes in game state. Notations about Events, Quests, and Blights may be shortened to show only the relevant effect on the characters.

CR (+): Pray = +1G (7)

MK (F): Event: Quest – Dark Seed (5T, 1P) > Mountains
Search with Clarity = Epiphany > Quivering Palm (Attack w/ 2d, Chi Tactic = Attack w/ 4d)

RG (V): Attack (-1S) Confusion with Ambush (3d, -1S) = Blight removed

SC (V): Event: Desperate Bargain – Remove Vampire at Castle, Darkness +1 (2)
Search with Thoroughness = Treasure Chest > Ancient Charm
(Draw 2 Events and choose 1 to apply; Village)

NM (C): D: +1 (3)
M: Village
B: Evil Presence (2, with Spies)

Comments: We received our first Quest which popped up right where the Crusader happened to be going. Removing the Vampire at the Castle was helpful for later searches, but we paid a price for it!


MK (F): Attack (-1S) Confusion = Fail (lose turn)

SC (V): Move to Castle (+1S)

RG (V): Move to Castle (+1S)

CR (+): Move to Mountains (+1S = 5)

NM (V): D: +1 (4)
Q: Dark Seed = +1T (2 / 4 Turns)
M: Forest
B: Dark Fog (2, with Confusion)

Comments: Hmmm... I think this session is gonna be tough to notate—we keep getting interrupted. I'm sure that I'm missing some information here. Whoops—the Monk's out of action for a turn.


MK (F): Stand up (from lost turn)

CR (M): Search with Providence = 2 Successes > Artifact (Magic Mask)
+ Complete Dark Seed Quest (-1D = 3)

SC (C): Search with Thoroughness = Counterspell (all Blights -1 Might; Castle)

RG(C): Search = Waystone

NM (V): D: +1 (4)
M: Village
B: Zombies

Comments: Well, that was a productive turn! We completed a quest that decreased the Darkness, acquired a good Artifact, placed a Counterspell on the Castle (thereby making it easier to clear Blights there—handy given its Search roll of 2), and acquired a Waystone (which will be needed if the Rogue becomes our second-line attack character, as he usually is).


MK (F): Attack (-1S) Confusion = Fail (lose turn—Another?! Aw, come on now!)

CR (M): Move to Village (+1S)

SC (C): Search with Thoroughness = Supply Cache > Forgotten Sanctuary (+2d Elude; Castle)

RG (C): Search = Supply Cache > Contacts

NM (V): D: +1 (5)
M: Castle
B: Curse

Comments: This Monk has got serious karma issues. Although my Crusader keeps rolling 6, the Monk is chronically rolling 1. More successful searches keep the helpful Powers rolling in. I think we'll need to make our final stand in the Castle, what with Forgotten Sanctuary and Counterspell in force there.


SC (C): -1S (NM); Attack (-1S) Unholy Aura = Success

MK (F): Stand up (after lost turn #2)

RG (C): -1S (NM); E: Anathema (-1G = 2); Attack (-1S) Curse with Ambush (-1S, 3d) = Success

CR (V): E: Raid (-1G, -1S); Attack (-1S) Evil Presence with Wrath (-1G = 2, 4d) = Success

NM (C): D: +1 (6)
M: Stays at Castle
B: Evil Presence

Comments: Wow—another productive turn, but this time in the attack category. Knocking out 3 Blights sort of makes up for the Monk's bad karma, but I'm sure this won't last.
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