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MK (F): Attack (-1S) Confusion = SUCCESS! Woohoo for the Monk!

CR (V): E: Fight Cultist with Wrath (-1G = 1, 4d) = -1D (5); Move to Monastery (+1S = 5)

SC (C): -1S (NM) = 0; No Event – Eluded NM; Move to Mountains (+1S = 1)

RG (C): -1S (NM) = 2; E: Panic / Quest (+1T) – Spawning Shades (4T / 3P, Forest)
Exhaust Contacts (+1S = 3); Hide (+1S = 4, refresh)

NM (C): D: +1 (6)
Q: Spawning Shades = +1T (2 / 4 Turns)
M: Mountains
B: Corruption

Comments: Well, I didn't really want to fight the Cultist and risk a failure, but using Wrath made it worth the gamble—that's twice that we've backed up the Darkness track so far, and I'm not complaining either. What's more, the Monk has finally redeemed himself and found some good karma somewhere. However, the Crusader really needs to duck into the Monastery and Pray (with his 3 dice—thank you, Anointed).


CR (+): (no Event); Pray with Anointed (+1d) = +1G (2) / S at max.

SC (C): -1S (NM) = 0; No Event – Elude NM = -1G (2); Move to Monastery (+1S = 1)

RG (C): Search = Bottled Magic

MK (F): Hide (+1S = 4, refresh)

NM (M): D: +1 (7)
Q: Spawning Shades = +1T (3 / 4 Turns; we're not gonna make it on this one...)
M: Stays in Mountains
B: Taint (2, with Corruption)

Comments: I was hoping for better Pray results, but with all the 6's the Crusader has rolled, I can't complain. The Scholar needs to duck into the Monastery to shake off the NM. The Rogue's Bottled Magic may come in handy against the NM at the end—that's how we used it last time and it saved the day.

(QUESTION FOR DESIGNER: If you are battling the NM with a Relic in a location without any Blights—meaning you can destroy him at that point—how does the Relic interact with Bottled Magic? Do you roll your dice, add +1 to the highest roll and if you fail, roll the +3d for Bottled Magic and again add +1 to the highest roll? Does the Relic only help the initial roll, meaning Bottled Magic has no modifiers?)


CR (+): (no Event); Pray with Anointed (+1d) = +1G (3); S at max. (Ack! The Monk jinxed him!)

MK (F): E: Urgent Plea / Quest (+1T) – Ill Weather (4T / 5P, Mountains)
Attack Spawning Shades with Quivering Palm + Chi Burst (4d)
= 3 Successes, Quest complete > KEY #1!

RG (C): Search = Supply Cache > Sabotage

SC (+): (no Event); Pray = +2G (4), refresh; +1S = 2

NM (M): D: +1 (8)
Q: Ill Weather = +1T (2 / 4 Turns; despite this turn, I'm not sure about this one either...)
M: Stays in Mountains
B: Unholy Aura (3, with Corruption, Taint)

Comments: OK, now I may complain. I think the bad karma from the Monk landed on the Crusader. That's 6 dice rolled with a 60% chance of success on each one and only 2 successes. *sigh* Another Quest appears, and this one looks unlikely to be completed, despite the Monk's sudden combat prowess. The Rogue is happily racking up Powers—we'll need them for later.


RG (C): Move to Swamp (+1S); Attacked by Skeletons = -1G (1; Whoops! That's went backwards!)

MK (F): Attack (-1S) Dark Fog with Quivering Palm (2d) = Fail / LOSE TURN (Bad karma's back!)

CR (+): (no Event); Pray with Anointed (+1d) = +1G (4); S at max. (ARRRRGGGGH!)

SC (+): (no Event); Move to Forest (+1S = 3)

NM (M): D: +1 (9)
Q: Ill Weather = Time Expires – All characters -1G (Yikes!)
M: Village
B: Spies (2, with Zombies)

Comments: For Pete's Sake! Talk about a total reversal of fortune. The only person who didn't fail at something was the person who MOVED! The Rogue needs to use his Waystone to get to the Monastery and restore his Grace. The Crusader needs to learn how to Pray. The Monk...well, we're starting to wonder about him. And to top it off, everyone loses 1G due to the Quest expiring.


MK (F): Stand up (from losing turn)

SC (F): E: +1S = 4; Attack (-1S = 3) Dark Fog = Success

CR (+): (no Event); Pray with Anointed (+1d) = +1G (4); S at max. (*facepalm-facepalm-facepalm*)

RG (S): Use Waystone > Monastery (+1S = 6); (no Event); Pray = +2G (2)

NM (V): D: +1 (10 – All locations with no Blights now receive 2 during NM Blight placement)
M: Forest
B: Shroud + Confusion (Yuck.)

Comments: I cannot explain politely how I feel about taking 4 turns to regain 3G using 12d. At least the Scholar made a dent in something.


CR (+): (no Event); Pray with Anointed (+1d) = +3G (7); S at max. (THAT'S what I'm talking about!)

RG (S): (no Event); Pray = +1G (3); +1S = 7 (max.)

MK (F): Move to Monastery (+1S = 4)

SC (F): E: Exhaust Preparation, -1G = 2; Move to Monastery (+1S = 3)

NM (F): D: +1 (11)
M: Village
B: Skeletons (3, with Zombies and Spies)

Comments: Time to call a conference in the Monastery and regroup. Things are taking a bad turn now that we get 2 Blights on any open location. If we don't get a window of opportunity soon, Blights could really start taking off. FINALLY the Crusader evens out his dice-rolling probability on Praying. I didn't want a Waystone for the Rogue when I got it, but now I'm thankful for it!


MK (+): (no Event); Pray = +1G (3), refresh; +1S = 5

SC (+): (no Event); Pray = +1G (4), refresh; +1S = 4

RG (+): (no Event); Move to Mountains (S at max.)

CR (+): (no Event); Move to Mountains (S at max.)

NM (V): D: +1 (12)
M: Swamp
B: Curse (2, with Skeletons)

Comments: I have a plan...Let's send the Crusader to the Castle to search for Powers. With Providence, he has a reasonable chance of getting 2 on each turn. Also, he can take out the Blight easily since Counterspell is in effect there. The Rogue will try searching with Eavesdrop in the Mountains, as those Blights do not have an end-of-turn attack / effect and there are more valuable items there.


MK (+): (no Event); Move to Forest (S at max.)

SC (+): (no Event); Move to Forest (+1S = 5 / max.)

CR (M): E: -1S = 4 / +1D = 13!; Attack (-1S = 3) Unholy Aura w/ Wrath (-1G = 6, 4d) = FAIL (-1G)

RG (M): E: Quest – Dark Tower +1T (6T / 2P, Village!); Search w/ Eavesdrop (-1S = 5) = KEY #2!

NM (S): D: +1 (14)
Q: Dark Tower = +1T (2 / 6)
M: Ruins
B: Unholy Aura (2, with Vampire)

Comments: Having the NM head to the Ruins plays well into our plans, but having the Crusader fail his attack roll doesn't. Getting the second Key, though, makes our plan seem more within reach.
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