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Subject: AAR #2 Part 1 - Complete Session with Beta Test Kit rss

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* Rules Set (DN): Latest published rules from web site
* Rules Set (WAIL): Beta rules provided with test kit

* Knight (KN): Charge (Fight with 2d)
Sprint (Elude w/ 2d)
Oath of Purging (When activated, +2d when attacking Blight; +1G when fulfilled)
* Shaman (SH): Spirit Sight (At start of turn, take Map card; can be placed on Map deck at any time)
Balance (+1d for all Event rolls; when Hiding, can gain S up to default, not just 5)
Ancestral Power (Exhaust before any die roll, +2d to that roll)
* Druid (DR): Animal Companion (Fight with 2d; exhaust if you fail)
Camouflage (Elude with 2d)
Sprite Form (Deactivate all Forms, optionally activate;
ignore Blight effects except when NM present, but no G gain)
* Paragon (PG): Rebuke (Fight with 2d; can deactivate an Aura to add 3d)
Effusion (Gain 2G; can deactivate an Aura to give all heroes at your location 1G)
Steadfastness (+1 to default G; +1 on rolls to defend against Blights)

Comments: For our first test of WaIL, we employed the Rogue, Scholar, Crusader, and Monk. Therefore, we employed the Shaman and Paragon this time. We hoped to test (a) how well the Paragon can function in direct action with his limited G and S (assuming the circumstances work out to try this); (b) does the Spirit Sight power of the Shaman unbalance the game and if so, to what degree; and (c) whether or not the Paragon and Shaman essentially equivalent to the Prince and the Seer, respectively. Do they duplicate the role or powers of these base characters to the point where you wouldn't want to use them together?

* Mountains (M): Evil Presence
* Castle (C): Zombies
* Village (V): Evil Presence (wow, that one twice)
* Swamp (S): Shroud (Eewww...this one can be nasty if paired with stuff like Desecration.)
* Forest (F): Skeletons
* Ruins (R): Skeletons (hmmm, this one twice as well; I think this is a first—double duplicates.)
* Monastery (+): (N/A – included simply to indicate abbreviation)

Comments: Overall, this was a really good Blight draw in that none of the “monsters” are overly difficult to fight / elude if you end your turn at their location. While I dislike Shroud, it's not quite as bad having it appear in the Swamp compared to, say, the Village (which is the crossroads for movement) or the Castle (which is essential for characters with poor search ability to gain powers). Evil Presence isn't great, but at least it doesn't possess an end-of-turn effect. Notably, this is the first game where two different Blights are duplicated on the initial Blight draw. What is the probability for this given the size of the Map deck? Were the starting possibilities for Blights limited to prevent all Desecrations, Liches, and Vampires on Turn 1?


Event Phase skipped – Characters start in the Monastery, so no Event cards are drawn per Rule 4.1.

Paragon (PG): Stays to Pray (since default Grace is 3, have to Pray to reach new default of 4)

Shaman (SH): Start: Spirit Sight > take Map card; Move to Village (V) (S at max.)

Knight (KN): Activate Oath of Purging; Stays in Monastery (+), but S already at max.

Druid (DR): Activate Sprite Form; Stays in Monastery (+), but S already at max.

Necromancer (NM): Darkness Effect: +1 (1)
Movement (from C): Move to Village (V)
New Blight: Vampire (2nd Blight at this location, with Evil Presence)

Comments: Well, this is an interesting start. Everyone but the Shaman stays in the Monastery to either Pray or activate a power. Unfortunately, the NM proceeds to enter the Village right after the Shaman does. Oh, well, the Shaman was just passing through, and her S is high. Having Vampires in the Village, however, does not bode well since that makes travel around the board more hazardous.


N.B. – Going forward, moves will be abbreviated to show only important changes in game state. Notations about Events, Quests, and Blights may be shortened to show only the relevant effect on the characters.

SH (V): NM present (-1S = 6); E: Eluded Ghouls; Move to Swamp (no S gain, already at 6)

KN (+): Move to Forest; Blight = Defended successfully (both Charge and Sprint provide 2d)

PG (+): Move to Mountains (S at max.)

DR (+): Move to Mountains (S already at 6)

NM (C): D: +1 (2)
M: Swamp
B: DESECRATION! (2, with Shroud) (YIKES! We forgot about Spirit Sight!)

Comments: Well, THAT was interesting. Not only does the NM seem to be following the Shaman so far, but a Desecration is dropped in the one location that guarantees it cannot be removed right away. I guess we could have used the Map card from Spirit Sight, but we wouldn't have known that Desecration was going to be dropped in the Swamp. Since you must make the decision to use the available Map card BEFORE you turn over the next one on the top of the Map deck, this power seems to be less overwhelming than it seems at first glance. Now I think that it will be much more helpful with searches than with Blight drops. Either way, we have some bitter medicine to swallow right here at the beginning...


KN (F): E: -1S = 5; Move to Ruins (S at max.); Blight = Fail (-1G = 4)

SH (S): NM present (-1S = 5); E: Fight successful;
Attack Shroud (-1S = 4) with Ancestral Power (+2d on any roll) = Success (exhaust power)

DR (M): E: -1G = 4; Search = KEY #1

PG (M): E: Fight success; Search = Forgotten Shrine (G at max.) (darn...)

NM (V): D: +1 (3) + Desecration (4)
M: Castle (Good, leave the Shaman alone for a minute...)
B: Spirit Sight > Map Card = Evil Presence (2, with Zombies)

Comments: Some good and bad that turn. The Knight takes a hit, but the Shaman gets rid of the Shroud. If she can't get rid of the Desecration, then the Knight can come up and handle it, with or without the Oath. Our first Key shows up in the Mountains, and the Shaman uses her Map card to control the Blight drop this time. Evil Presence seems like a better combination with Zombies than what could drop, especially if we have any plans of using the Castle for searches.


SH (S): Start: Spirit Sight > Map card; E: Success / no effect; Attack Desecration (-1S = 3) = Success

KN (R): E: Dark Tempest = Canceled out (used 3 and 4);
Attack Skeletons (-1S = 4) with Charge + Oath of Purging (2d +2d) = Success (+1G = 5)

PG (M): E: Quest – Foul Waters (3T / 3P, Swamp); Search = Fail

DR(M): E: Fail (-1G = 3); Search = Treasure Chest > Vines (Exhaust to Fight or Elude with 4d)

NM (V): D: +1 (5)
Q: Foul Water = +1T (1 / 3 Turns)
M: Swamp
B: Taint

Comments: Well, that went about as well as we could have hoped! The Shaman removed the Desecration after only 1 turn of effect, the Knight removed the Skeletons from the Ruins, leaving an open location for retreat, and the Druid gained one of his most useful powers. Further, the Quest appears where the Shaman is already standing and the Quest yields a Key when Completed. Wow! The only downside is that the NM is after the Shaman again, so she'll have to move pretty soon or risk fighting the NM due to lack of Secrecy.


SH (S): NM present (-1S = 2); E: Panic (+1T Foul Water = 2 / 3T);
Completed Quest – Foul Water (-3G = 2) > KEY #2

KN (R): E: Quest, +1T – Nightmares (2T / 1P, Castle); Activate Oath of Purging

PG (M): E: Defend success; Search = KEY #3!

DR (M): E: Panic (Expires Nightmares, +1D = 6); Move to Village (S already at 6)
Blight = Sprite Form (no effects)

NM (V): D: +1 (7)
M: Stays in Swamp (with Shaman)
B: Spirit Sight > Map Card = Skeletons

Comments: The Keys seem to be falling onto our laps all at once this turn! Completing the Quest hurt the Shaman, especially with the NM on her tail, but it prevented a disaster—all characters exhaust all powers! The Druid will bring the other 2 Keys and meet the Shaman in the Ruins where there are no Blights. Once there, the Druid will acquire the Holy Relic, that way the Shaman isn't losing any more Secrecy.


SH (S): NM present (-1S = 1); Start: Spirit Sight > Map card;
E: Quest – Opportunists (3T / 1P, Ruins); Move to Ruins (+1S = 2)

DR (V): E: Fight with Vines (4d) = Fail (-1G = 2, exhaust); Move to Ruins (S already at 6);
Give all Keys (2 – Druid, 1 – Shaman) to Druid

KN (R): E: Fight with Charge (2d) = Success; Move to Forest (+1S = 5);
Blight = Fight / Elude Skeletons (both Charge and Sprint provide 2d)

PG (M): E: -1S = 4; Search = Fail

NM (C): D: +1 (8)
Q: Opportunists = +1T (1 / 3 Turns)
M: Move to Ruins (toward Shaman)
B: Spirit Sight > Map Card = Dark Fog

Comments: I didn't think we would be using the Map cards for Blight drops this often, but it really seems to be helping us steer things in a more helpful direction. Placing Dark Fog in the Ruins provides a non-monster location, and we need a few non-monster locations right now. After discussion, we decided to give the keys to the Knight and send him to the Forest, that way he could clear it out with the Oath and prepare the ground for an attack on the NM. The Druid will need to refresh Vines before he will be more effective at fighting compared to the Knight and the Paragon isn't in the neighborhood.
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