David Gregg
United States
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My latest design is pretty much done and I'm looking to spruce up the board art for demoing at local cons / pitching to publishers.

[Testing] WIP - Just in Time v.3 - Real time cooperative time travel

Current board design (18" x 18"):


City is caught in space-time vortex, being separated from reality. Players are working together to repair the timeline before time literally runs out.


Colored wooden discs are used to mark the circles on the board, representing which times each location is aligned as well as which locations are important to each time. Board spaces matching token color is imperative. Area top-left is a display of the current round's goal and will also contain tokens on each space.

Players have 2 meeples: 1 for where they are and 1 for when they are. Players simultaneously and in real-time play cards from their hands to take actions such as moving about time/place and manipulating the discs on the board. Actions can also be super-charged by placing cards directly on the location spaces, though the charging takes "time" to complete.


My current thought is that the background be something generic like trees or sky with no roads or pathways since this city has been separated from reality. The spaces themselves could be the various buildings / seasons or perhaps something like viewing the city through a scrying portal type deal.

The outer ring spaces represent the locations and the inner spaces are the times. Repeating again as it's critical to game play: the colors of the spaces must be clearly related to the wood discs as they represent each other during game-play. I know this limits what can be done with art and I'm open to ideas on how best to handle it.


I've never purchased art myself, so I'm not sure what to expect. I would rather pay an artist directly rather than have them wait on returns from a Kickstarter, etc. I'm also willing to have artist contact info on the board if they'd like rights to be that this be for prototype only; paying more later to have it removed should it be kept as the final art.

Would much appreciate any advice on how best to solicit this proposal and what cost I should expect to prepare for.
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Lawrence van der merwe
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On the payment thing, I'd say its better as an artist to get paid directly, or at least in increments before and after the project, also maby some returns on sales.. but that is for you and the artist to decide.
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Fabian Parente
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I'm Fabian Parente, an itinerant illustrator.
I offer solutions in character design, background design, Concept Art, illustration, mattepainting, ui, and more. I would love to work with you on your project. Please take a look at my portfolio for examples of my work:


If you have any queries, feel free to contact me.


Thank you!

Yours sincerely,
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