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Subject: Sanctuary 101 rss

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Chris Morgan
United States
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Welcome back to another installment of Deities 101. This week features the Sanctuary gods; those lords and ladies that survive the most blistering sieges only to strike back and finish off their foes who exhausted themselves on the Sanctuary deities’ ramparts.

When you look at the Sanctuary Faction as a whole you will notice more than any other faction the amount of benefits you receive for being in Conviction. That is no surprise. Restore is a huge mechanic in this game and being able to heal the wounds you suffered throughout a match is an advantage to have. It provides a two fold benefit: first it provides you that much needed sustain to weather the most brutal assaults and second it provides you multiple chances to play out cards that have hit your Discard stack. In a Conviction Sanctuary deck it is common for you to play Belisarius the Tactician multiple times in a game if you are able to Restore him back into your Life Stack. Losing Conviction however cuts the healing potential of Sanctuary cards nearly in half, reducing the amount of burst Restore you control. That doesn’t mean you couldn’t do a Convictionless deck with a Sanctuary Deity, it just means you need to be more cunning when you build your deck.

Now let us take a look at the three Sanctuary deities and see what we can make of them.

Strengths- Low Sanctuary requirement for decks, incredible Restore potential if you have Conviction.
Weaknesses- Active is fairly poor when you control the battlefield, loss of Conviction hampers his active, active only used in a defensive manner and provides no offensive support to your creatures.

Lord of the Sanctuary faction, Enlil provides many of the same benefits to your deck building as Mars for Aggression. With only a ten card requirement you have the potential for an extremely flexible and unknowable style of deck. You have an extremely diverse deck design at your fingertips with this god. If you manage to go with a Conviction style deck you gain an incredible amount of Restore potential. Each Restore effect gains plus one to its Restore; so Regenerate which has a four Restore and three Restore with Conviction nets you two additional Restore. It also means your blocking creatures provide two Restore each as well. This can lead to an incredible amount of healing to your Life Stack.

Strengths- Does not require Conviction to be effective, incredibly powerful and clutch when you utilize her active at the right moment, can provide a steady amount of defensive healing for your creatures with her passive,

Weaknesses- Passive and active cannot help when a creature takes lethal damage from a source, has zero access with her Deity power to utilize Renewal.

Chimalma is the deity to go to if you love decks with huge creatures. She provides massive support for all the high health creatures you have to add survivability to non-lethal blocks and can provide a clutch healing to wounded creatures on her side. Notable cards like Attila, Dust Devil or Beowulf’s Progeny can utilize her active to stay on the field longer to use their abilities. This provides a double benefit as well as those healed creatures will also inflict more damage to opposing Life Stacks. Once you obtain twenty five Sanctuary cards feel free to include all those large creatures that can take a hit and heal off Chimalma’s passive.

Strengths- With Conviction has an automatic Restore five active, instant access to Renewal, passive is fantastic in combination with an early Terracotta Warrior.

Weaknesses- Loss of Conviction makes Shennong pretty mediocre as far as abilities are concerned, requires Conviction to be properly utilized.

Shennong, my favorite Sanctuary god, because instant five Restore on command just makes me giddy. The sheer power of a tenth of your deck going back alongside with instant access to Renewal is just crazy to me and the power of being to utilize that at anytime is just fantastic. It pretty much just restricts Shennong to Conviction only; I had limited success using him as a non-Conviction god and found other deities could do the job way better. If you want to be the ultimate tank lord stick to staying in Conviction. You will not be disappointed if you do.

So go with Sanctuary if you want to out last your opponents and see them driven before your walls.

Here is an example deck, I used Chimalma before but switched to Shennong because he meshed better with the overall theme.

“Survive” Sanctuary Deck
3x Terracotta Warrior
2x Youthful Troll
1x Rubble
3x Caltrops
2x Unhinged Alchemist
3x Heal
2x Confiscation
2x Borderland Scout

2x Alchemist Cohort
2x Berserker Horde
2x Seasoned Architect
2x Golem Brigade
2x Legionary Fort
2x Regenerate
1x Waylay
2x Earthspring Rites
2x Consecrate
1x Stout Defense

1x Belisarius the Tactician
1x The Oracle
3x Palace Sphinx
2x Sanctuary Wyrm
2x Ishtar’s Harvest
1x The Parthenon
3x Divine Resurrection
1x Double Agent
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