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Subject: Some information on the KS characters rss

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Tristan Whitley
New Zealand
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The below is a summary of the extra characters in the KS based on comments from the Panda Cult Games team.

The best way to describe Gunnbjorn is he is a mix of a bard and a barbarian! He has the ability to throw melee weapons or hold two-handed weapons in one hand. He also has the ability grant allies close to him buffs with his battle chants!

Mary Fixit
This duo can either play as a magic based defender, or a melee-oriented spell caster. She gets to turn spells into melee attacks by infusing the spell into her golem. Punching grunts with giant fire fists is awesome!

Bebo and Hailey
Hailey and Bebo are on the same base. Familiars in the game are represented by a familiar token. There are a few treasure cards in the game that grant your heroes a familiar as well. A familiar item card takes up a spot in your inventory. When ever you take a move action so does your familiar. You can also choose to spend an action for your familiar to attack or use special abilities depending on the familiar.

Liz also has a familiar with her ability to summon an ink blot minion that can charge into enemies and blow up causing enemies to get knocked down.

Cola uses soda bombs to defeat enemies but also to buff allies. I took his ability Grape Strength which allows Cola to smash a grape soda bomb that gives all close allies +1 Attack for the round. It was really a fun experience to make the choices of should I go attack those archers or should I buff the party for my first action? Later I chose the ability Orange Spin which allowed me to spend 2 actions to hit all enemies close to me. I really enjoyed making Cola change from a range bomber to a melee orange spray typhoon.

Jon the Bard is truly a jack of trades character. His starting weapon is his lute that can be used as a melee weapon to bonk enemies on the head or as a ranged spell using his mighty power chord to knock enemies over. His starting abilities allow him to either grant bonuses to strength or defense to heroes in the same space as him. Later he gets abilities like Power Slide that allows him to slide two spaces and attack all enemies he slides past.

She is a adept alchemist who also has enough skill with a bow to make even Fynn impressed! She will boost your party and wreck your enemies from a distance with her potion-arrows.

Rayna's starting weapon is her pole arm that allows her to do a melee attack one space further away than other melee weapons. Her abilities allow her to take the roll of a tank or a very mobile damage machine. She can gain the ability Leap which allows her to jump freely 3 spaces ignoring terrain and enemies. She can also get the ability Harpoon which is a ranged attack that can pull an enemy into melee range.

King Ross
King Ross is a mixture of tank and a party booster. He can boosts the party defense for all heroes close to him with the ability Encourage. He can knock over enemies when rolling a CRIT on defense with the ability Sturdy Counter. He can also choose to be more of a loan wolf...err lion with his pride ability granting him a bonus to defense when in a space not occupied by friendly heroes.

Eileen is known as the hunter of hunters. She is quick with the attack and ferocious with her dodge. Eileen gets bonuses to attack against flanked enemies (flanked means when an enemy has 2 adjacent spaces occupies by heroes). She is great at getting in for the attack and dodging out of the way for another. When ever Eileen successfully rolls a dodge she deals 1 auto wound to a close enemy. She is a master with all kinds of weapons. She does not need to spend an action to swap a readied weapon. She may attack with her daggers for one action and then swap to a bow and attack at ranged for another. At higher levels she starts gaining shadow magic. Eileen may use shadow step that teleports her to melee range of an enemy in line of sight and gets a free attack action.
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Logan Johnston
United States
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Additional descriptions on the base game Wanderers can be found in the original Wander miniature line Kickstarter .
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