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Subject: AAR #3 Part 2 - Complete Session with Beta Test Kit rss

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PG (C): E: Quest (+1T = 2); Search = Supply Cache > Effusion

RG (+): E: (none); Pray (2d) = +1G = 2; S max.

MK (M): NM present (-1S = 2); E: Fight w/ Patience (3d) = Fail (-1G = 1)
Attack Corruption (-1S = 1) w/ Patience (3d) = Fail (exhaust ALL powers!) (YIKES!)

AC (+): E: (none); Move > Forest (S max.); B: Fight w/ Final Rest (2d) = Success

NM (M): D: +1 = 8
Q: +1T = 3 / 4 Turns (Collaborators)
M: Stays in Mountains
B: Confusion (2, w/ Corruption)

Comments: The Paragon is getting well-stocked with powers at least (not like his last game). I cannot believe the Monk. Both times we have played him, he has had the worst karma—it's eerie. We're not going to make it to the Quest.


AC (F): E: Fight w/ Final Rest (2d) = Fail, rolled a 1 (-2G = 1) (Aw, not AGAIN?!)
Move > Ruins (S max.); B: Spies (-1S = 6), Lich (used Dark Veil)

RG (+): E: (none); Pray (2d) = +2G = 4; S max.

PG (C): E: Fight w/ Rebuke (2d) = Fail, exhaust Infallibility > Success; Effusion > +2G = 3

MK (M): NM present (-1S = 0), Elude NM = Fail (-1G = 0); Move > Monastery (+1S = 1);
Give KEY to Rogue (now has all both)

NM (M): D: +1 = 9
Q: Collaborators Expired – All characters draw and Event card
AC: Dark Tempest (+1S = 7, Move > Monastery) (Wow, that was lucky!)
MK: Fight w/ Patience (3d) = Success
PG: Quest +1T – Dark Seed (5T / 1P, Mountains)
RG: +1T Dark Seed (2 / 5 Turns)
M: Village
B: Spies (3, with Curse, Unholy Aura)

Comments: I cannot believe how bad the Acolyte has been doing. It seems like having Grace up to maximum is anathema for him. The Monk isn't doing much better. The Quest wasn't going to be doable unless the Acolyte received some good luck. He didn't, but he did get back to the Monastery for free. The Rogue now has all the Keys, so we can start to prepare a location from which to attack the NM later. So far, the Mountains or the Castle seem likely locations.


PG (C): E: Close Call (-1G = 2); Search = Success > Bottled Magic

RG (+): E: (none); Move > Mountains (S max.); B: no effect

MK (+): E: (none); Pray (2d) = +2G = 2, refresh; +1S = 2

AC (+): (no Event); Pray (2d) = +2G = 3, refresh; S max.

NM (V): D: +1 = 10 (NM now drops 2 Blights in any open location)
Q: +1T = 3 / 5 Turns (Dark Seed)
M: Stays in Village
B: Vampire (4, with Curse, Spies, and Unholy Aura)

Comments: Time to regroup and heal up. The Rogue will try to complete Dark Seed and also retrieve a Holy Relic. The Bottled Magic found by the Paragon could really help against the NM.


RG (M): E: Ritual (-1G = 3, -1S = 6)
Search w/ Eavesdrop (-1S = 5, 2d) = Success, Quest complete > -1 Darkness = 9;
B: no effect

MK (+): E: (none); Pray (2d) = +2G = 4, refresh; +1S = 3

AC (+): (no Event); Move > Mountains (S max.); B: no effect

PG (C): E: Desperate Bargain – Destroy Vampire (V), -2G = 0; Effusion > +2G = 2

NM (V): D: +1 = 10 (NM now drops 2 Blights in any open location)
M: Forest
B: Dark Fog (2, with Shades)

Comments: Completing the Quest was helpful, as it backed off the Darkness level. Losing 2G to destroy the Vampire in the Village was not exactly the choice I wanted, but it seemed like a better use of a free “kill” than spending multiple turns fighting the Vampire later.


RG (M): E: Vile Messenger – Fight w/ Ambush (-1S = 5, 3d) = Success
Search w/ Eavesdrop (-1S = 4, 2d) = Success > Supply Cache > Shadow Cloak
B: no effect

AC (M): E: Demon – Elude = Fail (-1S = 6); Move > Castle (S max.)

PG (C): E: Cultist – Fight w/ Rebuke (2d) = Fail; use Bottled Magic = Success, -1 Darkness = 9
Search = Success > T. Chest (to Acolyte) > Death Mask

MK (+): (no Event); Move > Mountains (+1S = 4); B: no effect

NM (F): D: +1 = 10 (NM now drops 2 Blights in any open location)
M: Stays in Forest
B: Unholy Aura (3 with Shades, Dark Fog)

Comments: Wow, the Paragon is a searching machine, and he's giving the Chests to those who need them most. I hate it that he had to use the Bottled Magic to gain back a Darkness, but it will be worth it in the long run.


RG (M): E: Upheaval – Confusion, Corruption > Shades, Shroud
Search w/ Eavesdrop (-1S = 3, 2d) = Success > T. Chest (to Monk) > Harness Chi
B: Elude w/ Skulk (2d +1 high) + Shadow Cloak (+1d) = Success

MK (M): E: Tracker – Fight (1d) = Success (-1S = 3)
Search w/ Clarity (+1 high) = Success > T. Chest > Quiet; B: Fight (1d) = Success

AC (C): E: Fight = Success; Search = Success > Forgotten Shrine (+2G = 5) (Nice change!)

PG (C): E: Dark Scrying (-1S = 4); Search = Success > KEY #3!

NM (F): D: +1 = 11
M: Stays in Forest
B: Confusion (4, with Shades, Dark Fog, Unholy Aura)

Comments: Ha-HA! The third Key appears at last! Time to get everyone together for a NM-tackling party. Four Blights in the Forest is begging for problems in the Monastery, so we'll have to get the NM out of there. Harness Chi was a real find for the Monk, as he now “charges up” when he loses Grace, and Quiet gives him more combat options. Shadow Cloak is a real bonus for the Rogue as well. I'd say searches went well!


PG (C): E: Fight w/ Rebuke (2d) = Fail (-1G = 1); Hide (+1S = 5, refresh)

MK (M): E: Anathema (-1G = 3, Harness Chi activated)
Attack Shroud (-1S = 2) w/ Harness Chi (exhaust) + Patience (3d +1 high) = Success
B: Fight w/ Patience (3d) = Fail (-1G = 2)

AC (C): E: Fight w/ Final Rest (3d) = Success; Get Key from PG, Move > Mountains (+1S = max.)
B: Fight (1d) = Success

RG (M): (somehow the Rogue was skipped this turn, and the Paragon took a second turn;
this allowed him to gain +2G with Effusion on accident)

NM (F): D: +1 = 12
M: Village
B: Curse #2 (4, w/ Curse #1, Spies, Unholy Aura)

Comments: Oops—I don't know how we missed this, but it sure hurt our plan in the long run! At least we had some good searches to help the Monk. We're gonna need his help soon!


RG (M): E: Elude w/ Vanish + Shadow Cloak (3d) = Success x2 (+1S = 4)
Get all Keys and Retrieve Holy Relic; B: Elude w/ Skulk + S.C. (3d +1 high) = Success

PG (C): E: Elude = Fail (-1S = 4); Move > Mountains (+1S = 5)
B: Fight w/ Rebuke (2d) + Steadfastness (+1d vs. Blights) = Success

AC (M): E: Elude (1d) = Success; Get Holy Relic from Rogue (-1S = 6); Search = Fail
B: Fight (1d) = Success

MK (M): E: Unfriendly Eyes (-1S = 1); Move > Castle (+1S = 2)

NM (V): D: +1 = 13
M: Castle (to Monk)
B: Zombies + Vampire (Yuck! Another Vampire.)

Comments: Well, we hated to have a double-drop in the Castle, but we couldn't leave the NM in the Forest or we'd have Blights in the Monastery. We have a Holy Relic ready, so it's time to get our “A” game going!
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