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Subject: AAR #3 Part 3 - Complete Session with Beta Test Kit rss

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PG (M): E: Fearful Demon – Fight w/ Rebuke (2d) = Success
Activate Aura of Fortitude > Shades; B: no effect (AoF)

RG (M): E: Latent Spell (-1S = 3, -1G = 2, no effect)
Search w/ Eavesdrop (-1S = 2, 2d) = Success > KEY #4; B: no effect (AoF)

AC (M): Possess Holy Relic (-1S = 5); E: Desp. Bargain (-2G = 3, Power > Blinding Black)
Search = Success > KEY #5; B: no effect (AoF)

MK (C): NM present (forgot to drop S); E: Quest – Angry Guardian (4T / 1P, Village)
Move > Mountains (+1S = 3); B: no effect (AoF)

NM (C): D: +1 = 14
Q: +1T = 1 / 4 Turns (Angry Guardian)
M: Mountains (to Rogue)
B: Lich (2, with Shades)

Comments: We activated the Aura just in time, as a Lich pops up on the Blight drop. With all these additional Keys popping up, it almost sounds good to go for a Holy Ritual, but too many locations are overrun. However, we can use a Key to satisfy the Angry Guardian...


AC (M): NM present (no S loss – Death Mask); Holy Relic (-1S = 4); E: Dark Scrying (-2S = 2)
Attack Lich (no S loss) w/ Final Rest (3d) + Relic (+1 high) = Success; B: no effect (AoF)

RG (M): NM present (-1S = 1); E: Elude w/ Skulk + S.C. (3d +1 high) = Fail (-1G = 0)
Move > Monastery (+1S = 2)

MK (M): NM present (-1S = 2); E: Evil Day – Exhaust Quiet
Search w/ Clarity (+1 high) = Success > T. Chest > Focus Chi; B: no effect (AoF)

PG (M): NM present (-1S = 4); E: Quest +1T (2 / 4 Turns)
Search = Success > T. Chest > Sanctity; B: no effect (AoF)

NM (M): D: +1 = 15
Q: +1T = 3 / 4 Turns (Angry Guardian)
M: Village
B: Curse (5, w/ Curse #1 and 2, Spies, Unholy Aura) > Monastery

Comments: Here it goes—the Monastery takes its first Blight. The Rogue had to get out of there; with no Secrecy left, he couldn't do anything but elude. The Monk is making himself into a Chi powerhouse.


RG (+): (no Event); Pray (2d) = +2G = 2; +1S = 3

MK (M): E: Fight w/ Patience (3d) = Success
Search w/ Clarity (+1 high) = Success > T. Chest (to Paragon) > Aura of Alertness
B: no effect (AoF)

PG (M): E: Fight w/ Rebuke (2d) = Success; Activate Aura of Alertness (all heroes +1d Elude here)
B: no effect (AoF)

AC (M): Holy Relic (-1S = 1); E: Upheaval – Shades > Corruption (AoF deactivated?)
Attack Corruption (-1S = 0) with Final Rest (3d) = Success

NM (V): D: +1 = 16
Q: +1T = 3 / 4 Turns (Angry Guardian)
M: Mountains (exhaust Blinding Black > Forest)
B: Corruption (4 already present > Monastery, w/ Curse)

Comments: We need some decisive action soon, as the Monastery is getting overrun. Aura of Alertness will help with Monster Blights in the Mountains, but I may need to deactivate that for the Rebuke bonus dice.


MK (M): E: Unfriendly Eyes (-1S = already 0); Hide (+1S = 1, refresh)

AC (M): Holy Relic (-1S = 0); E: Quest +1T – Zombie Horde (4T / 3P, Forest); Hide (+1S = 1, refresh)

PG (M): E: Close Call – no effect; Search = Fail

RG (+) E: (none); Move > Mountains (+1S = 4)

NM (F): D: +1 = 17
Q: Angry Guardian – Expired; Monk loses turn
Q: +1T = 2 / 4 Turns (Zombie Horde)
M: Exhausted Blinding Black > Ruins
B: Taint (4, w/ Lich, Spies, Evil Presence)

Comments: If we could work out the timing of a NM attack so that the Monk is on an odd-numbered Darkness for Patience to work better, we may have a real chance. As it is, we keep sending him away so that we can get ourselves buffed for the attack. This is not looking good if we don't attack him soon...


MK (M): Lost turn – stand upright

AC (M): Holy Relic (-1S = 0); E: Fight w/ Final Rest + Relic (3d +1 high) = Fail (-1G = 2)
Search = Success > Supply Cache > False Orders

RG (M) E: Tracker – Elude w/ Skulk + S.C. (3d +1 high) = Fail (-2S = 2) (With 3d +1?! *Sigh*)
Hide (+1S = 3, refresh)

PG (M): E: Elude = Fail (-1G = 2); Effusion + deact. Aura of Alertness > +2G = 4
MK +1G (3), AC +1G (3), RG +1G (3)

NM (R): D: +1 = 18
Q: +1T = 3 / 4 Turns (Zombie Horde)
M: Village
B: Shroud (4 already present > Monastery, w/ Curse, Corruption)

Comments: OK, we have to get this happening or the Monastery is going to end the game. False Order will allow us to move both Blights to the Castle, thereby bypassing the NM's cover. Deactivating the Aura was bad timing, but we needed the Grace buff. Hopefully, we can get everything set up again.
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