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Subject: AAR #4 Part 1 - Complete Session with Beta Test Kit rss

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* Rules Set (DN): Latest published rules from web site
* Rules Set (WAIL): Beta rules provided with test kit; “Pall of Suffering” rule not included


* Crusader (CR): Wrath (Spend 1G to Attack with 4d)
Providence (Spend 1G to Search with 2d; keep 2 Map cards if 2 successes)
Anointed (+1 to default G; +1d when Praying)

* Wizard (WZ): Lightning Strike (Fight with 3d; exhaust if you succeed)
Invisibility (When active, +2d when eluding. Deactivate + exhaust
if you fail a combat or use another Tactic.)
Rune of Nullification (Deactivate all Runes; activate and choose type of Blight;
Active = that type of Blight has no effect)

* Seer (SR): Premonition (Elude with 3d; exhaust if you roll less than 2 successes)
Prediction (Roll 2d and add to card; may use all dice on card instead of any roll)
Dowse (Exhaust to draw one search result for your location without rolling dice)

* Monk (MK): Chi Burst (Exhaust to use Chi Powers)
Quiet (Elude w/ 2d; Chi Tactic = Elude w/ 5d, +1S if you roll a 6)
Clarity (+1 to highest die when Searching;
Chi Bonus = use after Search to select result from other location)

Comments: My counterpart thought that we should use the Crusader as printed to really see if it “broke” the game, as I had commented about the emails which stated that the Crusader's powers were too good. He also wanted to play the Monk again. Since I had only played with the Wizard once, we decided to try this character. Lastly, we decided to try to win with 3 Relics, so good search results would be important. Therefore, we decided on the Seer, as she had Dowse which could help with obtaining keys regularly.


* Mountains (M): Evil Presence
* Castle (C): Skeletons
* Village (V): Dark Fog
* Swamp (S): Shroud
* Forest (F): Vampire (Yuck...)
* Ruins (R): Unholy Aura
* Monastery (+): (N/A – included simply to indicate abbreviation)

Comments: We would have preferred not to have a Vampire in the Forest, as that was going to be our preferred path to the Ruins. Even so, this isn't a terrible draw for starting Blights. At least we don't have to defend against Blights in almost every space.

Ruins (R): Without a Trace (5T / 1P)

Comments: We decided to start with one Quest on the board per the email discussions. At the same time, we decided to skip the “Pall of Suffering”, as we wanted to focus on evaluating character powers.


Start Phase skipped – Nothing happened yet which would affect another character during the Start Phase.
Event Phase skipped – Characters start in the Monastery, so no Event cards are drawn.

Crusader (CR): Pray w/ Anointed (3d) = +1G = 7 (new default due to Anointed); +1S = 5

Seer (SR): Move to Village (V) (+1S = max.); Blight: (no effect)

Wizard (WZ): Move to Village (V) (+1S = max.); Blight: (no effect)

Monk (MK): Move to Village (V) (+1S = max.); Blight: (no effect)

Necromancer (NM): Darkness (+ any Effects): +1 = 1
Quest Countdown: +1T = 1 / 5 Turns
Movement (from C): Village
New Blight Spawned: Zombies (2nd Blight at this location, with Dark Fog)

Comments: With the exception of 1-2 games, the Necromancer has always moved to the Village on Turn 1. This feels awfully predictable. Even so, we had to move through the Village to get to the Ruins, or we would face defending against the Vampire. Always choose the lesser of two evils (sorry, I couldn't resist).


N.B. – Going forward, moves will be abbreviated to show only important changes in game state. Notations about Events, Quests, and Blights may be shortened to show only the relevant effect on the characters.

CR (+): Move to Mountains (M) (+1S = max.);
B: (no effect)

WZ (V): NM present (-1S = 4); E: Horde (S) - Elude = Fail (-1G = 2); Move > R (+1S = 5); B: (n/e)

MK (V): NM present (-1S = 5);
E: Guarded Trove – Elude w/ Chi Burst + Quiet (5d) = Success > Search = KEY #1 (Hey!)
Move > C (+1S = max.); B: Skeletons – Elude w/ Quiet (2d) = Fail (-1G = 3)

SR (V): NM present (-1S = 5); E: Patrols (Archer) – Elude w/ Premonition (3d) = Success
Move > R (+1S = max.); B: (n/e)

NM (V): D: +1 = 2
Q: +1T = 2 / 5 Turns
M: C
B: Spies (2, with Skeletons)

Comments: We weren't sure about activating the Wizard's Invisibility power during an Event, so we opted not to do so. In retrospect, however, it is a Tactic, so I think we could have done so.


SR (R): E: Midnight (+1 Darkness = 3); Dowse > KEY #2; B: (n/e)

WZ (R): E: Urgent Plea (Q+1T) – Secret Convoy (3T / 1P, Ruins, +1T = 1 / 3 Turns);
Attempt “Secret Convoy” Quest w/ Invisibility (3d) = Success (Artifact > Hymnal);
B: (n/e)

CR (M): E: Close Call = -1G = 6; Search w/ Providence (2d) (-1G = 5) = Fail; B: (n/e)

MK (C): NM present (-1S = 4); E: Dead Servant – Elude w/ Quiet (2d) = Success;
Move > S (+1S = 5); B: (n/e)

NM (C): D: +1 = 4
Q: +1T = 3 / 5 Turns (Without a Trace)
M: Stays in C
B: Unholy Aura (3, with Spies, Skeletons)

QUESTION: Wizard / Invisibility – While discussing this power, we started to wonder. If we would have failed to complete the Quest (Elude vs. 6), would this have constituted “failing a combat roll” or is this considered something different? This would affect whether or not Invisibility is exhausted, and since this could come up again, we weren't sure what we should consider a “combat roll” vs. some other type of roll.


CR (M): E: Dark Tempest = -1G = 4; Attack Evil Presence (-1S = 4) (1d) = Success; B: (none)

WZ (R): E: Latent Spell (-1S = 4) – Discard;
Attempt “Without a Trace” Quest w/ Invisibility (3d) = Success – Epiphany > Divination
B: (n/e)

SR (R): E: Panic (Q+1T) – Collaborators (4T / 1P, Castle, +1T = 1 / 4 Turns);
Prediction (rolled 1, 5); B: (n/e)

MK (S): E: Black Banner – Elude w/ Quiet (2d) = Success
Search w/ Clarity (+1 to highest die) = Success – Epiphany > Focus Chi
B: (n/e)

NM (C): D: +1 = 5
Q: +1T = 2 / 4 Turns (Collaborators)
M: M
B: Shades

Comments: Both the Wizard and the Monk gained powers from Epiphany this turn—highly unusual, but helpful. We have a good roll on the Seer's Prediction card, so that's helpful as well. And we have 2 Keys already. Not bad for Turn 4. Why am I convinced this can't last...
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