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Subject: AAR #1 Part 1 - Complete Session with Beta Test Kit rss

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* Rules Set (DN): Latest published rules from web site
* Rules Set (OSW): Beta rules provided with test kit
(WAIL rules omitted on this test session, but non-Quest Events and Map cards used)


* Ranger (RN): Poison Arrow (Fight w/ 3d; if highest die = target number, succeed and fail roll)
Race the Hare (Elude w/ 2d; On a 6, you must move to an adjacent location)
Pathfinding (Exhaust to move self and any heroes at your location to one adjacent location; each hero gains +1S up to 5)

* Scout (SC): Treasure Maps (Activate in your location then search; all heroes +1d when searching)
Speed (Elude with 1d and +1 to highest die; exhaust after rolling for +2 instead)
Blind Spots (Hide; Raise the S of one hero at your location to your current S)

* Wind Dncr (WD): Gale (Roll 1 wind die then fight with 1d)
Wind Dance (Clear card, then roll 3d, place on card; can use when rolling wind dice)
Slipstream (Roll 1 wind die then travel)

* Knight (KN): Charge (Fight with 2d)
Sprint (Elude w/ 2d)
Hard Ride (May travel 2 spaces, but gain no S)

Comments: Since we couldn't get our group together as early as we preferred, we had the benefit of reading the initial comments and feedback from other testers. Based on these comments, we wanted to test several items to see if our group obtained the same results, these items being (a) if Poison Arrow was overpowered, (b) if Treasure Maps made searching TOO productive, (c) if the Wind Dancer seemed confusing to use, and (d) was a second combat-heavy character needed to balance out the Scout and Wind Dancer. To have a better idea of what the new Artifact were like, we only used the new ones from OSW. All others were omitted. In addition, we didn't want too much complication, so we omitted Quests. However, since the Event and Map cards (respectively) from DN and WAIL were already mixed together, we left the Map deck as-is and only removed Quest cards from the Events deck.


* Mountains (M): Shades
* Castle (C): Dark Fog (here we go again...always a Dark Fog in the Castle. What are the odds?!)
* Village (V): Zombies
* Swamp (S): Curse
* Forest (F): DESECRATION! (Wow, that came out early!)
* Ruins (R): Spies
* Monastery (+): (No Blight – included simply to indicate abbreviation)

Comments: The Blight draw was interesting for two reasons. First, we ALMOST ALWAYS seem to end up with a Dark Fog in the Castle, thereby rendering the most efficient search location not-so-efficient. Second, we were surprised but pleased that Desecration came out at the beginning and in the Forest, right next to us. Not only does this lower the chances of it popping up later, but it will be easy to reach and not protected by a Shroud or other nasty Blight.


Start Phase skipped – Nothing happened yet which would affect another character during the Start Phase.

Ranger (RN): Immediately move everyone to F with Pathfinding

Knight (KN): Event: (no effect on character)
Fight Desecration (-1S = 4) w/ Charge (2d) = Success

Scout (SC): Event: (no effect on character)
Search = T. Chest > Escape Routes (+1d when Eluding; hide = S up to default)

Wind Dancer (WD): Event: Dark Tempest – Lose -1G (3)

Necromancer (NM): Darkness Effect: +1 (1)
Movement (from C): Village
New Blight: Zombies (2nd Zombies Blight at this location)

Comments: Well, the Ranger has already earned his pay for the week! Helping the Knight to take out the Desecration before it can have any effect was a huge bonus. The Scout is already off to a whiz-bang start also, as combining Speed and Escape Routes makes him excellent at Eluding. The Wind Dancer gets a bad start and without much Grace, this could be a tough game.


N.B. – Going forward, moves will be abbreviated to show only important changes in game state. Notations about Events, Quests, and Blights may be shortened to show only the relevant effect on the characters.

SC (F): E: -1S (6); Treasure Maps > Search = T. Chest > (give to Knight)

RN (F): E: Guarded Trove – Fight w/ Poison Arrow = Fail, -1G (4); Search = Fail

KN (F): E: Blink > Village; T. Chest > Oath of Vengeance (+1 to highest die against NM)
Move > Ruins; Spies = -1S (4)

WD (+): E: Midnight, +1D (2)
Search = KEY #1

NM (V): D: +1 (3)
M: Ruins (w/ KN)
B: Revenant (2, with Spies)

Comments: Hmmm...the Scout gets another Search success which, in turn, provides the Knight with a better chance of fighting the NM. In addition, the Wind Dancer gets our first Key. This is shaping up to be a “kill the NM” game right now. As the Ranger, I manage to fail both rolls. Dice hate me.


RN (F): E: Unfriendly Eyes, -1S (6); Move > Village (S max.)
Elude Zombies (x2) w/ Race the Hare = Success, Success (no 6 rolled)

SC (F): E: Demon Eluded; Hide + Refresh (+1S = 7)

KN (R): NM present (-1S = 4); E: (no effect); Travel w/ Hard Ride (no S gained) > Castle

WD (F): E: Watchers Eluded; Charge Wind Dance > 4, 3, 2

NM (R): D: +1 (4)
M: Stay in Ruins
B: Skeleton (3, with Spies, Revenant)

Comments: I think we're going to split up a bit and try to tackle a few things. The Knight will try to clear the Dark Fog for future searches. The Scout will use Maps again in the Forest to assist the Wind Dancer in finding Keys. The Ranger will move to the Castle with the Knight for the moment.


RN (V): E: Lich, -1G (3); Search = T. Chest > Track (Exhaust to travel then search)
Elude Zombies w/ Race the Hare = Success w/ 6 > Move to Castle (HANDY!)

KN (C): E: Eluded Mummy; Fight Dark Fog (-1S = 3) w/ Charge = Success

SC (F): E: Forbidden Treasure – Charm, -1G (3)
Treasure Maps > Search = Supply Cache > Trailblazer

WD (F): E: Fearful Demon Fought w/ Gale = Success; Search = Fail

NM (R): D: +1 (5)
M: Swamp
B: DECAY (2, with Curse)

Comments: The Ranger caught a break, not only getting Track but also moving to the Castle essentially for free. The Knight removed the Dark Fog, paving the way for better searches there, and the Scout found Trailblazer which could really help later.


RN (C): E: Dark Scrying, -2S (4); Search = Fail (sheesh...)

KN (C): E: Wisps = -1S (2); Search = Supply Cache > Consecrated Blade (+1d in Fights)

SC (F): E: Mind Leech Eluded; Search = S. C. > Probe Defenses (Blights -1 Might at location)

WD (F): E: Vile Messenger – Success; Move > Swamp (S max., -1G offset by Slipstream)

NM (S): D: +1 (6)
M: Castle
B: Evil Presence

Comments: Well, the Ranger (me) has bad luck again—what a shock. Both the Knight and the Scout get really good powers, with the Knight now fighting at 3d with no caveats!


WD (F): E: Dead Servant, -1S (4); Fight Curse = Fail (-1G = 2, -1S = 3) (Oops...)

SC (F): E: S Horde Eluded; Move > Ruins (S max.); Probe Defenses
Spies (-1S = 6), Eluded Revenant, Skeletons

RN (C): NM present (-1S = 3); E: L Horde = Fail, -1G = 2
Track > Move to Village, Search > T. Chest (cannot open due to Decay in Swamp)
Elude Zombies (x2) w/ Race the Hare = Success, Success (no 6 rolled)

KN (C): NM present (-1S = 1); E: Barghest Fought = Success
Travel w/ Hard Ride (no S gained) > Ruins + Trailblazer
Attack (-1S = 0) Spies with Charge+Consecrated Blade (3d) = Success
Fight Revenant, Skeletons = Success x2

NM (C): D: +1 (7)
M: Village
B: Zombies (3, with Zombies and MORE Zombies—YUCK!)

Comments: The Wind Dancer had another bad day and lost more Grace. The Scout set up the Knight nicely with Probe Defenses, thereby removing the Spies. Before long, someone needs to take out Decay, as we now have the Ranger carrying an unopened Treasure Chest.
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