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Subject: AAR #2 Part 1 - Complete Session with Beta Test Kit rss

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* Rules Set (DN): Rules included with purchased game
* Rules Set (OSW): Beta rules provided with test kit
(WAIL rules omitted, but non-Quest Events and Map cards used)


* Rogue (RG): Ambush (Spend 1S to fight with 3d)
Vanish (Elude w/ 2d; Gain +1S on 2 successes)
Eavesdrop (Spend 1S to search w/ 2d)

* Scout (SC): Treasure Maps (Activate in your location then search; all heroes +1d when searching)
Speed (Elude with 1d and +1 to highest die; exhaust after rolling for +2 instead)
Blind Spots (Hide; Raise the S of one hero at your location to your current S)

* Wayfarer (WF): Guiding Star (If inactive at start of turn, activate in location other than Monastery;
Deactivate after you search successfully in that location to gain bonus Chest)
From the Blue (Activate after traveling; deactivate before fight roll for +2d)
Thither and Yon (Ignore Blights' effects for the rest of your turn; refresh; travel)

* Druid (DR): Sprite Form (Ignore Blights' effects unless NM present; cannot gain Grace)
Camouflage (Elude with 2d)
Animal Companion (Fight w/ 2d; Exhaust if you fail)

Comments: After our last session, we decided to test some of the assumptions and conclusions we had formed about the Scout's powers. In particular, we were worried that putting the Scout and the Rogue together would be too powerful, as Treasure Maps would further enhance the searching ability of the Rogue beyond Eavesdrop and Blind Spots would allow the Rogue to regain Secrecy too easily. Since the Rogue relies on Secrecy as a “currency” for using several of his powers, this would enormously enhance his powers. Since we also needed another “fighting” character (or at least one that had fighting bonuses) to balance out the Scout, we chose the Druid, as we had used the Knight very effectively last time and wanted more variety. As in the last OSW session, we only used the new Artifacts, removing all others from the game.


* Mountains (M): DESECRATION! (Uh-oh, here we go again...)
* Castle (C): Evil Presence (Well, at least it wasn't Dark Fog for the umpteenth time...)
* Village (V): Taint (Hmm...this could be a problem)
* Swamp (S): Lich
* Forest (F): Corruption
* Ruins (R): Unholy Aura (We may have to battle this early if we take a Key-heavy strategy again)
* Monastery (+): (No Blight – included simply to indicate abbreviation)

Comments: This wasn't too bad, but it did seem a bit exasperating. In roughly half the games we have played through all the testing, we seem to start with Desecration on the map. In the last game, it showed up in the Forest. The good aspect is that we can get rid of it right away and that Map card won't bother us again for a while. To our relief, we didn't end up with a Dark Fog in the Castle, as we really wanted to do some searching right off the bat to pump up our characters. The Taint in the Village could be a problem, however, as that will limit our ability to get around the board quickly—except for the Wayfarer. The Unholy Aura in the Ruins may preclude a Holy Ritual strategy until we can remove that rapidly.


Start Phase skipped – Nothing happened yet which would affect another character during the Start Phase.

Rogue (RG): Move to Mountains (S at max. for traveling); Desecration has no end-of-turn effect

Scout (SC): Move to Mountains (S at max. for traveling); Desecration has no end-of-turn effect

Druid (DR): Move to Mountains (S at max. for traveling); Desecration has no end-of-turn effect

Wayfarer (WF): Move to Village (S at max for traveling); Activate Guiding Star > Forest

Necromancer (NM): Darkness Effect: +1 (1), +1 for DESECRATION (2)
Movement (from C): Village (Well, that was predictable.)
New Blight: Curse (2nd Blight at this location, with Taint)

Comments: We didn't do anything wrong, but we're already in a hole. We lost one turn of Darkness, but we knew that was going to happen. More importantly, though, the NM move to the Village (which he almost always does in our games), leaving us with both a Curse and Taint—a really bad combination for Heroes with low Grace! For the time being, the Wayfarer may be the only Hero to be safe in that location.


N.B. – Going forward, moves will be abbreviated to show only important changes in game state. Notations about Events, Quests, and Blights may be shortened to show only the relevant effect on the characters.

SC (M): E: Upheaval – Desecration replaced with Unholy Aura (THAT'S a shock!)
Activate Treasure Maps (+1d) + Search > Fail

DR (M): E: Ritual (-1G = 4, -1S = 5)
Search > Fail (Wow, no lovin' for us right now.)

RG (M): E: Patrols (Archer) – Eluded x2 w/ Vanish (S at max.)
Search w/ Eavesdrop (2d +1 for T.M., -1S = 6), > Artifact > Chalice of Life (Wow! Handy!)

WF (V): NM present (-1S = 4); E: Vile Messenger (+1 Darkness = 3) (YUCK!)
Move > Forest (+1S = 5)

NM (V): D: +1 (4) (This is gonna get nasty really quick...)
M: Mountains (w/ Scout, Druid and Rogue) (Aw, man...)
B: Lich (2, with Unholy Aura) (OK, that was uncalled for.)

Comments: We failed two searches, but acquired an Artifact (a good one), which balances out. Our Darkness is already at 4 (bad), the NM moved to where 3 Heroes are (worse), and a Lich appears in that location next to an Unholy Aura (-1d when fighting). Yikes—I think we may be in trouble already!


SC (M): NM (-1S = 6); E: Dark Champion (Ghoul) – Elude w/ Speed (1d +1h) > Fail (-1G = 3)
Move > Castle (S max. for traveling)

DR (M): NM (-1S = 4); E: Horde (Small) – Eluded w/ Camouflage (2d)
Move > Castle (+1S = 5)

RG (M): Chalice – no G gain; NM (-1S = 5); E: Dead Servant (Scout) – Eluded w/ Vanish (2d)
Move > Castle (S max. for traveling)

WF (F): E: Demon (Fearful) – Fail (-2S = 3)
Search > Fail

NM (M): D: +1D (5)
M: Village (This looks to be our Blight accumulator location as usual...)
B: Spies (3, with Taint + Curse) (Man, I'm not going THERE!)

Comments: Not a very productive round, as we just moved and failed a search. The Village is going to be a real problem early if the NM keeps going there. We're gonna have to wade into that at some point.


SC (C): E: Midnight (+1D = 6) (Not again!)
Blind Spots > Hide + refresh, S = 7, Rogue S = 7

DR (C): E: Desperate Bargain – Wolf Form (Oh, yeah!), -2G (2) (Ewww...)
Attack Evil Presence (-1S = 4) w/ Animal Companion (2d) > Success

RG (C): Chalice – no G gain; E: Tracker (-2S = 5)
Search > Vanishing Dust

WF (F): E: Altar (Pure) – leave alone
Search > KEY #1 + Treasure Chest (Guiding Star) > Souvenirs

NM (V): D: +1 (7)
M: Forest (w/ Wayfarer)
B: Webs (2, with Corruption)

Comments: We just finished Turn 4 and we've accumulated almost DOUBLE that amount of Darkness—not a satisfactory situation. We did have a productive turn, however, with two successful searches, removing a Blight, and getting our first Key.


SC (C): E: Looters – Eluded w/ Speed (+1S was forgotten?)
Activate Treasure Maps (+1d) + Search > Soothing Lyre (This could be very handy!)

DR (C): E: Twist of Fate (+1 all rolls for rest of turn) (Woohoo!)
Search (+1d for T.M.) > KEY #2 (Hey, things are looking up!)

RG (C): Chalice – gain +1G (5); E: Raid (-2S = 3)
Search (+1d for T.M.) > Bottled Magic; Give Chalice > Druid

WF (F): NM (-1S = 2); E: Guarded Trove (-1G = 4)
Thither and Yon > Refresh + Move > Ruins (+1S = 3); Activate From the Blue + Souvenirs

NM (F): D: +1 (8)
M: Village (Yeesh...)
B: Omen (4, with Taint, Curse, and Spies)

Comments: OK, the Village is looking really bad now. Someone, maybe the Wayfarer, is gonna have to take on some Blights to keep them out of the Monastery. Another good turn for searching—a Soothing Lyre, Bottled Magic, and our second Key. If we can get our last Key quickly, maybe we can make up for lost Darkness and prevent too many “double-drops” from the NM.
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