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Subject: AAR #2 Part 2 - Complete Session with Beta Test Kit rss

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SC (C): E: Close Call – no effect
Blind Spots > Hide + refresh, S = 7, Rogue S = 7 (Yet again, the Rogue gets a boost.)

DR (C): Chalice – gain +1G (3) (Man, he needed that!); E: Latent Spell (-1S = 3, no effect)
Search > Supply Cache > Vines (He now has the two best fighting cards, this + Wolf Form!)

RG (C): E: Dark Scrying (-2S = 5) (What the?! Both times he's lost 2S right after getting back to 7S!)
Search > Fail

WF (R): E: Unfriendly Eyes (-1G = 3)
Activate Guiding Star > Village (Well, that's no help...); Search > Stardust (-1D = 7) (Yea!)

NM (V): D: +1 (8)
M: Ruins (w/ Wayfarer)
B: Vampire (2, with Unholy Aura) (Yikes, the Wayfarer can't stay here now...)

Comments: The Druid is going to have to take on some Blights here, as he has the best fighting ability now that he's got Wolf Form AND Vines. The Rogue seems to be cursed, in that every time his S gets maxed out, he immediately draws a card that takes away 2S. Guiding Star is stuck in the Village for the moment, and the Wayfarer is being hounded by the NM. Good thing he is always moving...


SC (C): E: Dark Tempest – to Monastery (Rats!)
Move > Mountains (S max. for traveling); Lich – Elude w/ Speed (1d +1h) > Fail (-1G = 2)

DR (C): Chalice – no G gain; E: Shambling Horror (Slayer) – Eluded w/ Camouflage (2d)
Search > Treasure Chest (give to Rogue)

RG (C): Open Treasure Chest > Shadow Cloak
E: Dead Servant (Scout) – Elude w/ Vanish (2d) + Shadow Cloak (+1d) > Fail (-1S = 4)
Search > Sabotage

WF (R): NM (-1S = 2); E: Lich – From the Blue (+2d, -1d U.A.) > Fail (-1G = 2) (OK, that hurt.)
Thither and Yon > Refresh + Move > Swamp (+1S = 3); Act. From the Blue + Souvenirs

NM (R): D: +1 (9)
M: Swamp (w/ Wayfarer) (Here we go again...)
B: DECAY! (2, with Lich) (Oh, man, bad combination! Someone has to act!)

Comments: OK, that turn hurt. The Scout took a hit and the Rogue is losing S again. Worse, the Wayfarer is being chased by the NM to the point of not regaining any S, AND he's taking hits to boot. The Decay and Lich in the Swamp is a real problem and we can't let that go or we have nothing to fight off the Blights.


WF (S): NM (-1S = 2); E: Deamon (Deadly) – Eluded (Boy, we needed that!)
Attack Lich (-1S = 1) w/ From the Blue (+2d) > Success! (All right!)

RG (C): E: Cultist – Eluded x2 w/ Vanish (+1S = 5)
Move > Swamp (S max. for traveling); Trade Vanishing Dust to Wayfarer for Key

DR (C): E: Blink – Village, -1G = 2 due to Curse (Yikes!)
Activate Wolf Form; Spies – lose 1S (2)

SC (M): E: Unfriendly Eyes (-1S = 6)
Activate Treasure Maps (+1d) + Search > Fail; Lich – Elude w/ Speed (1d +1h) > Success

NM (S): D: +1 (10 - All locations with no Blights now receive 2 during NM Blight placement)
M: Stays in Swamp (w/ Wayfarer and Rogue)
B: DECAY #2! (NO WAY! This is insane!)

Comments: OK, 2 DECAYS?! This is just crazy! Yes, we removed the Lich, but at this rate, we'll never get to use any items! At least the Wayfarer has the Vanishing Dust now, so he has an out when eluding. Maybe the Druid can knock out some Blights in the Village and buy us some time.


DR (V): E: Omen – Betrayal (-1S = 1) (Uh-oh...)
Attack Spies (-1S = 0) w/ Wolf Form (+1d) + Animal Companion (2d) > Fail, exhaust A.C.

SC (M): E: Dead Servant (Scout) – Eluded w/ Speed (1d +1h)
Search > Tome of Retraining (save); Lich – Eluded w/ Speed (1d +1h)

WF (S): NM (-1S = 0) – NM attacks > Fail (-1G = 1) (Oh, boy...)
Thither and Yon > Refresh + Move > Ruins (+1S = 1); Act. From the Blue + Souvenirs

RG (S): NM (-1S = 4) E: Evil Day – exhaust Sabotage
Hide (refresh Sabotage, +1S = 5)

NM (S): D: +1 (11)
M: Ruins (w/ Wayfarer)
B: Skeletons (3, with Unholy Aura and Vampire)

Comments: Well, the Druid dropped the ball on this one and now he's likely to be a target for the NM soon. The Tome could be helpful for someone other than the Druid, as he's found his two most powerful ones. The Wayfarer is still running, but now the Ruins are getting full.


DR (V): E: Desperate Bargain (Remove 1 Decay from Swamp, +1 Darkness = 12) (Pure necessity...)
Move > Mountains (+1S = 1); Lich – Eluded w/ Camouflage (2d)

SC (M): E: Midnight (+1 Darkness = 13) (Not this again!)
Blind Spots > Hide + refresh, S = 7, Druid S = 7
Lich – Elude w/ Speed (1d +1h) > Fail (-1G = 1) (This is not good.)

RG (S): E: Sloppy Search (-1G = 4)
Search > Bottled Magic #2 (Not that this helps right now, but it will soon.)

WF (R): NM (-1S = 0) – NM attacks > Fail (-1G = 0) (Run away! Run away!)
Thither and Yon > Refresh + Move > Forest (+1S = 1)

NM (R): D: +1 (14)
M: Forest (w/ Wayfarer) (This could be the end...)
B: Confusion (3, with Webs and Corruption)

Comments: The Wayfarer is in bad shape here unless he can get through the next turn. We'll try to remove the Decay so that he can use the Vanishing Dust and make it to the Monastery. If he couldn't use Thither and Yon every turn, he'd be dead already! The Scout may need to duck in there as well, or at least get the Chalice from the Druid, as he can't use it while in an alternate form.


N.B. - While typing this up, I caught a goof. The Druid accidentally gained G from Chalice in Wolf Form.

RG (S): E: Dead Servant (Scout) – Elude w/ V + SC > Fail (-1S = 4) (Wow, with 3d no less.)
Attack Decay (-1S = 3) w/ Ambush (3d, -1S = 2) > Success (Man, we needed that!)

WF (F): NM (-1S = 0) – NM attacks > Fail, use Vanishing Dust > Success
Thither and Yon > Refresh + Move > Monastery (+1S = 1)

DR (M): E: Guarded Trove (-1S = 6)
Deactivate Wolf Form and activate Sprite Form

SC (M): E: Horde (Small) – Failed Elude (-1G = 0)
Move > Castle (S max. for traveling)

NM (F): D: +1 (15)
M: Ruins
B: Crows (4, with Unholy Aura, Vampire, and Skeletons) (Wow, that's really bad!)

Comments: Well, we succeeded in getting the Wayfarer into the Monastery, but the Scout is in bad shape now and the Ruins are almost useless for the time being. We have 3 Keys, but we need to prep a location for the NM battle and we need all of our good fighters ready.


WF (+): (No Events in Monastery); Pray > +1G = 1, +1S = 2

RG (S): E: Anathema (-1G = 3)
Move > Castle (+1S = 3); get Tome from Scout > discard Sabotage for Diversion + Stealth

SC (C): E: Shambling Horror (Zombie) – Eluded w/ Speed (1d +1h)
Blind Spots > Hide + refresh, S = 7, Rogue S = 7 (Again, the Rogue gains back a load of S...)

DR (M): E: Cultist – Eluded w/ Camouflage (2d)
Search > Forgotten Shrine (NO EFFECT—in Sprite Form!) (Aw, MAN!)

NM (R): D: +1 (16)
M: Stays in Ruins (Uh-oh...)
B: Confusion (5th Blight in Ruins > Monastery)

Comments: OK, here we go—Blights are making their way into the Monastery. We need to get the NM out of the Ruins. The Rogue is gonna be our “Tank”, I think, as he's accumulating lots of really useful powers, including Diversion which will be important later. The Druid gets ROBBED of Grace due to a bad draw.


WF (+): (No Events in Monastery)
Attack Confusion (-1S = 1) w/ From the Blue (+2d) > Success; +1S = 2 (for staying in +)

DR (M): E: Close Call – no effect
Search > Fail

SC (C): E: Midnight (+1 Darkness = 17) (Holy cow, we just keep losing ground here!)
Activate Treasure Maps (+1d) + Search > Treasure Chest > Awareness (That will help!)

RG (C): E: Twilight (-1S = 6) (Well, at least I didn't lose 2 this time!)
Search > Treasure Chest > Sap

NM (R): D: +1 (18) (Egad, we're 5 Darkness in the hole compared to Turns!)
M: Stays in Ruins (Not again...)
B: Taint (5th Blight in Ruins > Monastery) (That's about the worst Blight in this case!)

Comments: Taint?! Really?! Now we can't gain any Grace in the Monastery! Someone has to backtrack and take care of that right away, or we're all sunk. The Scout gets a great card for searching, so hopefully that will help! The Rogue continues to get awesome powers for later.


WF (+): (No Events in Monastery)
Thither and Yon > Refresh + Move > Forest (+1S = 3); Act. From the Blue + Souvenirs

DR (M): E: Dark Scrying (-2S = 4)
Search > Treasure Chest > Tree Form (Actually, that could help solve his Grace issue...)

SC (C): E: Dark Tempest – exhaust Blind Spots, +1S (already at max.)
Search w/ Awareness (+1d) > Cross Country

RG (C): E: Mind Leech (Young) - Eluded w/ Vanish + Shadow Cloak (3d)
Search > Supply Cache > Contacts

NM (R): D: +1 (19)
M: Forest (w/ Wayfarer) (Well, here we go again...)
B: Shades (4, with Corruption, Webs, and Confusion) (OK, now that one's getting bad...)

Comments: Now we have essentially 3 locations in jeopardy—Ruins, Forest, and Village—so we have to start battling Blights. Everyone but the Wayfarer had a good search roll, and all powers were helpful.

(Question for Designer: While in Tree Form, you can only Hide or use Druid powers. Does this include Vines, thereby allowing you to attack a Blight already in your location? We disagreed on this.)
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