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The Game Baby
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I am The Game Baby. I love games. Especially games with DIES, but even if a game doesn’t have DIES I still want to play it. I am always looking for new games to play and one day I will grow up and play all of them!

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Today I am doing my reviewing about Zombie Dice. It has DIES! Did you think I was done talking about ZOMBEE games after I reviewed Hit Z Road? Because I was not! Here come more ZOMBEES!

Let's see what these DIES can do

OK, so look at that. 13 DIES! Some are RED and some are GREEN and some are YEYYOW. Most of the time I get their colors right but let me tell you…if it was up to me all colors would be RED so sometimes I have to call all of the colors RED.

Red, red, and red

And there is a BAKSKET that is a cup. The BAKSKET has a ZOMBEE on it and a lid. Well, kind of two lids. One is good for putting on and off and it’s supposed to be that way. The other lid is on the bottom of the BAKSKET and it’s not supposed to come off but sometimes you have to SHAKE THE ZOMBEES SO HARD and then the bottom lid comes off. There are some rules but the rules are ROLL THE DIES so they’re not so long.

Put your DIES in the BAKSKET. This is going to be a short review.

Setup complete!

In case you don't know how to read, I made a video review for you:

Shake your DIES around in the BAKSKET and then BOOM spill them on the table! If you have some BEANNNSSSS then eat them up! If you have some BOOMS then put them in a BOOMS pile and count them. ONE TWO THWEE and you have to stop and no points. If you don’t have THWEE BOOMS then put all the DIES that have feets on them back in the BAKSKET. Now you get to choose if you want to shake the BAKSKET again or if you want to stop and count your BEANNNSSSS. Never stop shaking the BAKSKET.

GREEN DIES have lots of BEANNNSSSS, YEYYOW DIES have some BEANNNSSSS, and RED DIES have mostly BOOMS. But you roll all the DIES with feets no matter what color they are if you want to roll again. Whoever gets 13 BEANNNSSSS first wins. That’s all!


Zombie Dice is simple and fast enough that you could play it on my changing table. You could probably play it on my tummy. Just don’t do it while my diaper is off or I will show you why they made the DIES so easy to wash.

You can even play Zombie Dice at the same time as Hit Z Road!

Oh boy…DIES are pretty much the best food for Game Babies ever made. Even better than tokens that look like cookies. Good Game Babies know that eating DIES is just for pretending but if you have a bad Game Baby you will spend the whole game saying NO NO GAME BABY DON’T EAT THE DIES and sticking your finger in the baby mouth to get your DIES back. Some Game Babies will make their own game called “Put The Lid On And Shake The Baksket Like Crazy” and that’s a pretty good game too. If you are a boring old non-Game Baby and sit at the table instead of your high chair then Zombie Dice is a pretty good game to play while you eat. Just don’t eat the DIES even though you are a ZOMBEE who eats BEANNNSSSS.

No no, don't eat the DIES

No one will be bored when they play Zombie Dice. Maybe they will be annoyed that they don’t get to think too much, but if you are rolling the DIES then you are having fun waiting to see how many BEANNNSSSS or BOOMS someone got even if the someone isn’t you.

There aren’t very many games with just DIES and nothing else but that’s probably because they all are the same thing – roll some DIES, see what you got, and decide if you want to roll more DIES. The only thing to choose is when you say NOW STOP just like Max says when he sends the wild things off to bed without their supper. That’s not so bad if you just want to be funny with all your Game Baby friends. It’s so bad if you like thinking a lot.

Martian Dice and Cthulhu dice are just a little more harder and that makes them no fun to play. Zombie Dice is pretty much always fun because there’s nothing to it. If you like to say BEANNNSSSS a lot then it’s better but even if you don’t it is just a good simple game. I like to help my whole family play it and even my Gramma likes it even though she says ZOMBEES are TOO SCARY. Plus, Zombie Dice only costs about five dollars and that’s less than a few days’ worth of diapers costs. Unless you have a very regular Game Baby and then it’s one day’s worth of diapers. Either way, it’s not very many diapers if you sometimes want to roll DIES and like BEANNNSSSS.

Diapers or's practically Sophie's Choice

BEAN BEAN BEAN BEAN BEAN BEAN seven BEANNNSSSS out of 10. Zombie Dice is worth no BEANNNSSSS to a Game Baby who is very serious about games but for a game that fits in a diaper bag that can be played anywhere that Game Babies and not Game Babies all like it’s great to have around. Also, you can shake the BAKSKET a lot and it makes a super duper noise.

Sometimes you just want to roll some DIES and smile
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