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I do not normally like party games. I also don't like games that force me to be funny or silly. Yet, this game has so much charm and fun that I found myself laughing and having a great time. This game was a huge surprise to me and I am looking forward to trying the expansions. This has turned into one of my go to party games and that is huge for me.

The game is super simple to play and to teach. You roll the dice and you can either spend them to get cards or use them in certain combinations to play cards. This is huge for a party game: it needs to be up and running in just a couple of minutes and this does a great job at it.

What I also like about this game is that it "forces" your quieter players to get into the game and hopefully out of their shell. You don't have to be witty or outgoing, the game will tell you what to do. This can be very helpful with my more timid of friends. Then, you can be as outgoing or silly as you want. This is a true win for me!

Normally, this is the sort of game I roll my eyes out. Instead, I was so busy laughing and having a good time that I realized that I really liked this game. If you don't normally like games like this, I would recommend you giving this one a try. If you love party games where you get up and do silly things, then you will also love this game. You can play this game with nearly anyone including children. It has a wide range of ages that can not only play this game, but can play this game together. This is a huge plus.

Overall, Voodoo has become one of my favorite party games. This is a game I totally missed and didn't hear anything about. I'm glad I was able to get it to the table and it is one I highly recommend to you.



The components are really good. The cards are tarot sized and the art work is very funny and comical. The game has a "dark" theme, but everything is played for humor. The dice are custom and look very cute with the chosen icons (and very colorful!). The voodoo doll you pass around is hilarious. It is soft like a teddy bear and just funny it is included in the game. And it isn't just a turn indicator, it is actually part of the game. Brilliant.

Rule Book:

The rule book is short, sweet and to the point. The rules are simple as the cards are going to set most of the rules during the game. The rules are really just an excuse to have fun and laugh with your friends.

Flow of the Game:

Despite the easy rules, the fun is what you bring to the game. The game will help you bring that fun though.

On your turn you roll the dice. If you are unhappy with the results, then you can set one die aside and roll the remainder of the dice. Dice Mitigation!

Then, you spend the dice to either gain cards or spend cards. You can spend any 2 dice to either buy a curse (hurt others) or an artifact (help you). You can pay a curse on another player but spending the required dice listed on the card. Artifacts normally tell you when and how you can play them based on the situation of the game.

At the end of your turn you pass the voodoo doll showcasing you are done with your turn. This is super important as many of the cards in the game refer to passing the voodoo doll.

Each of the cards have things the person is cursed with. You may have to stand up when rolling the dice, or laugh when someone gets cursed. These are always silly, funny, and outgoing things.

Should I buy this game?:

This is a really fun party game. If you are not outgoing, this is one of those games that push you to be outgoing. This game is for nearly anyone and is a game I pull out over and over again with my non-gaming friends (and my gamer friends also!). Excellent party game.

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