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Subject: The whispers of legendary loot. The thoughts of a teenage girl. rss

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Have any of you guys found Excalibur yet? Anyone? No? Well, you could possibly find it on Amazon. Perhaps even with Prime shipping! If not there, try Ebay. I found Eris' golden apple on there. From what I remember, it was about four dollars. I found a few other things on there too. So just keep looking, you'll find it eventually. Munchkin Legends is another stand alone Munchkin game by Steve Jackson Games. It's for three to six players, and will take about half an hour to forty-five minutes to play.
Setting up the game is simple. First, you have to shuffle both decks of cards. That way you aren't a dirty cheater. Unless you actually are, then please stop. Please. After you shuffle the cards, place them in the middle of the table where everyone can reach them. Leave enough room between them for discard piles. Give each player four cards from each deck, and place the die somewhere. Pick someone to go first, and begin the game.
As I've said in my several past Munchkin reviews, this plays the same way as the other Munchkin games. It just has a difference in the monsters, curses and treasures. Since this is a game with a "legendary" theme, there are going to be gods like Loki and Shiva. There are also a few other monsters known in mythology. The curses are things like Gain A Flesh Wound or You Insulted the Gods. As you could've guessed with the theme, there are going to be legendary weapons like Excalibur or a Midas Potion. However, the races and classes are the same as the ones from the original Munchkin. So you could be a Theif Elf or a Warrior Halfling. Due to there being Half-Breeds and Super Munchkins, you could have two classes or races. Or both! Anyways, to begin the game, first place down any equipment cards that'll give you a boost in a fight that your character can carry. You can only use one peice of armour, one peice of head gear and foot gear, and two hands worth of equipment. You may also carry only large item. Unless you are a Dwarf, then you can use any large items. I think you can do that because Dwarves want to carry big items to make up for their small size. I swear I'm half Dwarf in real life too. There are three types of boost cards. Equipment cards, one time use cards, and monster enhancer cards. Both equipment cards and one time use cards are in the the treasure deck. For this game, most one use items are potions. Monster enhancers are found in the door deck. Monster enhancers can be good or bad for the monster, as with one time use cards. There are also cards that'll let you gain a level, such as Survive Ragnorok or Solve the Labrynth. Once you've placed down any equipment cards or level raising cards your character can use, flip up the top door card. This is called kicking down the door. When you kick down the door and you get either a monster or a curse, you have to deal with it. When you get a curse, the only way you can stop the effects is with a wishing ring. Otherwise, you can kiss your headgear bye-bye. Or footgear. Or your masculinity. Pretty much anything can be lost by a curse. If you get a monster, add up your level and equipment. Be aware that some monsters can be stronger or weaker against certain races or classes. If your total level is higher than the monster's, you succed in combat. If you succed in combat, take the alloted amount of treasure and levels. If it is equal or lower, you'd better hope you have one time use cards on hand. Otherwise you must run away. To run away, roll the die and pray to Odin you get a four or higher. If you don't, deal with the Bad Stuff. Bad Stuff can range from losing your armour to dying. When you die, let each player loot one card from your body, and discard the rest. Unless the Bad Stuff specifically states your body cannot be looted. Then that monster is going a bit over-kill. Don't worry, you keep your level and class. But that's about it. So, uh, try not to die, kay? If you kick down the door and don't get a monster, you can either loot the room or look for trouble. Looking for trouble means you play a monster card from your hand. Looting the room means drawing a face down door card. Where you most likely got your monster from. Once you've done these things, the next player will go. Turns will continue until someone reaches level ten. However, to reach the last level, you must kill a monster. After a player reaches level ten, they will and get a prize of nothing! Except maybe being shivved in their sleep by over competitive players.
The cards in this game were blessed by the Gods themselves. They can no longer be ruined by water or Diet Dr. Pepper. They can change wine into decent tasting booze. Or at least a higher quality wine. At least that's what they say. The die in this game trys to knock some sense into these cards, but they don't listen. And then they get ruined and the die laughs. The die is a bit of an asshole.
Like all Munchkin games, I enjoy this one. When I first played it, I was a bit upset that they didn't change the races or classes. But I realized that you can't really change them all that much. I mean, what can you really do? Besides that, I enjoyed it quite a bit. 10 /10.
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