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Subject: Alternate Guilds Special Ranks rss

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Doc Starchildren
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I'm adding extra abilities for the new guilds I've created. Every two ranks in a guild, players get access to something (currently only up to rank 4). I'm also working on cross guild ranks, so you can move up in another guild and not miss out on benefits. See previous post for guilds.


Rank 2 - 10% discount piloting and diplomacy chip, laser monocle, wrist comp, toolkit, shield, armor, magboots, medkit

Rank 4 - One Route to Rule Them All - Can invest in trade route. Likely to increase investment, but can take losses.

Rank 2 - 10% discount science chip, all drugs, blaster, emp pistol, micro blaster, needler, plasma pistol, slug pistol, slug machine gun

Rank 4 - The first one is free... - The more people that use drugs, the more you earn after each mission, Inject friends, enemies, or yourself! Use of drugs by unique individuals x 25 credits. (e.g. Inject four people with drugs, earn 100 credits)

Rank 2 - 10% discount all melee and toxins, athletics chip, disintegrator, needler, nerve disruptor

Rank 4 - Who's that? - Special ability - Impersonate. Pretend to be a member of an enemy crew for a phase. Pool (combat). Science check vs (11 + success on sci vs 8) by enemies to pierce deception.

Rank 2 - 10% discount combat chip, armor, skeletal enhancement, arc laser, rocket pistol, plasma projector, all heavy weapons and explosives

Rank 4 - This is MY Rifle! - Pick a weapon type that you excel in, gain +1 in attempts to use it. Name your weapon for an additional +1 (a total +2 bonus).

Rank 2 - 10% discount false bottom barrel, all cargo bay items, engineering chip. Also "fell off the back of the spaceship" specials before each session

Rank 4 - Psst, wanna see something? - Access to better black markets, including rare treasure items. Better deals, more items, can make specific requests.

Cross Guild Bonus
Synergy bonus: By gaining rank 2 in two guilds, consider your rank 2 higher (e.g. 6) for acquisition of items on the discount list and for ship modules.
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