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Subject: The Noob Wars, part 1: The Second Partition and The Wii U War rss

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Noah Peltier
United States
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So this is going to be a session report of a game based out of Cadillac Michigan, me and all of my high school friends are three turns into a game that goes from 1789 to 1815, I know probably not the best idea for a first game but if you don't like don't read. I'll probably lump two or three sessions into one report for awhile since as I'm sure you know it takes a long time for each turn when everyone is getting a handle on the game. This first one is short so I'll just go through house rules and report on the first three turns.

Using all revolution scenario (1792) campaign extra rules, using Excalibur's the revolution campaign victory levels (thanks guys), 1792 starting forces (leaders and reinforcements)
When Napoleon reaches A French Armies go to 1805 strength and France uses all of its money that turn, then a d8 is rolled and each country has a number and they get to reform to 1805 strength and no more special rules. When Nelson arrives British Navy doesn't have to use special navy rules anymore, then a d8 is rolled for everyone else like the army, then when they reform they don't have special navy rules anymore (no half casualties and blockade checking against them).

I am playing as Sweden as an 8th major power using rules of my own design but heavily influenced by others. Basically Sweden's corps are province based and can be stood down like Turkish Feudal troops, but Sweden has to purchase the troops and they can be placed in stood down corps, and instead of being levied they are placed in the reinforcement step, Sweden can become a "major power" by gaining 4 of Karelia, Norway, Mecklenburg, Pomerania, and Livonia, then gets a lot of buffs, I'll explain if I ever get there.

Poland is in existence consisting of Posen, West Galicia, Masuria, Podolia, Lithuania, and Polesia, Starting forces are 5 inf and 1 Cav per province, DoW's always cost 3PP, and when Warsaw is occupied it surrenders, with the power(s) at war getting one province. Polish corps all have maximums of 10I 2C.and 3 are available. If one successfully defends Poland (makes a lapse of war) then the controlling power gets 2PP and can call Poland as an ally in event of a war once, winning a war gives you 4PP (3 for the conditional surrender, 1 for the province).

Alright I'll explain anything I missed as I go if it comes up. Now before this begins I will tell you all every single person playing has never played before (thus the title), so this may well be a guide of what not to do, but that remains to be seen. I have told myself as the most read up on the subject that I will solely act as advisor to everyone until January of 1793, and commit myself very little at that point if at all. So who's ready for the NOOB WAAARS!

Starting forces:

Spain set up corps around Madrid, garrisoned coastal cities.

France set up all forces into garrisons except for the two cavalry corps it could still use which it set up in places it could auto forage.

Britain set up its German corps together on a depot, and set the rest of the British troops in garrisons. He spread his 91 ships across all 7 of his fleets.

Austria set up almost no garrisons and set up corps all across the empire and in his Italian minors.

Prussia set up his forces in two chunks, one in Berlin and the other in Danzig where he is prime to Strike at Warsaw.

Sweden set up one Swedish corps on Stockholm and a Finnish light inf corps in Abo, set up a garrison in Stockholm as well.

Russia spread his forces along the Polish border ready for a full scale war and focused some of his forces close to the Turkish Border.

Turkey set up his forces along the turko-polish border and set up some forces in Egypt to pave his way across North Africa.

January 1789: It was an entanglement of alliances for the first turn in hopes of gaining political points, France allied with Austria, Russia, and Turkey in hopes of avoiding early wars, GB also allied with Austria while getting an alliance with Sweden. Russia and Turkey all set up an alliance over shared interest in Poland, Prussia wanted to sit back and wait on his options.

There were DoW's on three minors to start off (we didn't do pre DoW's), It was Poland who would feel the wrath of Russo-Turkish alliance, Austria opted out because "He didn't want any of that", The Papal States (Papacy and Romagna) was declared war upon by Austria, and GB declared war on Holland to make sure the fleet stayed in friendly hands or at the bottom of the sea.

There were no non-allies willing to run either The Papal states or Holland, so Britain took The Papal states and Austria Holland, they both seemed very willing to be lax on their defenses or just trade the two later.

What happened next shocked me personally but made the Russian and Turkish players very happy. No one elected to run Poland, guaranteeing Polish lands for all!

That was as far as diplomacy went, the naval phase was the Austrian player taking his Hollander Fleet halfway to the Adriatic and the Turkish and Russian players hauling corps from the mid-east to Poland.

The land phase Russia moved a Cossack all the way to Warsaw to prevent a lapse of war but still keeping corps close to depots, but unable to besiege the city he sat outside patiently waiting for the other forces to catch up. Turkey followed suit moving into Podolia hoping to consolidate his claim there. Great Britain and Austria intentionally allowed lapses of war with their respective minors letting them fall right into their ally's hands. Spain France and Prussia all sat, seeing Winter's harsh sting as motivation to sit and wait for fairer weather and cheaper supply.

February 1789: Prussia saw the lack of forces as an opportunity to declare war on Poland and ally himself with France Russia and Turkey. Nothing much happened except for talks that didn't amount to much.

Naval phase The Holland Fleet finished its journey to Zara, Russia and Turkey sent some fleets around the Mediterranean.

Land phase Prussia stormed Warsaw without a single shot fired, Russia and Turkey hung back keeping forces nearer depots. Everyone else kept their corps warm by their depots or auto foraged to save money.

March 1789: Poland surrendered to all powers at war with it, with Prussia getting first pick with most forces in Warsaw, taking Posen, Russia seriously considering taking Podolia but instead taking Polesia not wanting to aggravate the Sultan. Finally Turkey annexed Podolia gaining a feudal corps, which would come in great handy for what happens next.

As some historians (and history teachers) say to truly understand wars we need to understand why they are fought. I'll give a little context when players weren't playing or moving everyone else would casually be playing super smash bros, then when this started to distract from the game the Turkish player turned off the Wii U they were playing on, prompting a declaration of War from Austria. With shock and disbelief Turkey called Russia to war, Russia accepted and in response Austria called Britain, Britain reluctantly accepted, Turkey considered calling France but France managed to plea his way out of a call as he was allied with belligerents on both sides, instead he called Prussia, who that day came to the conclusion "alliances are annoying" as he is in a war he doesn't want to be in against Austria. That was the last call since France was the only other ally Austria could've called. Turkey also declared war on Cyrenaica hoping to expand his North African influence. No one wanted to run Cyrenaica, making the first step of the Sultan's conquest of North African conquest all but certain.

France Spain and Sweden are all perusing minor countries they want to take as 5 of Europe's great powers are now tangled up in a war.

Everyone who had ships on the open sea took their ships to port to avoid maintenance expenses, and Britain moved 3 fleets into Gibraltar.

For the land phase everyone decided they wanted to just wait and get money, Turkey put a fleet in Benghazi and one corps to prevent a lapse of war.

Then people had to work and we all agreed we'd start on the March economic phase and see where we'd go from there.

Wow that was longer than I thought it would be, hope you guys enjoyed I don't know when we'll meet again.
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Robert Cunningham
United States
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Why are all your players so reluctant to take control of minor countries? It has almost always been seen by those I've played with that it is better to take control, if for no other reason than denying your opponents a free political point (+1 for conquest, -0 for declaring war if no one takes control).
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