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Scott Blanchett

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Combat Commander Pacific Scenario H Iwo Jima Hill 382
February 27, 1945

Turn 0. Marines move forward on the left. A Marine squad is broken in the gully in the center. The Marines manage to break the Japanese squad in the center cave.

Turn 1. The Marines get 2 asset requests, only to roll denied both times on the US Arty table. The Marines made a little more progress forward, but right up to the Japanese guns in the caves.

Turn 2. The Marines get a big break. US fire hits the broken Japanese squad in the center cave and eliminates it. The Marines get a demolition action and the Japanese lose 1 cave marker. The US eliminate 2 more squads and Sgt Endo. US sniper breaks the Japanese MMG on the right and the Japanese MMG on the left is suppressed. The Japanese are not getting enough fire cards or revive cards to be able to maintain fire on the Marines.

Turn 3. The Marines get another BAR squad as reinforcements. The Marines break then eliminate the Japanese MMG on the right. The Japanese lose another cave to a demolition action.

Turn 4. With the cave gone, the Marines eliminate the center Japanese squad. The Marines are able to maneuver now and are making progress up the hill to the objectives.

Turn 5. The Marines call for arty and get it….and then it drifts back on top of Marines, breaking a Sgt, squad and suppressing the US hero. Glorious. The Marines still have taken 3 objectives, but the Japanese remain in 2 caves.

Turn 6. Quick time check. Marines move closer to the far left Japanese position.

Turn 7. The Marines close to assault the last two Japanese caves. Quick time check.

Turn 8. The Marines melee on the leftmost objective (3) eliminate the Japanese squad there despite the Japanese playing two bayonet actions. The Marines move on the last cave and eliminate the team with MMG there. US victory.

The Japanese were hampered by a lack of fire cards drawn. When they were able to fire they were very effective, suppressing and breaking Marines regularly. Both sides suffered from the lack of drawing revive cards at the right time also. Marine arty was breaking units in caves. The marines were also using the enfilade cards well, using the boost in firepower to inflict a lot of damage on Japanese units, despite the caves for cover. This was another awesome CC Pacific scenario.
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Chick Lewis
United States
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Sounds really great ! Seldom do the Allies have it all their own way when facing the Japanese.
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