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Subject: My thoughts on Terminology + Variant rss

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This looks great and I'm glad I backed it. I do wish it would come sooner than summer 2018. Tonight I finally got around to checking it out in detail and had a few thoughts. I don't know why I'm sharing but here goes...

English Graffiti on the ancient cave walls

I dislike how in the cave, if you defeat the dwellers you turn the tile over. Now you have this nice looking cave with a section that says "The Cave" on it. Really messes up the look/immersion of the game. I don't know how to fix it but there has to be a better way. Maybe as simple as having 3 extra basic cave tiles you substitute in for the defeated dweller tile?


- How can more than one player control the same Shrine? If one 'controls' it, others cannot 'control' it. This isn't Oprah ( "you get control, and you get control, and you get control" ). The rule is fine I just think the term bugs me. Instead of 'control' the peoples could 'claim' or 'occupy' or 'worship at' or some similar sounding ancient worshipy/occupationy term. Heck, just call it "leaving an offering" like you do in video.

Game play is the same but fits better thematically in my head. Lots of people can make a claim or occupy or worship at but not everyone can control it. Know what I mean?

I can just see this being a common thing...
Me: I'm placing an offering to control this shrine.
Other guy: I already control it. How can we both control it?
Me: I don't know. We just do because the rules say so.
Other guy: Makes no sense. We both can't control it. Unless we are allies and we are not.
Me: I don't know. We just do because the rules say so.

Of course the person who found the 'shrine' in the cave would control it since they take it with them.

Speaking of the 'shrines'...

2) Is a cup a shrine? Is a building a shrine? Not to me. In my mind (and I think in real life) the building would be called a temple, a shrine would be a small area inside the temple and a cup would be a small thing on the shrine.

So I'd say there were 3 Temple tiles and 1 Holy Relic tile.

The result of my word changes wouldn't change the game at all but would make things fit the theme. So you'd have to 'claim' the 3 'Temples' and possess the 'Holy Relic' to gain control and win ( yes, 1 person can now 'control' them all ).

Variant (using my terms from above)

I think this would be cool but I know there are details to be worked out.

In the cave, instead of finding the actual Holy Relic tile and then controlling it, it would be cool to actually find a shrine tile. The shrine tile would be placed in the cave map.

Think of it as a wall-sized shrine full of all kinds of relics, most just old and valuable but one is holy.

There is now a separate pile of relics tokens, only one of which is the holy relic.

Every time your search party visits that shrine tile in the cave you get to blindly draw one of the relic tokens. Again, only 1 token is the holy relic. The others are other random items.

This would make it so that nobody knows who has the relic. Did they get the Holy Relic or junk? You might build up to attack another team to steal the relic only to find out they didn't have the 'holy' relic.

You could say that each search party can only carry one relic for some reason. Then you could send in another party to check the shrine. Then, with 2 search parties having relic tokens, you could spread them out and create some misdirection, making your opponents choose which to target.

There is room for building fleshing this out even more. Maybe you would have to take the relic someplace to see if its THE Holy one? If not, you would have to go back. Maybe the false ones are cursed and kill people? Stuff like that.

Anyway, just my thoughts. I'll probably use my terms when playing it.
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Jonas Martinsson
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Laporbo wrote:
How can more than one player control the same Shrine? If one 'controls' it, others cannot 'control' it.

Amen, this is actually something I have been wanting to bring up for a long time. I agree that the term 'control a shrine' should be changed to something more adequate. I like your suggestion of 'worship at'.
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