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First of all, if you like that game, join us on steam tabletop to play worldwide. Our star wars Rebellion mod was created by Eskander. You cannot miss it. We also have a community on steam and discord. Everything is on steam tabletop when you download the mod.

I have post part of this on other treads and realise that can be a review by itself

Ps forget my grammar i m french.

First of all, this game is immersive :

For us, each turn is approximativly 3 years. Each unit represent the mobilisation of an army. A Star Destroyer represent many ships It s not only the hardware, it s the leadership, the politics, the cohesion in place. A probe is a informant web grasping a system.... It s a big galaxy, there are ship, system and planets everywhere, There are fight everywhere, a simple trade relation mission card can implied a lone SD near the involve system... The board show you what s really in the balance, it s a new movie, everytime

Now, what s in the addon :

First, the new combat system bring a great augmentation to strategic thinking and less luck. (No more random card draw and leader reroll blank mitigate luck) Plus the fact that new cards have a really good influence on combat.

Starting units and starting hand can be switch to stay on the core tempo or go add/on.

The new objectives are great and add randomness to each game without too much change in the luck factor. I have see some ppl house rule the rebs can stick to the core objectives, Really it give them no advantage, maybe less because many old objectives were easy to counter.

The fact that these objectives are secret really change each game. For us it s thematic and represent opportunities that change with the flow of time. Except for the Death Star... stay thematicly in the center of the intrigue, cannot ignore this evil creation.

New leaders, new missions, new objectives, new units, better combat... very low price, excellent quality, one of the best sdd/on ever for your money.... if you like the core ! Because after all, the game still Rebellion.

One thing, i have read many many tread about balance in that game. Don t loose your time with this, it s perfectly balance. But, it s not chess and there s still a luck factor. So a really good player can loose to a medium player because of card draw or dices. But strategy still get the upper hand. After many many games, the loser often made more mistake then throw bad dices. Sometimes, Luke miss is torpedo and let the deathstar fully operationnal. Some of these moments cost you the game, and it s cool just like that.

To mitigate the initial random setup and for perfect balance, we use this bid system :


1) Setup starting Systems by drawing from Probe Deck. Right after this, players choose if they start with the core or ad-on unit setup. If they want different setup, Saleucami as an Empire system mean they use the core unit setup. If Saleucami start Neutral, it s the add-on unit setup. If they want the core objectives, they can agree it now.

2) For tabletop on pc, use hidden zones to blind vote on bids. The 2 players take 1 red dice for Rebels and 1 black dice for Imperials, you delete a dice and put a number on the dice (maybe 2 dices) of the faction you want. On the board game, players write down preferred faction and a number representing their bid for this faction. Example: ""Empire 2"". In that case, the number 2 mean that you want imperials and that the other player can start with 2 more triangles units. (space or ground)

3) Players reveal bids simultaneously. If different factions, each player takes control of chosen faction, no one get bid units. If same faction, the higher bidder gets their preferred faction. The lower bidder gets +triangle units in starting setup for the amount of the higher bidder's bid. 3 Triangles can be traded for 1 Circle unit. 2 Circle units can be traded for 1 Square. Ties in bids determined by a dice roll. The player who receive bid units, have to choose unit(s) immediatly.

4) Proceed with normal rules after that.

I don t see player go more than bid 2. The game was and still perfectly balance

Finaly, the add/on have the same, and only problem, from my point of view, Heavy weight from a really really poor rulebook....

After 20 games you still encounter questions that need answers that or not in rules or errata. You need to ask the creator on the forum.

Me and my friend are actually working on a "complete" rule clarification to help ppl play this great game without searching on the forums. (Actually in french, i ll traduce and post it on the forum)

But, for us, when we pass trough this, this game is the best board game we play, ever.
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