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Thinking about my next move.
So, if my only options are these, then I shall...

Falling Sky was set for the night. We used a different scenario this time, going for 52BC - The Great Revolt, in which the Arverni control a large portion of the map, the Belgic tribes are cornered, and the Aedui are almost not there - Rome has a lot of troops in the south. This game was very difficult for the Aedui, which simply couldn't go where I want to: I kept bribing allies, but the Arverni simply would use Entreat, with Vercingetorix around the middle of the board, allowing this for several regions, or a rally would bring even more back. Usually I had 2 to 4 allies, against 8 or 9 of the Arverni - even the Belgic tribes went to 6 or 7.

The Arverni tried, early on, to battle the romans, in order to destroy some legions, but, once in position, they trembled and fled, after a major beating. Vercingetorix was left almost alone in a Aedui controlled region, and I thought to murder the bastard, but I had to march some more troops there first, and that simply wouldn't work. The Arverni then went to Provincia and devasted there, hurting the romans.

The Belgic tribes hid behind the Germanic barbarians and spread to Britannia. Still they were pretty weak, and I went with some Aedui troops there, in order to bribe some allies and rally, as the Belgic regions seemed the best place to do this without being crushed. Yet, the Arverni also went north, and I lost control, and, with Entreat, start losing allies.

I still had no ideia what to do to gain a better position, since I could ask for help to Rome, but the Rome player basically crushed me - in one turn, he did a battle in two regions I don't considered he would attack, and took out my two citadels; in other, he used the action of a card to kill 6 warbands and remove 1 ally from me, in the Arverni region. After the end of the second Winter, where the Germanic took out my last ally, I had 0 ally - yes, zero. I just wanted to crawl into a ball and cry.

Yet, I had to march, gather my punny warbands and try to retake control of some regions in order to rally and get some allies. I needed the third Winter to take a long time to come, as my options required going little by little. I had a couple of luck breaks: the south was mostly empty, with the attention on the north, where the Belgic amassed a big force, using the Commius card. Rome went north to battle with the Germanic barbarians and the Belgic, and the Arverni was also there to lower the influence of the Belgic.

This position was great for the Arverni, as their leader allowed stronger rallies in several places, making a belt of Arverni influence and troops. However, their player made a blunder, moving awfully in the hopes that the Winter card would come soon, which it didn't. So Vercingetorix was in Britannia, meaning the Entreat special action was very away from me, in the south. Thus, I manage to bring my allies up to 6 - and was near to win, as basically everyone.

Then I had another bag of luck, as Winter was the last card in the deck, and just before it, the card let me be the first to act. Still, I had to wait for the Arverni and Belgic actions. The Belgic went first and gathered some influence, going to 14 points, the same as the Romans. The Arverni could only do a limited action, and marched, again, badly - went to the Arverni region, where they accomplished nothing, as they should moved to the Veneti region, where they would prevent me from ralling.

As it was, being the first to act in the final round, allowed me to use my special action to bribe an ally from the Arverni, sending the Arverni to 5 allies (we were tied at 6 up to this point) in the Veneti region, where we were tied in influece (3 to 3) just before I took his ally. Now I had control and was able to rally for an ally, going to 7 and reached my win condition.

Rome played next, but with just a normal action, with the bulk of his forces in the north, he simply couldn't do anything against the Aedui. Therefore, with a major comeback, the Aedui won.

And that was it!

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