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Subject: A Kickstarter scam rss

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Walt Williams
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More than three years have passed since this game's original proposed release date with nothing to show for backers. The creators went radio silent for a crazy amount of time, but have started posting again for reasons unknown, claiming problems with some mysterious publisher but refuse to elaborate. Nearly every backer has asked for a refund at this point, but we also know we will likely never see it.
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Tess Lynx
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There has been a massive update on Kickstarter. There may be hope yet.


Unveiling of our Partner + Time Table for Delivery + More Production Updates!
The Age of the Dinos are here!
My name is Marc Goldner and I’m one of the founders of Golden Bell Studios. I wanted to assure everyone that In a World will be getting made no matter what! I have had the great fortune of speaking with several backers both in person, on the phone, and VIA email. I’ve gotten a lot of valuable feedback over the past several months and am confidant that In a World is at stage where everyone will be extremely happy with it. I’ve heard so many stories of hope, excitement, and even disappointment from some of the backers and I am here to reassure everyone and ignite that initial love that you had for the game all these years ago. It wouldn’t be appropriate of me to ignore the various comments, questions, and responses I’ve given to a select few so please bear with me and some of the repetition that is about to ensue. First and foremost I want to stand behind Brian and Pete of Subtle Chuckle. I’ve had the opportunity to sit down with Brian on several occasions at GenCon, NY Comic Con, and PAX South. Brian loves his game more than anything he’s ever worked on, both him and Pete are extremely motivated to make the best product possible and have gone above and beyond to make this product the potential it could be. They’ve added unreached stretch goals like the new cards, we’ve upgraded the tray to be less economical and more unique and clever. In addition, we’re going to be developing more content in the world that will come out through the years that will be offered at a first look to you backers. We appreciate the patience everyone has had and feel that the wait will be worth it. I understand the frustration some of you may feel but want to stand by our partners and say that they have only had the best interest of their backers in mind this whole time. They had been met with the unfortunate realities of self-publishing as an individual and ran into problems that even us as a somewhat larger entity face as well. Their explanations of MOQs from the factories changing, pricing increasing (cardboard has gone up enormously this year alone), to being pushed down the pipeline is all true. Even some of our orders get thrown on the back burner at factories because the larger companies all use the same factories as us and they get bottlenecked and push the big orders to the top without a care in the world.

Personally, I wanted to write a message somewhat earlier, specifically at the time of PAX South but due to having the flu and an unfortunate passing of a dear friend and mentor it has been hard to sit down and come up with a formal timeline due to Chinese New Year taking place currently. I have just spoken with the factory owner today and he has confirmed that we should be seeing the game completed roughly by the end of March. We estimate freight shipping to be roughly 30 days from completion of the mass manufacturing process which lands us in end of April, then we have about a week of potential cargo inspection at the port of LAX and unloading at the container. The shipment should arrive in our warehouse in middle of May and be shipped to Subtle Chuckle within that week. Thus, we expect to have all orders fulfilled and such sometime in June at the latest. I always like overestimating because delays do happen as you all have seen the extent brutal truth of that and I hope that my estimates will reflect an accurate timeline that will be rigorously kept within our ability.

In addition, I would like to offer everyone a free Print and Play of any of our games and a two time discount on any of our future games, whether licensed or not. When we had decided to partner with Subtle Chuckle we understood that there was a lot of work to be done to allow our partners to regain the trust of their backers and we feel that they deserve this second chance. We admit, everyone can sometimes do better in life, maybe they could have posted a couple more updates or something like that, but even myself I have been guilty of this as we are so busy everyday getting things out with the highest quality possible that we often have let things go the wayside and I apologize for that sincerely. I hope that you can accept our formal offering of forgiveness on behalf of Subtle Chuckle, Golden Bell, and In a World of Dinosaurs for the delays that have sadly ensued on this project. We have an opportunity to bring everyone back together to make a game that you will all love.

I believe that we’ve all learned valuable lessons to improve our supply chain and customer service on this project and others going forward and want anyone to be able to reach me directly at if you have any concerns please call me 516.984.1466 and I will do my best to answer any concerns that you may still have, as there is nothing more I want than everyone to be happy here.

In the time that we’ve spruced up the designs of the game with Subtle Chuckle taking the forefront and spearheading what they're best at such as: added cards, additional design elements, that of the new insert, while we were working on improving the manufacturing quality, we’ve shown it to many retail partners, finalized the laser engraved hand made dice, we’ve also taken the necessary precautions to work with the USPTO to ensure that the game will be able to come out and have a proper retail release. Some may wonder where IAOD fits within Golden Bell…well, Dinosaurs have always been a huge part of Golden Bell with one of our earliest comics debuting in our publication The Sunday Comics, Dinosaur Pirates from Galactic Outerspace by Erik Craddock NY Times Best Selling Author and Artist! We strive upon the quality here and In a World of Dinosaurs has a welcome home here. We thank you all once again for taking this journey with us and having been so patient. We are excited to get the games in your hands and to meet you at upcoming conventions where we can play a few rounds and chat about gaming, comics, and whatever else we can think of that day. I know my dear friends at Subtle Chuckle have a few other words and updates to share with you….

Thanks again all!

Best Regards, Marc


Hello everyone!

We hope everyone is happy with the news of the ship date and our new publishing partner, Golden Bell! We expect great things and have had a fantastic time these past few months getting everything prepared with them and hope you like what you'll see soon!

In the meantime, here's a look at some of the finer details we've adjusted in the run up to production:

Component Tray
The original component tray was a few basic squares that did the job well enough, but didn't do anyone any favors when it came to organizing the cards, dino-dice, explorers, etc. So we have since worked up a much snazzier design to help hold it all together.

And here's the newly designed tray in action.

Museum Art Redesign
With the museum cards, we have always loved having a quick reference sheet for new players to be able to check turn order, prices, character actions, and scoring without having to dig out the instruction booklet. However, the wall of text on the original museum cards wasn't the most visually appealing design. The second aspect of the problem is the cards are also where players store their un-assembled fossils, unspent artifacts, etc. and it wasn't very intuitive to place those cards over tips section. The redesign helps deal with this issue by giving players a visual cue of where to store their paleontologists, tokens, and cards when they haven't been used yet.

The storage crate area not only has useful reference info, but is also the perfect place to store those unused cards, and the campsite is where unused interns and paleos can put their feet up before being called into action.

Look out for more updates and we'll get right on them now that everything is rolling here!


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