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Subject: Campaign Mission 2 - 800th Bomb Group, 825th Squadron, Miss Morgan rss

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Mark Cicero
United States
New York
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This is part of an online campaign. My squadron was stood down for the first mission.

Bomber B-17F Miss Morgan
Squadron 800th BG, 825th Squadron
Mission Date 05/08/43
Mission # 2
Target Kiel Shipping Yards
Squadron Position High Cell, Plane #9

Name/Rank Pevious Missions Previous Kills
Pilot 1st Lt. Albert Wilson 0 0
Co-Pilot 2nd Lt. Joseph King 0 0
Bombardier 2nd Lt. Donald Jackson 0 0
Navigator 2nd Lt. Victor Morris 0 0
Engineer T. Sgt. Edward Howard 0 0
Radio Operator Sgt. Charles Price 0 0
Ball Turret Sgt. Edgar Walker 0 0
Rt Waist Gunner Sgt. Robert Smith 0 0
Lt Waist Gunner Sgt. Allen Taylor 0 0
Tail Gunner Sgt. Martin Cooper 0 0

Bomb Run Results On Target 40%

Name Type Results
Casualties 2nd Lt. King Serious Wound – Broken Scapula Invalided Home

Aircraft Damage
Zone Area Effect P Pts.
6 (out) Left Wing Flap – No Effect 5
Superficial --- 1
8 (out) Superficial --- 1
Tail Tail Plane – No Effect 5
Pilot Compartment Co-Pilot Serious Wound 5
Superficial --- 1

Total Peckham Points 18
Miss Morgan will be repaired over night, and ready for the flight line immediately

Landing Result Good Landing

Encountered Removed by Escort Broke Off Damaged Destroyed
Total 24 12 1 1 4
Fw-190 9 6 - 1 2
Me-109 6 4 1 - -
Me-110 5 2 - - 2

Confirmed Kills
Bombardier 1 1/2
Navigator 1/2
Engineer 1/3
Radio Operator 1/3
Ball Turret 1/2
Right Waist Gunner 1/2
Tail Gunner 1/2

Award Request(s)
2nd Lt. King Purple Heart


Z1 (out)
After having to sit out the first Bomber Group mission, there is a definite sense of readiness as the aircraft makes the final turn onto the runway. Take Off is good for Miss. Morgan and the rest of the Group

Z2 (out)
Mission starts off hot, as aircraft is attacked by two waves of enemy fighters. Three Fw-190s come in in the first wave: two are driven off by friendly escort, while the third is shot down by defensive fire. A single Fw-190 then lines up for an attack, but is driven off by the escort.

Nothing to report

A single Fw-190 is spotted trying to line up an attack run, but is driven off by escorts.

Nothing to report

A pair of fighters – one Me-109 and one Me-110 – line up for an attack, but the Me-109 is driven off by the escorts. The Me-110 attacks from the 1:30 Lo position putting rounds into the Left Wing Flaps and scoring Superficial Damage, before it is destroyed by the tail gunner after passing the B-17. The Me-110's left wing is shredded by gunfire and spirals ground ward with no sign of a chute. A quick check of the controls indicate the there is no damage to the Flaps, Miss Morgan flies on.

Three Fw-190s appear – one is chased away by the escorts, but the other two press on the attack. The first comes in from 3 o'clock high, taking non-critical damage to the fuselage, misses its own attack, and goes off home. The second from 12 o'clock low streaks by, takes damage to it's right flap, again misses its attack, and then is downed by fire from the tail gun. A rough few minutes, but no harm done.

Z8 (OUT)
One Fw-190 lines starts a run, but yet again the escorts do their job and chase him away. A second wave of four Me-109s then queue up for their turn. One is driven away, but the others run in. One attacks from 12 o'clock Low and one from 12 o'clock high – neither is hit by defensive fire, but both then miss their own attacks and look for a new target. The third attacks from a Vertical Dive, and score superficial damage. Enough defensive fire was leveled at it during the attack that it too decides to look for an easier target.

FLAK opens up on Miss Morgan, and scores the first real damage so far. One shell bursts near the tail and perforates the tail plane, but there is no significant effect. Unfortunately, a second shell bursts nearby and sens shrapnel slicing through the pilot compartment. Lt. King has his scapula shattered by a fragment, and is rendered hors d' combat.

Bombs away! Target run is made on target, and 40 % of the bombs are right in the pickle barrel!

Z8 Flak
More, and heavier FLAK engulf the aircraft, but only one shell bursts nearby, once again inflicting superficial damage.

Z8 (In)
No fighters make an appearance after Miss Morgan clears the FLAK, so a crew adjustment is in order. Lt. King is ensconced in the radio compartment and made as comfortable as possible, Sgt. Howard takes the Co-Pilot position, and Sgt. Price mans the top turret position.

Z7 (in)
Three waves of fighters make an appearance this time. First, 3 Me-110s come at the aircraft. One is driven away by the escorts, and the other two make passes but miss and break off the attack. In the next wave, a Me-109 is driven off by the escorts, but an Me-110 makes a pass from 1:30 low, but again scores no hits on Miss Morgan and breaks off. Finally, an Me-109 lining up for a vertical dive attack is convinced to try elsewhere by the escorts.

Z6( in)
Nothing to report.

Z5 (in)
Nothing to report.

Z4 (in)
Nothing to report. Bored now.

Z3 (in)
Nothing to report. Upon further consideration, being bored is better than being shot at.

Z2 (in)
Nothing to report.

Back over base in good weather with clear conditions. Landing uneventful. The best kind!

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Bob Davis
United States
Missouri City
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Welcome back to the base.

Good to hear that another member of the 800th did well.

My plane is on stand down this time; Black Diamond from the 817th Squadron.
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