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Brandon Pickett
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*Disclaimer* - I approached Blue Orange a month or two ago and asked them if they would be willing to support a board game club I am starting at the school where I work. They graciously sent me three games, including this one. The games were free with no expectation of any review. Seeing that I enjoyed the game so much and there was no review of it yet, I decided to write one. It's also my first ever review, so be gracious please.

Clear for Takeoff
is a game for 2-4 players in which players get their planes from the hangar, down the runway, and off into the sky.

The goal of the game is to be the first one to get all three of your planes into the wild blue.

On your turn you can either 1) discard 1, 2, or 3 cards and draw back up to a total of six cards or 2) play an action.

There are two actions you can do.

The first action is to play cards. Remember the goal is to get your plane from the hangar to the sky. The first card you'll play for any plane is the "A" or "Board" card. You have three planes, each a different size. The smallest plane requires one "A" card, the medium-sized needs two "A" cards, and the biggest needs three "A" cards. Once a plane is on the "A" board, you'll need to play the required number of "B" cards for that plane to proceed. So it goes.

We found ourselves discarding a lot because you oftentimes didn't have the cards you were looking for. It should be noted that there is a wild card, called the "Lucky Captain" card. This works as a wild in place of any of the other cards.

The second action you can do is play a "Delay" card. You can only play this on an opponent's plane when his plane is on the "B" or "C" part of the board. Once played, your opponent has to move that plane back one space unless he decides to play a "Lucky Captain" card to ignore the "Delay" card.

Once you play your "D" card(s), you'll have to flip over a "weather" card. Different types of weather affect the different plays in various ways. Based on the card drawn, your plane will either take off or you'll have to wait for a future round to play other "D" card(s) and try your luck with the weather next time.

Play continues until someone gets all three of their planes off into the sky!


I think that this game is a perfect game for families. The art is wonderful and the little wooden planes are neat. The gameplay is a mix of hand management, take that, and press your luck. This game would be a good one to play with younger kids (6-8) as the game of the night or a good starter game for older kids (8-12). I think that past this age, it would be too simple, but for ages 6-12 it's fantastic.

My 8-year old gave is a 9/10, which is not the least part due to the fact that he beat me! I'd give it a 7/10, assuming that it's with the kids.
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