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Just a brief overview of a recent four player game. I haven't played Falling Sky before, but have played Andean Abyss once (poorly), and I took the Arverni. The Roman and Belgii players had played two-player a few times, while the Aedui player was not familiar with the COIN system but picked it up pretty quickly.

We set up the 53BC Reconquest of Gaul scenario, which starts in media res with the Romans struggling against a resurgent Belgii. My plan was to intimidate the Aedui, build up a force to hunt legions, whilst using a scorched earth policy to stop them hunting me, and ensuring the senate was displeased with Caesar.

Setup: Gaul at the start of 53BC.

The opening event was a Drought, which set me off on the back foot struggling for resources. I spread out westwards, maybe too much, as things got expensive quickly. Caesar tried to reestablish supply to his forces, and the Belgii aimed to avoid direct conflict with the Romans and spread out. Whilst noone was watching, the Aedui acquired a few Allied Tribes and almost won the game! The opening Drought event had, however, devastated one of their territories, preventing them from rallying and placing a winning Ally there.

Gaul at the start of 52BC. The Germans are building up...

I don't think I did anything spectacular in 52BC. I built up my forces, watching for an opportunity to strike at the Aedui without the Romans coming in behind me. Rome made a tentative westward push, but their main effort was to drive north against a large Belgii buildup, leaving lines of supply security to their Aedui allies... Late in the year, a Germanic invasion began which the Romans weren't able to counter, leaving them horribly exposed and cut off when the Germanic tribes invaded Provincia in Winter!

Gaul at the start of 51 BC. Provincia is overrun, the Celts are surging, the Senate is in Uproar...

Caesar had to borrow very heavily from the Aedui to keep his forces in the field, and the Senate was deeply unimpressed with his performance. I had built up my allies but needed to expand to win, and also to remove at least one more legion. The Aedui had built up a massive force, but weren't Suborning my allies as much as I had feared. They did a more conventional push west, and we exchanged some territories. I Devastated some of my own land to dissuade the Romans from attacking my Allied Tribes whilst I was facing off the Aedui. The Belgii were going strong, with the Romans- resource poor and resecuring Provincia- unable to keep them in check. Winter came, and the game was over.

Gaul at the end of 51BC. Belgii resurgent!

Final results:
Belgii +2
Arverni 0
Aedui -5
Romans -7

I don't think we made too many significant rules errors, but I'm sure we all made sub-optimal strategic choices at some points.

I enjoyed myself, and the game flowed fairly well. The game took us about 5h, and there was some fun banter between the Gallic factions as we accused each other of treason etc. The opening Drought was a hindrance to all.

I look forwards to more COINing in the future!

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