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Garbage Day is one of, if not the best, dexterity game I've ever played. I have to admit this isn't a genre of games that I enjoy too much, but this is one that I do. This adds an extra layer of the card play, while simple in execution, adds a depth to the game that I fully enjoy.

The card play is simple: Play a card in your closet, an opponent's closet, or to the garbage can. Each card gives you the ability to do one of these. Forcing someone's room to overflow at the right moment could be the difference between winning or losing.

This leads us to the dexterity part of the game: putting cards on the can. This is the cutest packing ever, but also functional as the garbage can packaging doubles as the "game board" itself. This game works great! The components are so nice and it helps the dexterity works. Placing the cards on the edge and it "flowers" out making it just a little bit shaky as it grows and grows. Watching it flower and overflow and looking for good spots to put your cards and then putting them on the pile ever so carefully is just pure board gaming dexterity magic. Excellent job!

This is a game that has closed out quite a few board gaming nights for us. It always gets a good laugh and lets everyone leave with a smile. It is just fun and watching those cards fall just a bit at a time. It is simple, easy to explain, people instantly understand the game and it is a world of fun.

I highly recommend this little game. For our group, it is a hidden gem that I feel could fit may collections. It is a good travel game and a game that many people can play quickly and still enjoy. The card play is a nice layer to the game without overwhelming the dexterity part of the game. When you have to clean your room and put 3-6 (or whatever number) of cards at one time, you really feel the pressure and everyone at the table is together in unity rooting against you. HA! Fun moments.

If you do not have this game, check it out quick as it is really fun. I also recommend the Limited Edition which comes with the smelly expansion. Fantastic Fun!



The components are great. The packaging is made to look like a garbage can. This can doubles as the playing surface where you would put the cards to enact the dexterity part of the game. The cards included are fantastic and very thick. I wish more cards were this good of quality. In a dexterity game, components and make or break the game. In this case, it compliments this game very well. Great job! This game is a looker while you play it. By all accounts, it is a Jessica Rabbit.

Rule Book:

The rule book is small, simple and easy to understand. This game has the potential to be one of those mass market games that people pick up at a big box store and the rules reflect it. Within 1.5 minutes you can be up and playing.

Flow of the Game:

On your turn you will have three cards in your hand. These cards can be played in one of three ways:

1. Place the card in your bed room. If the cards in your bedroom equal 10 or more, then you have to place them all on the garbage can.

2. Place a card in an opponents room.

3. Place a card on the garbage card (this is the main part of the game). Each card has two holes on it. When you place the cards on the garbage can you cannot cover up the two holes of the card you are playing. This makes the cards on top of the garbage can fan out more and more causing them to fall at some point

When cards fall on your turn, you put them up next to your player aid and when you hit X number of cards (based on the number of players), you lose the game.

Should I buy this game?:

I am not a huge fan of dexterity games, but this is one that I can safely recommend. It has FUN take that and cards you hurt yourself with, but also this great, simple dexterity that really works. Anyone has the ability to play this game and it comes in a fun package that will attract people to play the game.

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