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Subject: MAV/GON: Cruel Dance of Steel Lesson rss

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ununtrium 116
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Here is my own creation: A Quickdraw-themed MAV/GON deck.

1 Careless Cat Unit (Character)
1 The Gambler Unit (Character)
2 Loremaster Unit (Character)
1 Geisha Bot Unit (Character)
2 Gray Market Middleman Unit (Character)
2 Deigan Follower Unit (Character)
1 Joker Danniko Unit (Character)
1 Maverick Bot Unit (Character)
1 Kayu Gekkane Unit (Character)
1 Jack Wilgress Unit (Character)
1 Ore Hound Unit (Character)
1 Gongen Bot Unit (Character)
1 Tennaru Haru Unit (Character)
1 Kano Masako Unit (Character)
1 Server Bot Unit (Character)
1 Higen Orochito Unit (Character)

2 Gongen Katana Weapon (Character)
3 Spassky Quickfire II Weapon (Character)
1 Chijo Katana Weapon (Kizen)

2 Corporate Transport Ship (Capital)
3 Widowmaker Ship (Fighter)
2 Belt Runner Ship (Fighter)

2 Traginium Cache Asset
2 Dance of Steel Asset
2 Traginium Stash Asset
2 Cruel Lesson Asset
1 Chameleon Asset
1 Traginium Surplus Asset

2 Junshi Interrupt (Lost)
2 Trumped Interrupt (Lost)
1 Snap Switch Interrupt (Lost)
2 Expansion Interrupt (Lost)
3 Fifth Ace Interrupt (Used)

1 Arethusa/Remote Power Plant Location (Sector)
1 Themis/Mobile Asteroid Location (Sector)
3 Ganymede/Pilgrims' Camp Location (Site)
1 Ganymede/Frontier Camp Location (Site)
1 Ganymede/Underground Bunker Location (Site)
1 Themis/Landing Pad Location (Site)

Thoughts on Strategy and Deck-Building Decisions:
I wanted to make a deck centered around the Quickdraw ability. A GON/MAV-deck seemed very promising because of such characters as Tennaru Hari and the epic Joker Danniko. The MAV ability to manipulate destiny draws and the GON assets Cruel Lesson and Dance of Steel which punish the opponent (Cruel Lesson) and reward you for doing so (Dance of Steel), create nice synergies here, too.

The point of the deck is to go into as many site battles as possible armed and damage as many units as possible in the course of the battle by any means necessary. The accumulated battle damage – apart from the benefit of a decimated opponent’s side – should offset the lack of any Cards focused on force drain or attrition boni in this deck.

Units: You should avail yourself of the Deigan Follower’s ability to damage units at the start of battle liberally. Dance of Steel should help you mitigate the ensuing cost. The Quickdraw units all add nice variety (which I still have to gauge with more playtesting). Jack Wilgress, Higen Orochito (Mr. „I’ll be back!“) or Kayu Gekkane are auto-includes when playing their affiliations. Kano Masako should help you cycle through the deck better. Loremaster will help you get specific cards back from the lost pile.

Hand weapons: The Gongen Katana is too good not to include it. The Spassky Quickfire II’s low cost and high destiny should work well. The Chijo Katana should also be easy to use since there are many Kizen in the deck (six of the eight eligible Kizen are included here). The infamous Snap Switch is also included, not a spart of an abusive combo, but simply to help damage high-defensive-value units. I did not include the Colt-Burton Mk.3 because I want the Units not destroyed right away to reap the effects of DoS and CL.

The Ore Hound and Chameleon are there to help with having force ready when you need it. The bots should help provide you with support icons when you need them, since you have many 3-SI units from two factions in this deck. I still have to figure out which bots work better in this deck, so both types are included.

Destiny manipulation requires The Gambler and Fifth Ace. Belt Runner and Gray Market Middleman complete the manipulation package for this deck. Up the Sleeve works only with battle destiny, so it is not included here.
Trumped and Junshi are obvious additions. I would have liked to include more copies…playtesting should tell me more.

The Fighter package is minimal, but the Widowmaker can get huge with all the stockpile assets out.

I added a Traginium support package, including even an Earther stockpile asset. The Corporate Transports should make it possible to break it out once in a while. Widowmaker profits from having stockpile assets out a lot. The fact that MAV fighters help trigger the GON asset adds nice synergy, as well.

I would have liked to add more locations, but there you are. I did not include Ganymede/Valley, because I feel confident that the MAVs will provide me with the necessary weapons destiny draws, so there is no need to give the opponent any help. I did not include Ganymede/Abandoned Mine to peel off stockpiled cards, either, because enhancing force drains is not the focus of this deck (and since many of my other decks run the Mine, this deck will encounter it most of the time anyway – a one-man-meta decision (I presume most of you reading this know ll too well what I mean by that...). If the opponent chooses to play the Mine, it could very well be a wise decision to steal it and use its ability yourself. I included only MAV/GON locations, because I felt the need to get out support icons as fast as possible.

I have not playtested this deck extensively, so let’s treat it as the Mk.1 version.

Your feedback is much appreciated.
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