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Karissa Sim
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1.Propose a feasible winning strategy and it’s 3 principles.
2.Problems that one might face carrying out the strategy
3.Ways to counter the problems

Game: TKG Arena - General Disorder
This game uses the standard deck belonging to the TKG Arena family, and introduces the concept of the elemental cycle into the game.

The strategy I employ involves remembering what cards you receive, and what cards you have passed on to the next person. Of course, it also requires a little bit of luck to pull it off. It revolves around three principles, which should be used at the same time in different quantities of each depending on the hand being dealt.

1. Constantly try to TRUMP the previous player’s card so as to cause cards to constantly be moving around, thus increasing the chaos and disorder within the game.

Although this sounds easy at the start, it comes increasingly important (and harder to achieve) at the later stages of the game. When everyone has only one or two cards left, it is then possible for you to start counting cards by remembering the cards person after you is currently holding. This would help a lot towards preventing them from laying down their next card and get closer to “losing” all their cards.

What is also very important in the process of this game is to remember what cards were placed. The key cards to remember are the highest and the lowest of available cards. For example, if all the four 9s were placed, then, one should start recalling which ones were previously played and subsequently which were then played.

This can be done by everyone at the same time and it would just benefit anyone who is doing it at the expense of those who are not card counting. The only way to subtly counter others who are also card counting are to remember more cards than they are. If possible, attempt to count all the 36 cards within the game so you could know exactly what cards are still left unseen by you, hidden in other’s hands. This would benefit greatly in the last few rounds of the game because there might still be cards hidden in other’s hands that may have not even moved a single time. If you are able to discern which cards are left behind, it is then easier to play the cards that you have left on hand to bring yourself the greatest benefits.

2. When passing the cards to the next player, keep passing them cards of the same element, preferably the element that you are able to easily TRUMP.

What I mean by this is dependent on the hand you possess. For example, in a 4 player game, each player will be dealt with 9 cards:

This hand was gotten by shuffling the deck and dealing out the cards and selecting a random deck. Out of this deck, based on my current principle, it would be the best to continuously pass the next player the ASHW (fire) cards as you have the most amount of ESBNER (water) cards.

This will be dependent on the numbers that you currently hold, because in the case where one of the ASHW (fire) cards is a 9, that card should be kept for as long as possible as it is one of the stronger cards within the game. It is also dependent on what cards are received each round from the previous player. If the previous player is constantly trying to pass you water cards, it may be because he or she has an abundance of UKELELE (air) cards, and thus are able to easily trump water cards. In this case, as the player, you may decide to start passing on the ESBNER (water) cards and store OHIF (earth) cards to overcome the previous player.

However, this may result in the following player being able to trump your cards due to the earlier actions of passing ASHW (fire) cards to them. However, the benefit of such an action would result in additional chances to swop cards with the players next to you, thus providing you with more chances to attempt and control the game.

3. When passing the cards to the next player, try to keep the 1s and 9s (or the lowest and highest cards) to the end, before starting to pass the 1s to the next player, and keeping the 9s for yourself when you have just a few cards left.

Of course, this will be dependent on the cards that you manage to keep.

In one of the more ideal decks, like the one shown above, you should try their hardest to keep the 9 OHIF (earth) till the end. However, you should start by giving out or playing the ASHW (fire), followed by the EBSNER (water), followed by UKELELE (air) and finally play Ohif (earth). This would be especially the case if these two are the final 9s within the game, as OHIF (earth) dominates UKELELE (air), and these being the last 9s, you will then have the single strongest card within the game in this sense.

The difficulty of following this principle lies within the cards that you receive from the previous player for every time a TRUMP is made. These cards may affect your strategy for the better or the worse, as it would significantly change the cards within your hand. An easy way to go against this is to play the card received in the next possible round or simply pass it off to the next person during the next TRUMP.


These three principles work together in every game to bring the highest possibility of winning to the player if they are able to pull it off. I suggest that you should constantly try to TRUMP the previous player’s cards so that they could swop cards around, thus making it harder for others to come up with a constant strategy for their hands if they are faced with new cards almost every round. At the same time, you should try to feed the next player with cards that you can easily TRUMP, thus decreasing their chances of being able to play after your turn. If you are able to cause someone to PASS their turn, it increases your own chance of winning. Lastly, even with all the moving cards, you should keep beneficial cards, like the 1s and the 9s, as passing 1s down to the next player during the crucial rounds may keep them from being able to play too, and keeping 9s will similarly prevent others from playing because they may not have the relevant elements within their small hands. It takes a combination of luck and strategies and smarts in order to win this simple game, thus GOOD LUCK. All the best in your next game of TKG ARENA: General Disorder!
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