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Realised I wrote up a character background/Motivation for Lily and never got round to posting it

Session 0 Character Creation
Lily Montbatten – Human Rogue

Lily is an entirely average human female, average height, average build, the mouse brown hair typical of this area, she blends entirely into the background, unremarkable, and ideal for her occupation. She is the eldest of four siblings and has responsibility for them all. She is not particularly well educated but she can read and write at a passable level.

Lily was the eldest of the next generation of Montbattens, not that that name meant anything to anyone anymore. It haven't been relevant for at least 200 years, and the coat of arms once proudly emblazoned upon the hanging sign denoting 'Montbatten's Locksmithery' was faded and peeling.

Lily Montbatten was a locksmith... and now head of the family. She sat in the darkened room at her father's workspace, his tools carefully set in their places, and swilled the remains of the bottle of dwarven ale round and round in the bottom of its glass, forlorn and despairing.
She desperately missed her beloved father and she knew he would hate the choice she was making. There is always another way he would say, but Lily simply could not see it anymore.

The shop was not bringing in enough money, and what little it was bringing in her mother quickly drank away. Lily has sent her brothers Jack and Quinn to find mother over an hour ago and they were still not returned.
Lily held her head in her hands rubbing her temples. Oh it was such high risk… but it paid well, and Quinn still had that cough, she probably needed to get him to a healer.

With a sad smile she thought about her father, he would have hated this life of crime she was leading, But what could she do? Legitimate business wasn't bringing in the money she needed. "Sorry Daddy" she whispered under her breath. Lily was resolved, she would talk to Harry ‘the fence’ and to the guild.

A small voice called her name causing Lily to jump, Her little sister, Sally was stood sheepishly in the doorway, in her bedclothes, “You should be in bed”, Lily scolded, before softening… “Come on… let go up together now… I’ll even read you a bedtime story”.

Lily was a thief because she was desperate.
She was a drunk because she grieved for her father
She started tavern brawls because she was angry at the world for taking him, and sometime for leaving her behind,
and she was here because......well actually she had no idea why she was here...or indeed even where here was.

Features and traits:
Lily is a (reluctant) member of the thieves’ guild of Neverwinter. She is probably behind in her guild contributions

She has a close business relationship with Harry ’the fence’ . He is her main contact within the guild and the fagin-like character who introduced her to this life of crime.

Lily likes to pick bar fights and brawls in the various taverns she frequents (tavern brawler feat) she is surprising efficient with improvised weapons.

Despite being a rogue Lily dislikes ‘wet work’ preferring to slip past guards rather than confront them.

There is a bounty upon her head and she is branded upon her right forearm – mark of a thief, after a routine job where she was caught when it all went wrong. Lily swears the whole thing was a set up

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