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Dungeon of Fortune is not the best press your luck game in the market. There are some really good press your luck games available. In addition, there are larger games that include this mechanisms that scratches the itch also. You add a generic fantasy theme and what do you get?

You get a solid, pretty good press your luck game with a terrible rule book and a theme that will only bring in other games. The game is solid, but might lack strategic decisions. You normally know when you need to leave, so the game really plays into more about the luck of the draw. You do make a few choices like whether to open those treasure chest or not. This holds the game back a tad.

The character powers are likely not balanced. I didn't do a huge research project to prove this, but I think this is true after playing quite a few times. I'm also not overly convinced that level 5 dungeon is any harder or any better reward than 3. I'm actually a little convinced that 3 might be the hardest. I'm sure someone smarter than me can disprove me on this.

At the end of the game, I FEEL the decisions are not real decisions. It FEELS more like illusions of decisions that decisions that actually matter. With all of this said, I do enjoy the game. Maybe more than the sum of the parts. With the flaws that I see in the game, I do have fun playing it. It is a light game with some fluff on top, but it is fun fluff. Sure, the strategic decisions may be really super subtle to the point where they may not even exist, but you can still see it there. It is super hard to explain. I would surely say to try this game before buying. And that isn't a statement saying not to buy. Just make sure you will like it.



The components are fine. The player mats are cheap cardboard which is fine because they just sit on the table (no complaint here). The art is amazing in this game. It is really great. You get A LOT of different characters with a different powers which is just awesome and amazing and adds a lot to the game and the variety in the game. The cards are fine stock. The chits are small. When your boards move (and they will) the chits move also. Keep a close eye on where things are and don't forget This isn't a flaw in the game or anything, just something that happens.

Rule Book:

The rule book is a complete mess. This game is really hard to learn from the rule book which is further evidenced by the fact that some rules are simply not in the rule book (this is a known issue). If you are going to purchase and play this game, please download the rule book pdf from the internet; the one with the game does not cut the mustard.

Flow of the Game:

Each player chooses a unique character with a unique power. I believe some are better than others, but so be it.

Players take turns flipping over cards that might give you a reward or might have you battling bad guys in the dungeon. Each player has a party they will send down in the dungeon depending on which level they are at. This is how the cards work:

1. Dragon Cards - they do nothing until you get three. When you get three, you have to fight it which takes 3 members of your party (or two if you have the right color).

2. Thief - steal a coin from someone (but doesn't use any members of your party) - this helps you stay around longer

3. Treasure Chest - use any member and get coins!

4. Bad Guys - these have different requirements of colors depending on how deep you go down in the dungeon

If you run out of members in your party (each one can only be used once), then you have to run out and you lose anything gained this turn. If you choose to leave (before being forced to leave), then you keep everything earned. Once you flip a card, you must deal with it even it causes you to lose.

A. You earn VP by defeating bad guys which will allow you to level up and get more and better members of your party.

B. The cards also have stairs on them which help you go deeper into the dungeon on your following turns. Theoretically, the risk/reward is better the deeper you go.

Should I buy this game?:

While not one of the best Press Your Luck games, it has a solid theme that gamers will like and it is fun. It is interesting that you want to stick around longer than anyone else even though that decision is out of your hands a lot of times. Solid all the way around. Try before buy.

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