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Subject: Mysticism Deities 101 rss

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Chris Morgan
United States
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Greetings folks, welcome back to another installment of Deities 101. This article will be focusing on the Mysticism gods; the masters and mistresses of the mysterious arcane who are attuned with the ethereal nature of the cosmos. They utilize their spent magicks to turn even slain Creatures or spent Schemes into powerful effects that can blast apart their foes.

To know the Deities of Mysticism, you need to know the faction. Mysticism is a faction that excels at slamming down creature after creature. It is able to harness Aspect power acceleration in the form of Harvest Faerie and Disciple of Hades. It also has some of the most powerful Greater Aspect creatures in the game; which include Fujin’s Emissary and Dust Devil. If you have three Fujin’s Emissaries out in play they become six Fight and five Life creatures, which equal or even exceed the Exalted creatures other factions might have.

Mysticism is also the bane of Restore. This faction thrives on Destroying opposing Deities cards to trigger it’s Obliterate effects and ruining player’s Discards stacks to trigger Defile, both which severely weaken the ability of opposing players to utilize Restore to get their cards back. To top it all off Mysticism cards can influence the battle even if Destroyed. You get to trigger the Requiem when the card is Destroyed, further causing catastrophic effects for your foes to deal with.

With all this in mind let us take a look at the three Deities that are in the Mysticism faction.

Reader of Portents:
Strengths- Active can be used for offense and defense, Active has the potential for surprise burst damage if opponent is caught off guard, Conviction trigger has the potential to be used as a win condition if the right cards are in your Discard stack with Requiem.

Weaknesses- Loss of Conviction makes Reader of Portents fairly mediocre, is incredibly poor if it doesn’t have Battlefield control with creatures. Conviction ability is timed poorly with primary Active so you have to set it up more carefully.

Reader of Portents, my number two favorite Deity of the ten requirement Deities. Why you may ask? Well to start she provides an excellent Active that will punish an unwary opponent who lets their guard down. It provides Fleet to one of your creatures allowing you to burst in for a surprising amount of damage with your non-Fleet creatures. You can synergize this as well if your non-Fleet creature have the Mythical trait; the look on your opponent's face when you swing in with Hercules and give him Fleet alongside with two Fujin’s Emissary. Hercules alone will hit for a titanic nine damage against a Life stack (+three Life from the three Mythical creatures plus +2 Life bonus from the Fujin’s Emissary).


And that is just the basic Active. With Conviction you can strip your opponent’s useful cards out of their Discard stack(looking at you Divine Resurrection, never return to plague me Attila, I hate you Julian the Apostate)
Of course you can also combo it with your own cards to cause a massive amount of damage to a foe thinking you are beat. If you manage to Destroy one card from your opponent you can utilize Obliterate against them. This can cause a heated game to immediately swing your way as you use your Conviction to Destroy three Jinn of the Clouds along with two Fujin’s Emissary to do a total of thirteen Obliterate damage to your foe. All these combined with the ability to have extremely flexible deck options thanks to her ten card requirement make her a fantastic choice to use as your Deity of choice.

Strengths: Passive is incredibly synergistic Harvest Faerie, can explode out of control in a rush down style deck, Conviction active has the potential to lock down opponent’s from using Intrigues.

Weaknesses-Loss of Conviction makes this Deity fairly mediocre before Active is used.

Varuna, now this is a tricky Deity. This god is suited extremely well for the powerhouse early game that Mysticism can put out due to his passive but it also has an Active the transitions well into the later stages of the game. A Deity like this well deserves the title of Tempo God. Varuna doesn’t have any real special tricks or combination plays like other Deities. Instead, when you use this Deity you put your opponents in a real tricky position if they have powerful Intrigues in their decks. This is not the sort of Deity you use if you want to pull off crazy combos with your Deity power. It is the threat of the Active that plays mind games with your foes as the decide if the loss of their Intrigues is worth the risk of playing them.

Strength: Extremely power passive to protect cards in your Discard stack, fantastic Deity to utilize with multiple different faction in his deck. Active can be utilized to free up necessary Resources to make big plays.

Weaknesses: No direct impact on the battlefield itself, cannot directly aid Creatures on his side unless they are in his Discard stack. Passive isn’t very strong if you don’t have cards in your Discard stack.

Fujin, the Deity that would have been insane in Sanctuary and is just barely in line within the Mysticism faction. This god has two modes when I see him used in game play. The first is the kind protector, the god Sanctuary wishes it had but will use to protect their valuable cards from being removed from the game. The second is a brutal monster that fills your Discard stack with tempting targets and obvious trap cards that no opponent in their right mind will even think to target. The power to decide which cards to remove is incredible and essentially keeps your Discard stack protected against the predatory actions of your foes.

His active on the other hand is a different matter. It allows you to free up needed Resources at your convenience to play cards you might not normally be able to play. This encourages the use of Intrigues as you essentially get a free turn not having to worry about their costs. You can slowly melt your opponent away with two Chaos Storms and suddenly free up your Resources to flood the field with multitude of Creatures and Schemes, or you could lay down an extremely powerful card your opponent didn’t anticipate you being able to play. So whether you are full Mysticism or some hybrid combination, Fujin is an excellent choice to use as your god.

With Fujin, that ties up our current Deities of Mysticism. Check back in the future to see what I have to say about those gods of the filibuster; the Negotiation Deities.
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Mickaël Garcin
Saint Ouen
Seine Saint Denis
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Great read !
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