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Subject: Zyla and The Crystal of Void rss

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Carlos Pérez Cantalapiedra
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"The ancient sage spent years reading texts under the candle lights. He searched for clues about the mythical Crystals of Might. With a few Crystal Shards in his emaciated hand, he told the lords of the four cities of Terrinoth how to build an artifact which reacts to the presence of the Crystal Shards: the Crystal Resonator. Now, four Crystal Resonators have been built. The race for the Crystals of Might has begun."

"No mortal can be expected to understand the fae, and so none can really claim to understand Zyla. She flits about the mortal realm, appearing when and where it pleases her, usually to visit ruination upon some villain or another. Her cheerful good humor does little to mask a lethal disregard for human life, especially the lives of the wicked."

This session report tells about Zyla searching for the Crystal of Void in Terrinoth. At first glance, obtaining the Crystal of Void could seem too difficult (maybe impossible) with the current rules posted under the Variants forum ( This session tries to show that it is possible to quest for The Crystal of Void, at least from a solo player perspective, with some hope to reach victory. I hope that those of you who could be thinking on trying this variant could draw your own conclusion through this report, and maybe finally give it a try. However, I want to stress that there might be mistakes or rules badly applied, so that maybe the final outcome could be wrong. Anyway, this was a very interesting, fun and immersive play for me. Also note that I am not English native speaker, nor I am playing the English version of the game, so besides English mistakes, some of the names of the game components could be wrong also.

Session report: Runebound 3rd edition, fan-made tiny scenario The Crystals of Void, Zyla as solo hero.

- Adventure cards: core + Mountains + Blade.
- Assets sets: B, D and E.
- Skills sets: (red) Strength of the wilds and Military Training, (yellow) Friends in Low Places and Power of Profit, (blue) Rune Magic and Song of the Mountains.
- Starting Zyla trophy: combat card.
- Starting Zyla hex: Shrine of Arts.

1st round (day):

- Move to Greenwood social gem.
- Reveal social gem --> A Network of Spies --> Test mind --> Success --> +1 social trophy (2 total).
- Move to Riverwatch.

2nd round (night):

- Buy: Contraband.
- Move to green gem close to Weeping Basin.
- Reveal greem gem --> Fey Sorceress --> Zyla was defeated (7 wounds).

Note: even when in general I consider that the enemies from Terrinoth are not that appealing (I am even thinking about adapting the Shadows of Malice system to Runebound 3rd), Fey Sorceress is an exception. I really enjoyed this defeat! I was totally unable to use Transfix, and even my Tactics token was flipped all the time by Illusion from the enemy. Despite having only 4 health, this is a tough enemy, specially for heroes like Zyla at the beginning of the game (or maybe I was too bad!). Now I know better when I should retreat on time...

3rd round (day): story card --> Behind the walls.

- Rest: heal 2 (5 wounds).
- Move to green gem at Ashen Hills.
- Rest: heal 1, exert 3 (+1) --> heal 2 (3 wounds).

4th round (night): story card --> Ancient texts.

- Reveal green gem --> Shrine to Pollux --> Delayed --> Goblin Raids (1 ongoing quest).
NOTE: who searching for the Void could wish to pray to any god?!?!
- Undelayed.
- Train.
Learn Manipulative. (1 trophy remaining)

5th round (day):

- Move to social gem at Gardens of Tarn.
- Reveal social gem --> Con Artist. Test mind-1, exert 2: fail. Combat: victory --> +2 gold (3 total).
- Move close to South Red Bridge.

6th round (night):

- Move to green gem close to North Red Bridge.
- Reveal green gem --> Desperate Merchant (2 ongoing quests).
- Train.

7th round (day):

- Move to South Red Bridge.
- Contraband --> +3 gold (6 total).
- Desperate Merchant --> +3 gold (9 total) (1 ongoing quests), no wild roll.

8th round (night):

- Move to Tamalir.
- Rest --> full health.
- Buy --> Provisions? (not sure what is the English name of this card).

9th round (day): story card: In the Mountaints Tops.

- Move towards social gem close to Market Town.
- Move to social gem close to Market Town.
- Reveal social gem --> Dirty Beggar --> test mind OK --> +1 social trophy (2 total).

10th round (night): story card: Artemisia roots.

- Move towards Skydown.
- Move to green gem close to Mountains of Despair.
- Reveal green gem: Provisions? +3 gold (12 total) --> Buried History (2 ongoing quests).

11th round (day): refresh all gems.

- Move to social gem close to Market Town (exerted 1).
- Reveal social gem --> Fame and Fortune? (again, not sure what is the English name of this card) --> test spirit -1, extert 2, Channel Chaos (+1 wound): OK --> +3 gold (15 total), +1 social trophy (3 total).

12th round (night):

- Move towards Tamalir.
- Enter Tamalir.
- Buy: Noble Steed. (8 gold total)
NOTE: wow, 6 movement dices to "Zyling" around xD

Summary of Act I:
- 1 wound
- 8 gold
- 3 trophies
- 1 skill (Manipulative)
- 1 item (Good Steed)
- 3 skill cards at hand
- 2 ongoing quests (Goblin Raids and Buried History).

Act II:

Crystal Resonators:
Forge: Crystal of Balance.
Tamalir: Crystal of Light.
Dawnsmoor: Crystal of Void.
Riverwatch: Crystal of Darkness.

1st round (day):

- Move towards Forge.
- Move to Valley of Souls.
- Explore --> Buried History --> Rogues Gear, +1 green trophy (4 trophies, 1 ongoing quest).

2nd round (night):

- Move to Forge.
- Buy: Potion Kit (4 gold remaining).
- Buy: Contraband.

3rd round (day): story card: Winds of War.

- Move to North Red Bridge.
- Contraband: +3 gold, exert 3 (+2) --> +5 gold (9 gold total)
- Move to adjacent green gem.

4th round (night):

story card: The Right Answers -->
test body (using mind with Manipulador skill) --> OK +1 red trophy; (5 trophies)
test mind + Channel Chaos: +3 wounds (4 wounds);
test spirit OK +1 green trophy (6 trophies).

- Rest: heal 2 (2 wounds).
- Reveal green gem --> The Prince of Thieves (2 ongoing quests).
- Move to Hanging Woods, Outlaw Glade.

5th round (day):

- Rest: heal 2 (0 wounds).
- Train.
learn Unpredictable (3 trophies remaining)
draw 1 skill card.
- Explore --> The Prince of Thieves. Exert 1. Woods+water --> +1 green trophy (4 trophies, 1 ongoing quest) --> draw 1 social card --> Contraband.

6th round (night):

- Move to Burrow Town.
- Contraband --> +3 gold (12 gold total), +1 social trophy (5 trophies).
- Move towards Tamalir.
draw 1 skill card.

7th round (day):

draw 1 skill card.
Learn Well of Power: (4 trophies remaining).
- Move to social gem close to Exile Peak.
- Reveal social gem --> Cutpurse --> Exert 2 to avoid Thieve, taken 4 damage (4 wounds total), victory --> +1 social trophy (5 trophies), +1 gold (13 gold total).
- Move to Howling Valley.

8th round (night):

draw 1 skill card.
- Train.
- Explore --> Goblin Raids --> hills --> +1 gold (14 total), +1 green trophy (6 total).
- Move to adjacent social gem.

9th round (day): story card: Rituals of Initiation

- Reveal social gem --> Drunken Party? (once more, not sure what is the English name of this a --> -1 Gold (13 total), -3 wounds (1 total), +1 social trophy (7 total).
draw 1 skill card
- Move to Dawnsmoor.
- Spend 3 trophies --> Crystal of Void at Hunter's Circle (4 trophies remaining).

10th round (night): story card: Forgoten Tombs (replaces I story card).

draw 1 skill card.
- Move to social gem at Misty Plains.
--(2 actions) Reveal social gem --> Bodybuilder --> Test mind (exert 1): OK --> Train, +1 social trophy (5 total).

11th round (day):

- Move to Dawnsmoor.
- Buy: sell every asset --> +17 gold (30 total)
- Move to Hunter's Circle.

12th round (night):

- Test affinity with Crystal of Void

pay 5 trophies (0 total).
Tokens of light: 0
Tokens of darkness: 0
Skill cards with at least one gray orb: +3
Gold = 30 --> 30/4 = +7
Test mind --> +1, exert 3 --> +1, Channel Chaos --> +1: total +3
Roll 4 movement dices --> 2 wilds --> +2
Total affinity: +3 +7 +3 +2 --> 15

"In the very last moment, Zyla's consciousness almost vanished within the Crystal of Void deep energy... Suddenly, she recovered her physical consistency and shape. The Crystal of Void was not in her hands, as she expected hours ago (which now seemed like months ago), when she approached Hunter's Circle. The Crystal was now within her, was now part of her, granting her its chaotic power. And she knew the way to control it, with the help of the Crystal Resonator at Dawnsmoor."

- Move towards Dawnsmoor.
- Move to Dawnsmoor.

I hope that this session report encourages you to try to obtain any of The Crystals of Might with your favourite hero.

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