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Kare Jantunen
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Hello. Demoing the game in Essen for four days I spent some time wondering what kind of things make one win. Some of these clues might be quite simple and self-evident, but hopefully there is something usefull here for most people.

* Starting an all-out-war vs one other player usually doesn't end well. Try to not over commit into a fight.

* Some Sponsor cards have nasty area of effect damage - try not to clump up your Freaks, other units and buildings.

* It's tempting to move out as far as one can, but this often leads to unnecessary deaths. If there are no points to be scored, move out with caution. (for exaple in the first turn somewhere around the edge of your building area seems reasonable.)

* Try to finish the kills! When you plan your attacks do not be satisfied with bringing your opponents down to few hit points. Find a way to finish them. Moving enemies into radiation is one classic example of how to inflict the last points of damage needed. It is usually better to destroy one enemy than to damage several. If you cannot see a way to do enough damage, it might be better to do something else as you get no points for wounding.

* While it's good to plan a lot while others are playing their turns, dont get hung up on your ideas. Flexibility and willingness to discard plans is essential - many plans become obsolete super fast in this game.

* While it's often a good idea to attack where most points can be scored, it's sometimes a good plan to use some extra effort to attack the player who is leading (this in not always the player with most points).

* Any of the Sponsor cards can be amazing in the right situation. I feel that maybe the most important part of trying to win a game is to get most mileage out of these cards. Try to get into situations where your cards or their combinations can be played for maximum benefit (making other players fight by moving them close to each other, programming droids to hit enemy home bases, ending a "suicide run" with a force field, etc.).

* Often in Space Freaks one is faced with the desision of "do I run to my imminent death with a Freak for a point?". The feeling I have at the moment is that doing this with a full healt Freak is not worth it (for 2 points it usually is). Naturally if the Freak is close to death anyways, getting one last point with it can(and most often will) be better than spending a lot of time trying to run and heal.

This by no means tries to be a complete list of anything, just some thoughts I had while running games in Essen. Cheers,
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