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Subject: A Crushing Win Over The Wastes of Eriador rss

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Noah Higgins
United States
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Hello, everyone. Using decks I designed, my dad and I took on the tough scenario of Wastes of Eriador:

My Deck:

Heroes (Threat: 34)
Aragorn (Lore)

Allies (21):
1x Anborn
3x Gandalf
1x Ghan-buri-Ghan
1x Gleowine
1x Henamarth Riverson
1x Mablung
2x Mirkwood Explorer
1x Quickbeam
1x Robin Smallburrow
3x Wandering Ent
3x Warden of Healing
3x Wellinghall Preserver

Attachments (25):
1x A Burning Brand
3x Ambush
1x Dark Knowledge
3x Entangling Nets
3x Favor of the Valar
2x Forest Snare
1x Nenya
3x Poisoned Stakes
3x Ranger Spikes
1x Self Preservation
1x Song of Travel
1x Sword-thain
1x Vilya
1x Wingfoot

Events (1):
1x Desperate Alliance

Side Quests (4):
1x Double Back
1x Gather Information
1x Scout Ahead
1x The Storm Comes

Total Cards: 51

Dad's Deck

Heroes (Threat: 30)
Hirluin the Fair

Allies (40):
3x Anfalas Herdsman
1x Arwen Undomiel
1x Beorn
1x Eldahir
3x Ethir Swordsman
1x Firyal
3x Gandalf
1x Gildor Inglorion
1x Gimli
1x Glorfindel
1x Faramir
1x Forlong
1x Haldir of Lorien
3x Hunter of Lamedon
1x Jubayr
3x Knight of the White Tower
3x Knights of the Swan
1x Landroval
1x Legolas
3x Northern Tracker
1x Skinbark
1x Sulien
3x Warrior of Lossarnach
1x Yazan

Attachments (10):
1x Armored Destrier
1x Light of Valinor
2x Nenya
2x Steward of Gondor
2x Unexpected Courage
2x Vilya

Events (8):
3x A Test of Will
3x Elrond's Council
1x Legacy of Numenor
1x Sneak Attack

Side Quests (6):
1x Double Back
1x Gather Information
1x Prepare for Battle
1x Rally the West
1x Scout Ahead
1x Send for Aid

Total Cards: 64 (If I wanted to lower the deck size, I would take out the 3x Elrond's Council, 3x Knight of the White Tower, and 1x Armored Destrier.

The Game
The game lasted around 2 hours . My dad's threat ended at nine (with a Favor of the Valar attached to his threat tracker), he attacked an enemy with 83 attack, we had three White Wargs trapped in three Ranger Spikes, none of our heroes or allies were damaged, and my dad had 25 allies by game end.

Now we are taking these decks to Across the Ettenmoors!

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Fred Buchholz
United States
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Here's some Geek gold for the lists of your decks, I have never really worried about the deck being exactly 50 as long as the deck doesn't depend on specific cards to "work" your dad;s deck seems to fall into this category and is an example of a deck larger than 50 still "working"
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