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Subject: Mega scenario with Nomad Gods rss

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Alessio Serafini
United Kingdom
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After toying with the idea for a while, I decided to dive in and tried out a mega scenario including both Dragon Pass and its companion Nomad Gods. For reasons that will be immediately obvious (player elimination and length, essentially), this is best suited to solitaire play. I thought I’d post it, for what it’s worth:

- Background: A prophecy is shaking the Plains of Prax: conflict between the tribes is stirring and it is said that the prevailing tribe will earn the right to lead the spirits of Prax and plunder the lush lands to the north west. Meantime, a great war between Sartar and the Lunars is brooding, to decide which power will be the ultimate ruler of Dragon Pass.

- Game lasts 28 turns. During the first 14 turns, separate, standard Full Game scenarios are played on both maps (the only exception to the standard rules being that the Nomad Gods game lasts for 14 rather than 15 turns). The hexes where the maps overlap (around Jaldon’s Rest and Pimper’s Block) may be entered by all units (battles between units from the different maps are possible).

- During the last 14 turns, the two winners on either map face off against each other. The Dragon Pass winner takes control of all the remianing neutral forces (including still unaligned and previously enemy controlled ones). The Nomad Gods winner takes control of all neutral spirits (except for Paps and Pavis one, which will still only grant one ally each). Treasures and neutral herds controlled by other tribes are left where they are on the map, to be picked up. Herds controlled by the winning tribe are kept. All units of the losing Dragon Pass power and all tribal units of losing Nomad Gods tribes are removed from the game.

- Powers from Dragon Pass cannot use any emissaries on the Nomad Gods map (but they can take control of herds, treasures and possibly spirits, e.g. acquiring Tada Mask). Likewise, tribes from Nomad Gods cannot use any emissaries on the Dragon Pass map.

- The Eternal Battle can still not exit the Nomad Gods map (but will act on Dragon Pass units where the two maps overlap).

- After turn 14, random events are still rolled. Giants move like random units. Random units can move from one map to the other (but must respect supply limitations in chaparral, when relevant).

- Victory conditions: the Dragon Pass power scores 1 point for each Praxian Holy Place they control at the end of the game, other than Pimper’s Block and Jaldon’s Rest (excluding Pavis and Sun Dome Temple). The Nomad Gods tribe scores 1 point for each Dragon Pass fortress they occupy at any time (the same fortress cannot be scored twice). If such scores are tied, the player controlling Pimper’s Block and Jaldon’s Rest at the end of the turn wins (the Nomad Gods tribe wins if the two players control 1 of these each).
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