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Darren Copple
United States
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Played two games this weekend with Matt, his second time playing, my third. He wanted to see what he could do with the Scots. He thought they had no chance after his first game.

Turn 1: We start with him getting a 2 and me having a 3. I dumped three units from the English levy onto the Bruce. He reinforced Bruce with Galloway. He went after Mentieth with Wallace et al in the north. I had the hobelars and 2 infantry vs Bruce/Galloway. His dice went cold while the hobelars hit once, and the infantry hit for 3 times in the first round. At this point he should have retreated but chose to fight. The hobs missed, he got two hits from Bruce, leaving me with 5@2 with the infantry. I got 3 hits bringing both Bruce and Galloway to the dark side. In Mentieth, Wallace struck for 3 hits, forcing me to retreat Mentieth and infantry into the welcoming arms of Steward. At this point I was happy the Bruce was gone but worried about being cut in half by Wallace.

Turn 2: I played Sea Move bringing the hobs and one infantry up to Argyle. He played a 2 and attacked Atholl with Wallace and Ross with Moray & co. Wallace was hot and rolled 3 3s and a 4 convincing Atholl to see the error of his ways. He regrouped Wallace back to Mentieth. Ross rolled 3@3 and got 2 1’s and a 3 bloodying Moray and his companion. The Scots tucked their tales between their legs and retreated to Moray.

Turn 3: I played a 2 and Matt played a 2. I quickly pushed Argyle and co into Mentieth with Steward and Cumbrian infantry going in as reserves pinning Wallace and co. Matt moved the scots infantry at Moray into Atholl to try and shore up his middle thinking he would defend with Wallace and co, then retreat when he could. Wallace went cold, and only got one hit. The hobs hit for one, bringing Wallace down to 3. Then Argyle hit twice on 3@2 (the dice were hot). He rolled his two infantry but only got one hit. I rolled my infantry at 2@2 and got one hit. Instead of retreating, he rolled again for Wallace and got nothing. The hobs rolled and got two hits. Then Steward and Argyle rolled getting 3 hits. One of his infantry died. His infantry rolled one die missing, then my infantry rolled 4@2 getting two hits. Wallace and Douglas perished leaving him Moray and Atholl on the board. At this time he conceded. His failure to retreat after the first battle turns cost him this game. Unfortunately for me Matt learns quickly and these type of faux paus wont happen again.

We played a second game that he won. At first I was getting him good then the cards and dice turned on me at about 1300. I had spent a lot of points slowly building armies, getting a lot of infantry on the board each year to supplement the levies of knights moving out of England. Thus I was pushing him hard. He was taking most of the north but fighting a lot for the middle. At one point all I needed was a 1pt card to possibly kill Wallace and secure the middle of the board, but all I had in my hand was a Truce card, and it was the last card of the year. Year ended, he got to winter, getting Wallace up to snuff. The next year we both played event cards leading to an early winter so he now had fully stepped everything (he had run out of replacements) and I had only my nobles on the board (Edward was enjoying the Flanders nightlife until 1303 and the infantry had been beaten to a pulp the year earlier). What was going along as a probable English victory turned into a rout. I had to spend every point I had getting replacements onto the board and the cards conspired against me. I didn’t get a Sea Move, so couldn’t rapidly get men out of England, never saw the Herald but Matt did getting Bruce to join the rebellion, and 1’s and 2’s don’t work for the English. He slowly pushed south until destroying Edward and his few lackies. Cant wait to play more.
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