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Subject: Moving the Workshop cursor / Workshop Action / Using the Bonus cards rss

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Kamil Łukasik
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The player can move the Workshop cursor,
horizontally and/or vertically, a number of spaces equal to
the total number of works he has in front of him

1. I need a clarification on this. Let's say I have three works of art in front of me - I either move the Cursor three spaces or 0 spaces, correct? There's no "up to" option available.

Workshop Action
The player creates a work of art in his studio. He draws a Work of Art tile from the stack of color Works of Art; if he possesses one or more
Exhibition tiles, he draws the same number of additional Work of Art tiles. Now he chooses one tile, places it face-up in front of himself, and returns the others to the stack.

2. If you draw more than one tile, do you place the remaining tiles on top of the stack? Or do you shuffle them back in randomly?
3. If the former is correct, are the colours of the remaining tiles public knowledge? Or do I keep this information to myself and reveal only the one I selected?

Using the Bonus cards Players who won one or more Bonus cards
during phase ‘‘1. Bids on the Art Nouveau board’’ can use these cards.
For each card, a player must choose between:
- benefitting from the central power of the card or
- tucking the card under his personal board.

4. Is this done in the new player order or simultaneously?

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1. True, it doesn't say "up to", but surely that's what "can move" means. The German rules say "höchstens", which means "up to".

2. To be honest, we've always just kept the Works of Art in messy pile, returned them there and shuffled the piles around. That seems to be the way the designer also teaches this game:
But strictly by reading the rules there should a single tower of a stack. Now, here's the tricky part. In the English rules it implies that you return the extra tiles on top of the stack, but I checked the German rules, and they say you return them "unter den Stapel" - under the stack
- although I believe Stapel can be translated as 'pile' as well... (How can the Germans of all people use the same word for a tidy stack and a messy pile?) I don't have the French rules, the definitive ones.

If you could return the ones you're not keeping back on top the stack in any order you like, you'd get more benefit from knowing and controlling what works of art are coming next. This would make the Exhibition tiles more valuable.

In any case,
3. you only show the work of art you're keeping.

4. We've always just done it simultaneously, but maybe others want to keep it in player order.
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