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Leroy Van Camp III
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I am a big fan of Last Night on Earth. I never pursued Zombicide because two modern zombie minis games seemed unnecessary. But at some point Black Plague caught my attention, with its medieval fantasy setting. So, I jumped in whole hog, and now own most of it, barring some of the Kickstarter exclusives.

I am hoping to get some people together to play in the next few weeks, and plan on doing some solo games to get the feel, so I can teach it to others. For these solo and inital games I will play the rules RAW, but one thing I have read about that worries me is searching. One of my beefs with LNoE is that searching feels slow and boring, but is vital to the game. Sometimes, when teaching LNoE to new people, they seem kind of surprised that sitting there doing nothing is such a key part of success, at least in the beginning. Now, over time, and with more experienced players, rounds often go fast enough that the initial searching goes fast, which helps. But, still I am not fond of the mechanic.

And, so, when reading up on ZBP I find that a common complaint is that holing up and searching is such vital part of success in many (or most) cases. I’ve seen a number of different house rules, some of which I like the sound of, but I was wondering if anyone has linked gaining items to XP gains? Something like a free item, ignoring event cards, for every increment of 5 XP reached. I thought that combining that with some constraints on searching each room would allow for some searching to be useful, but then you need to get out there and hunt down some packs of zombies. I like the idea of a game that is overall more proactive from a more early part of the game.
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Antonio Sánchez
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This come to my mind recently but haven't get to try it yet., and it's about changing the Search in the game for a loot mechanic.

What I have in mind requires:
-Wulfsburg equipment
-a D12

Set up:
-Place a WB random equipment card under each objetive.
-Make a WB deck with the ones not placed with the objetives.
-Ad NPC's cards to your spawn deck.

-There's no search action. We gonna play with loot and ratio of drops.
-You can get equipment by taking objetives and by killing zombies, only.
-After every Abomination or Necromancer you kill, roll a die for 50-50 chances of normal equipment card (1-6 in D12) or WB equipment card (7-12 in D12); any way you'll surely get an equipment if you kill one of them.
-Each time you spawn walkers, add 1 NPC figure instead of one of the normal walkers (1W spawn= 1NPC; 6W spawn= 5W & 1NPC). They'll work as normal walkers, so if there are no figures no extra activation; if there are no walkers you could use NPC's too (this will help when the board is full of zombies, you'll see).
-Now, in your turn, when killing zombies, collect all NPC's figures you kill. When your turn is over, and before next player's turn, you may exchange your points (NPC's collected). They're not cumulative for the next turn (even for zombie link), you should expend them or they're lost.

Exchanging points:
-For every Point, you can roll the D12 once: with a 12 roll take 1 card randomly from WB deck; with an 11, take one from the equipment deck randomly.
-Another way to exchange your points is add +1 for each extra Point you want to exchange before rolling the D12, to increase the loot ratio. But WB equipment could only be drop after you get a 12 roll (without +1 points).

-Example: You collect 6 NPC's figures in your turn and your turn is over. a)You can roll one time the D12 to change the loot ratio adding +1(x5) to roll. This way, you could get loot by rolling a +6, but WB equipment still requires to roll a 12 in die.
b) You can roll two times the D12, by adding for every roll +1(x2) to roll. This way you'll need just a +9 to get a normal equipment, WB equipment still needs a 12 in die on each roll but rolling two times duplicate your chances, lowering your changes to get a normal equipment if you don't get the 12.
c) Roll 6 times, for a normal equipment rolling 11, or get a WB card rolling 12.

If you try this, let us know how this goes. I will, but right now i'm a little overrun with work.
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