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Subject: Clue Solitaire Variant: "Moving Maid Murder" rss

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jeff pass
United States
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This is a new solitaire variant for using the Clue board I wanted to post. This is particularly for people who have the deluxe Clue games gathering dust because you can't round up anyone to play, but any board will work. Appreciate any feedback... thanks!

Name: “Moving Maid Murder”

Equipment needed:

1 Clue board
6 Clue character pieces
6 Weapon pieces
9 little pieces of furniture, one for each corresponding room (some deluxe games come with these, if not, you can create them)
2 Dice
1 Clue deck with all rooms, characters and weapons


You are Mrs. White, the very tempermental caretaker, also known as “Maid Murder”.
You want to get ALL the furniture moved into the right rooms, and then make it back into your original room to win. The rest of the characters in the mansion will be trying to stop you.
In order to place a piece of furniture, Mrs. White, the caretaker, must enter that room legally (see Caveats).
To murder a character, you as Maid Murder must enter the same room as them, or have them enter the room where you are, with a weapon present.
The more people still alive when you win, the higher your score.
(Note, this is Clue, but if you are playing with kids or find the premise a little too dark... you can call it just "Moving Maid" and have the maid put them to bed instead, assumedly in rooms off the board).

Losing the Game:
The game is lost by you, Mrs. White, if all the furniture is removed from the board at once.


Shuffle the deck.
Start dealing out the cards into 6 columns of 3 cards by room, person and weapon.
So for example if first card is the Ballroom, then put that in the 1st column, knife, 1st column, and rope, 2nd column, Study, 1st column, etc.
After all 6 columns have rooms, discard the remaining rooms.
At the end of this, you should have 6 columns of 3 cards- each with a room, person, and weapon.

Place each person in its corresponding room, with their weapon.
Whatever room Mrs. White is in, move that room's piece of furniture IN, or place it in that room.
You are now ready to play.
Remove all the weapon and room cards into a discard pile and shuffle, and leave the 6 player cards face up in a row by the board- which shows you the order of the players.
Leave Mrs White's room card also below Mrs White, as this is “your” room you must re-enter at the end of the game, to win.
Move the Mrs White card and room to first column, as she is always the first player.
You are now ready to play!

Begin Play:
* Gameplay always starts with Mrs White, who is the maid and therefore, the caretaker of the Mansion.
Play proceeds in the order of the cards, and back to Mrs White again.
In the case of doubles, same player gets repeated turns.


Roll the dice.

* As Mrs. White, you of course want to head to the nearest room you can get to by landing precisely on that room, so you can move furniture IN.
* If you rolled doubles, move again. If not, proceed to next player.
* Roll for next player. That player leaves their current room and tries to count out joining squares, and land on their last step inside another nearby room, without repeating any square. Move as if you were that player- don't cheat!
Mrs White may head for any room she likes.
But when choosing the room for any other character to head for, you MUST use this guide:
- Closest nearby room with weapon AND furniture takes 1st precedent
- Room with furniture only, 2nd precedent
- Room with weapon only, 3rd precedent
- Empty room, 4th precedent
If you as another character successfully enter a room with furniture, move it OUT, aka remove it from the board. If not, proceed to next player.
* Players proceed on until you are back to Mrs. White.


* STEPPING: A character may only enter a room if the dice count after a roll ends exactly on that room, which also counts as one space. On a single roll when 'stepping', you may never count/walk on the same square twice, or count/walk on another player. You may not move through rooms on a roll, but must land inside a room on last step only. Secret passages do not apply.
So you must go somewhere legal by counting out the entire move with all adjoining, open spaces. No two players may land on the same space, unless it is a room. So if for example Mrs White or someone else is standing in a doorway, nobody can get in- and any players inside the room must pass their turn, if there is no other exit. It seems like a lot, but its mostly common sense.

* MOVING FURNITURE: When Mrs White enters a room, and there is no furniture, the appropriate furniture piece is placed there, or moved IN.
When any other character enters a room with furniture, that furniture is removed from the board, or moved OUT.
If Mrs White is in a room and any other player enters, the furniture stays, and continues to stay if she leaves players already there. Actions only happen when a character enters a room.

* MEETING ANOTHER PLAYER, AND MAID MURDER: If two people meet in a room, and one is Mrs. White:
- The piece of furniture is placed.
- If there is a weapon still in the room, the other player is MURDERED. Remove the weapon, and the other player. Place the player, and the murder weapon on the character's card to indicate that they are dead and out of the game.
- If there is no weapon in the room, everything stays as-is.
- If there are three or more players in a room with a weapon, and one is Mrs White, no murder occurs
(there are witnesses). As it happens by surprise, murder can only occur with two players- one being Mrs White, when one of them is entering a room.

* DOUBLES AND CALLING: If Mrs. White rolls doubles, she continues to get additional turns.
If another player rolls doubles, they get to roll again, with one addition- they are 'called':
The remaining deck is shuffled, and a card is drawn.
If it is a room or weapon still on the table, place that card under their character card. From that point on, that character must try to get into that room, until they get in- or roll doubles again (in which case it is put back in deck, shuffled, and another card drawn).
If the card drawn shows something not on the board, or the character is already in the room, another card is drawn.
Once the called player successfully enters the room, the card may be returned to the deck and they return to normal gameplay.
Note that if there is a weapon in a called room, this is a chance for 'Maid Murder' to meet them there!

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jeff pass
United States
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I want to add that this is the board I have with the furniture pieces... thought it seems to be sold out currently on Amazon.
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