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The Dreadnought is a Cardassian missile that was designed to destroy moons suns, etc.. It had all shorts of weapons on it, and was loaded with explosive power. Anyways, despite the fact that this is a Cardassian missile that was being sent to attack the Maquis, it didn’t appear in Deep Space Nine, but instead in Voyager. Anyways, long story short, it’s a missile, doesn’t have a crew, and is heavily armed and loaded with tons of explosives. For $15, is this worth it, or is it better to leave it alone?

It should be noted that, now, there is a card pack for this ship that gives you additional options. I’ll just be focusing on the stuff IN this pack, however.

Here’s a picture of the ship thanks to EduSun Trebor and the pack thanks to TyGuy22

The Dreadnought costs 30 points and has 6 attack, 0 evade, 4 hull, and 5 shields. It has the evade, target lock, and scan actions, and has a 180 forward firing arc. It has 1 tech and 3 weapon slots, and a SLUGGISH maneuver dial. It has straights at 1-5 (with 1-2 green), banks at 1-3 (with 1 green), and red turns at 2-3. You’re turning nowhere, slowly, with this guy. You can’t assign a Captain OR an Admiral to this ship (either version) as well. The generic version costs 28 points and loses 1 shield and the tech upgrade. The named ability is that, when Defending, during the Compare Results step, you may discard up to 2 upgrades to cancel an equal number of attacking ships dice. This is a meh ability. If you have upgrades that you don’t want to use anymore, this can keep you alive but, even if you fill your upgrade bar, you can only use this 4 times. The real thing here is the tech slot- if you want it, then go for the named ship. If you don’t have a use for it, go for the generic. The ship itself is ok. It’s a gunboat, pure and simple, and needs support from smaller vessels to make sure that it is protected as it turns to get into the forward firing arc again. It does one thing, and it does it well- it smashes. 6 attack dice really hit hard, and the 30 point cost is solid as well at that attack/durability value, but it turns like a boat. I don’t use this ship that often, but it is fun to sometimes have a ship that doesn’t really require much thinking to use. It’s a simple “smash and turn” ship, which moves first due to have a 0 captain skill value, but fires last, which sucks, for the same reason.

There are 4 weapon upgrades on this ship. Matter-Antimatter Warhead costs 7 points and requires you to spend a target lock and discard the card to use it. It’s range 3 only and, if it hits, you put an aux power token by all ships within range 1 of the target ship. You can only fire it from your forward arc. Wow, 7 points for 7 attack dice? For a discard? This is…. Immensely overcosted, and on the wrong ship. Put this on a Attack ship, or a Keldon, or Galor, and that’s solid- you get between +3 or +4 attack dice. But 7 points, for 1 extra attack die, on this guy? Not worth it, at all. If this was a 3-4 point card, it’d be worth it for the other ships, but for this? NO WAY. Pass.

Quantum Torpedoes are a 6 point, 5 attack, range 2-3 torpedo that requires you to spend your target lock but at least has time tokens instead of a disable. If you hit, you deal +1 damage and, if you fire it from the Dreadnought, you deal an additional +1 damage. Can be fired from forward or rear arc. For an Attack ship, maybe. For this? NO WAY, again. It suffers from all the same issues as other torpedoes, but +2 damage is not bad. Still, this is a pass as well.

Thoron Shock Emitter is a 5 point, 5 attack, range 1-3, spend your target lock and discard this card to attack. You can select any number of your dice and reroll them, and it can only go on the Dreadnought. So for 5 points AND a target lock, you can roll -1 attack die and get a reroll. Instead, you can just use your normal attack and spend an action to get a target lock for the reroll and have 5 points to spend somewhere else. PASS.

Plasma Wave is a 5 point, 3 attack, range 1 discard that lets you fire at every enemy ship within range 1 of your ship. It can only go on the Dreadnought, but, again, unless you are concerned about getting swarmed, 5 points for 3 attack dice isn’t a good trade. I’ll pass on this, unless you know you are going to go up against a swarm fleet. Still, even then, I’d rather just go with my primary weapon and maybe knock down a ship at a time per attack.

There are 3 tech upgrades in this expansion. Kinetic Detonator is a 4 point action/discard that ALSO requires you to discard a weapon upgrade to inflict 1 damage to all ships at range 1, including this ship. Dealing 1 damage this way is nice, but discarding an extra weapon stinks. Maybe put an aft weapons array or something that costs 1 point to make this work? Still, that’s a 5 point combo, but at least it gets through fighters. I’d pass on this as being too expensive.

Counter Measures is a 5 point discard that lets you discard it during the Roll Defense Dice step to roll +2 defense dice during this attack. Immediately after that attack is completed, you may attack the enemy ship back with 2 attack dice. Limit 1 per ship, and costs +5 SP for any non-Dreadnought ship. Meh. That’s the best I can say. Meh. You get to attack back with 2 dice, meh, and it’s a 5 point discard. If this was 2 points, or 1 point, I’d be in. 5 points? Pass. It’s just too expensive! Or if it let me use my primary weapon value? Again, I’m in. 2 dice? No good.

The last tech upgrade is Evasive Attack Route, which costs 5 points. When you are attacked, during the Modify Defense Dice step, you may disable this card AND discard 1 weapon upgrade to place 2 evade tokens by your ship. Limited to the Dreadnought. To make this work, you have to spend at least 6 points (5 for the card, 1 for a weapon) and you basically get to block 2 damage. Is that worth it to you? What about reenabling it later? Again, I would pass on this- too expensive for what you get, and too action heavy. It’s a great concept that just needs to be cheaper!

The last upgrade is a ? upgrade that doesn’t take up a slot. Maintenance Crew costs 6 points and adds 1 Crew upgrade to your ship. During the Planning Phase, you can discard this card and 1 Crew upgrade to heal 2 damage to your ship. Limit one per ship. Here, finally, you have some options, and a worthwhile upgrade. Add someone who gets you an extra attack die, or an extra defense die, or flips blanks into hits, etc. You’re looking at spending 9-10 points to make it work (6 for this, 3-4 for the crew) but, if you feel like you need it, this is worth it. It’s also another way to add a crew slot to any ship, with no penalty besides the 6 points, so if you want an extra crew for some reason, this could come in handy. This is a situational card. Do you want your Dreadnought to be a damage soak and that’s it? Leave it alone. Want it to have some assistance? Add this to it, and a crew member to do what you want (extra damage, evade, defense, etc). It’s up to you, but this is at least worth considering.

The Dreadnought is a strange ship. Most of the upgrades stink, because they cost too much and are either action/discard or target lock/discard. The ship itself is interesting- it does one job, smashing things, but it does it well. 6 attack is nothing to sneer at, but the fact that you can’t put a captain on it kind of stinks. Still, it’s not bad to run just as a 30 point ship, or maybe as about 40 with maintenance crew and a crew on it. The key thing here is the card pack- do you like what you see in it? Some of the concerns mentioned here are addressed in it. In the card pack: Plasma Wave is now a 3 point, 4 attack, range 1 and puts 2 time tokens on it instead of discarding it. You get +1 attack from it, and it is -2 points and reusable. Quantum Torpedoes are still 5 attack, with the same +X hit abilities, but they cost 3 points and you put 2 time tokens on it. It still costs a target lock, though. Thoron Shock Emitter costs 2 points, but everything else is the same. But hey, at 2 points, it is actually kind of usable! So, if you like what you see there, this ship is worth it. Otherwise, unless you want another Cardassian hammer, I’d pass on this ship, and leave it to the Galor’s and Keldon’s to carry the day for the Dominion!

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